Naamkaran 8th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Neil encourages Juhi

Naamkaran 8th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vidyut saying I will take you away from your angel, I will take revenge from Neil and Avni. Mishti gets scared. He breaks her doll. He leaves from window. Avni asks Mishti to open door. Bebe, Neela and Shweta come and tell her that they were playing hide and seek game. They all ask Mishti to open the door. Avni says we have to break the door. Avni opens the door. Avni asks Mishti is she fine. She hugs her.

She asks what happened, why are you so scared, why did you lock door, how did your doll break. Mishti says Sir….Avni asks did Sir come here. Mishti nods. Avni hugs her. She asks Neela to tell Neil fast that Vidyut came here, Juhi is not here, did he….. Neela goes to call Neil. Neil says how dare he comes to my house and scare Mishti. Avni says calm down,

we didn’t get Juhi. Mishti comes to them. Neil gets landlord’s call and doesn’t answer.

Mishti cries. Avni asks what happened. Mishti says you are scared, who will protect me. Neil says God sends angels and supermans. Mishti asks what is superman gets scared. Neil says Lord sends batman and shows DD. He says we all are here, we don’t need to get scared, I m superman of your angel, I will protect both of you, promise. Avni takes Mishti and says I have a surprise for you, you will not be scared and get happy, close eyes and count. Neil asks Bebe not to worry, he will increase security. Juhi comes. Bebe asks where did you go. Neil says you know we were madly finding you, we were worried for your safety, where is your phone. He shows the phone and says it fell outside, Vidyut has come and scared Mishti. She gets shocked. He says we were so scared, you realize this, we felt he kidnapped you, just think of the risks we took for you. Juhi cries and says I went to get doll for Mishti, she was crying a lot. Neil asks doll? Bebe says Neil, stop it, Juhi you give the doll to Mishti, go. Juhi goes.

Bebe says Juhi is Mishti’s mum. Shweta says even then she should be responsible, she should know both Avni and Mishti got risk. Neil says this won’t happen again. Neil says if she was at home, Vidyut would have known about her, I will talk to her, DD I want to arrest Vidyut and Gurumaa. Juhi comes to Mishti and gives doll. She thinks if Vidyut tells Neil that Mishti is his daughter, I have to hide this. Avni comes with doll and hides it. Mishti asks for surprise. Avni says nothing. Mishti throws the doll brought by Juhi. She runs to Avni and takes the doll from her hand. She thanks to Avni and hugs her, saying thanks, you are the best. Avni says I repaired this doll as she likes it, I didn’t know you went to get the doll, sorry. Juhi cries and goes. Avni asks her to listen once, she didn’t mean to hurt her heart, Vidyut has scared Mishti by breaking doll. Neil asks Avni not to give explanation, he will talk to her. He sends her.

He asks Juhi to open the door. Bebe sees the box and checks. She asks what’s this, candles, decoration items. She checks the note. Shweta reads Neil’s note for Avni. Bebe says all this written notes are cut, why, I think Neil was planning a surprise for her, whenever they try to do good, Juhi ruins the mood. Neela defends Juhi. Shweta says Juhi is the problem, don’t act like you don’t care, Avni and Neil are not able to spend time, they are worried for Juhi. Neela agrees.

Juhi says I m tired of fighting, who do I have in this world, except a girl, first mum and dad, then you, I lost myself in the darkness of Rangmahal, I used to fight for myself, but now I m broken up, I think my fate has this written, Mishti runs away from me, she is scared of me. He says I understand you are hurt, you didn’t just lose, you got too, you have got a new life, you stood again after fighting with evil, you lost me, but I m there as a friend, you have Avni too, Avni’s friendship is a blessing, she can go to any extent for friendship, you have Mishti too, don’t get scared of Vidyut, he can’t scare you and our daughter Mishti, we are with you.

Bebe, Neela and Shweta come. Neela says Neil is saying right, we are in your life, everything will get fine. Shweta asks him to go to Avni, we will take care of Juhi. Juhi nods. Avni dumps the food. Neil asks why did you dump custard, so that Juhi doesn’t feel bad. She says yes, I want them to come closer, I have to get away. He asks who told you, you accepted Mishti as she is my daughter. He says I want to get away from them. She goes. He says wifey looks much upset, I have to do something.

Neil arrests Vidyut and Gurumaa, and says your bad time starts now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ragini Srivastava

    I m fed up of this stupid juhi I m a silent reader of namakaran but she irritate a lot. She is here from august (janmashtami)

  2. I felt relived to hear neil is not father of misti…..misti ko vidyut se alag math karo…agar mere papa mujhe sir kehnoko kahe then I will tell(I know he never will) but I will not go away from my baba……And neil kya humesha meri bacchi karta rahta hai…….

    …summer mein aam milta hai kacchi,
    ….why neil always say meri bacchi…..
    …..was it funny…if yes then tell…

    1. Lillianalieben

      yes ananya its funny. do u do shyaris, hen plz tell some i can use them in my ffs if u allow

      1. @lillianaliben…first,your name is very exotic….I just match lines with fun and share with my friends and laugh. …intense shayri ke bhare mein never thought..well,thinking about old avni…I had tried one

        Ankh bandh kartehi ata hai ek sapna,
        Zindagi mein milegi mujhe Bhi koi apna,
        Pata nahi kab hoga usse mera samna,
        Usse milkne ki hai bas tamanna….

        is it also became funny and I Don’t find this line capable to use in your ff as your ff is marvellous..tell me how was it

    2. kind of, ananya its not about call him sir if my dad say so i would too.
      tell me one thing do ur father scares u all the time if he does nt love he is keeping u for his mothers revenge sake is that ok with u too . he doesnt give a damn about misty . he only loves his mom and no one else i am not telling that is a bad thing but not caring,loving for his daughter that got him into this problem in the first , using her like toy just like he used juhi.
      and another thing neil thinks misty is her daughter thats why he is calling her beti.
      that b*t*h why is she not telling truth to neil. if it is about mistys custody neil can provide her that instead of fooling him tell him the truth u moron. and stop acting like a weakling.
      to say the truth misty is better off without her real mom dad. one is pervert and another is a liar and inefficient to take of misty. i think avneil should adopt her instead of giving her such freakish life.

      1. Hiyori,I didn’t mean it yaar….as all dads are very nice I want misti’s dad to be nice tooo…vidyut is negetive so,he have to do it for script demand….and I am a true Avneil shipper so,just normaly said….actually juhi is the main negetive character…it is clear in the new promo…have you seen it???sorry that you were not able to take my comment generally…AND MY DAD LOVES ME MOST,HE WILL NEVER ASKED ME TO DO ALL THIS….as I will always be with him ,I want every daughter be with her father and that’s it…..

    3. Lillianalieben

      its ossum. and also i got the perfect idea of an os to use it. just do me one more favour can u give me some romantic shyaris

  3. Neil don’t say mishti is your daughter again. new promo pricked my heart and spoilt my whole day. CVS has proved once again that they don’t have creativity. Ohh I completely forgot that for creativity at least some brain has to be needed but they don’t have it na that’s why copying other serials especially kkb. If you don’t have brain means why your writing the story sorry copying from other serials. They completely copied this track from kkb but characters and faces alone different. Here avni took pragya’s place and juhi as tanu and vidyut as nikil. Similar to kkb here also juhi and vidyut teamed up to separate avneil by using their child. Guys you all say to trust CVS but they don’t deserve it. I knew it very well when juhi entered the show that she will be the negative character. Gus don’t say naamkaran is unique bcz there is no TV serials without a child that is not belongs to hero or pregnancy drama and no ex lover will be the positive character and naamkaran also has it. Why this poonam preet had hinted that she is not a negative character I just hate her a lot. I fed up of this crap don’t want to watch it.hate you CVS a lot you have gone creativity at all.

  4. I think CVS took this track from kkb with the intention to drag it to 1000 episodes like kkb.

  5. Neil is ACP when he doubted ananya he cleared his doubt by dna test. And when juhi told that misty is his daughter he believed her blindly. He didn’t even asked for proof. He went in search of misty but how hecame to know that this girl is juhi’s daughter? Just because she was with vidyut. He didn’t even thought once that vidyut is trying to hide that girl so he must have kept her somewhere hidden and made another orphan girlas misty to keep her away from juhi. He should have confirmed that this girl is juhi’s daughter or not by dna test. Because he knows that ragni pandit is good in changing identity first she changed juhi’s dead body and then Ali’s.
    And juhi didn’t even knew how her daughter looks, so how they confirmed that this girl is juhi’s daughter? Just because juhi told that vidyut kidnapped her.

    That juhi is b*t*h. Hate to see her face. She told in interview that she is doing positive role but now its confirmed that this everything is planned by juhi and vidyut both. She showed in promo.
    Avni is going to leave neil for sake of misty.

    And i will stop watching this serial till this juhi is out of this show. She is eating my brain from past 2 to 2 and half months.

    Good bye naamkaran…….TRP is going to fall after neil and avni’s separation.

    1. You are right bhakti why neil didn’t ask any proof as he always asks proof for everything na then why didn’t he ask now instead believe juhi blindly irritating. this juhi is sucking our blood for two and half months nearly

  6. I think juhi is hiding something from all of them n she doesn’ want Neil n avni to be together

  7. I think juhi us really jealous of avini and Neal being together?
    For a fact she’s bidding something from the entire family,,,,
    I don’t get how much to is visits daughter and what just happend
    Mini doesn’t need to hide the fact that much to is visits daughter ?

  8. Sry for my grammar mistakes i ment is bidding and mishti

  9. Khyathi

    Guys please don’t compare naamkaran with kkb.There is a major twist awaiting.please keep patience.naamkaran is not like that dragging kkb.its unique and CVS don’t drag it like kkb.please don’t quit the show bcoz of one promo and one or two episodes.every show has up and downs.we should support them in both.

  10. we should support avneil………

  11. We have to faith on namkaran..plz do not compare namkaran with borring show…kkb….

    1. but its going now like kkb only

  12. Plzzz guys have faith & trust…Avneil share a unique relationship of understanding.
    I m sure Naamkaran will come up with new track & twist
    Love you Avneil/Adiza :-*

  13. Whenever they show juhi I’ll change the channel. I can’t tolerate that face any more. That face just irritating me…. I don’t know whether it is because of the character Juhi or because of the actress poonam preet…
    I think Juhi itself a worst character and poonam preet worsened it further with her acting skills!! If someone other did this character….. then may be… enjoyable… I don’t know. Whatever, Juhi took Nk into further low.. if continued..another low.. Plzz someone kill her!!

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