Naamkaran 8th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 8th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone reading news of a 10 year old girl to write her own film on her own life. Neela reads it and says you are brave Avni, I wish I had courage like you. Dayaben gets angry reading it and says this girl can’t sit with peace, I think she has sworn to get ruined. Asha reads the article and worries. Avni reads the article. Ashish smiles seeing the article. Dayaben says she is preparing to ruin our respect, which we have earned for our family since years, all this is because of them, if this film is made, our family respect is gone, people will laugh on you also, no one will give you work, you will be defamed, see what they did, they ruined you, don’t worry, I will not let you get ruined, I will see how this movie is made. Ashish gets angry. She asks Ketan to get car ready.


says I m tired telling you, why can’t you study like normal kids. Avni says I have to succeed, why can’t I become film maker. Asha says fine, why our story. Avni asks is our story not good, I want to make movie on this story, as I believe in it. Asha says Aladin made your mind think this. Aladin comes and flirts. Asha asks him to get lost. Aladin says fine. Asha says I m saying for the last time, leave from here, we don’t want your help, leave else I will call police. He says no, you are joking. There should be clarity, if I go, and then you realize you are mean and miss me, then where will you find me. He asks for morning tea. He calls Asha looking beautiful in anger. He gets a call and says yes, Avni is here, I will come and meet.

Avni asks what happened. Aladin says it happened what it should have, I will leave now. Avni says what did he mean, I did not understand. Avni asks Asha will I have to live my life as Dayaben says, will she control my life by sitting in her palace. Asha gets sad and says we should not show our wounds, its not good thing to make our life story known, think what will people say behind our back. Avni says if I don’t make movie, will people stop saying against us, we are our own enemies, we lie and get scared, so people scare us, I want to say our story not to defame anyone, but even if anyone is shown down, it means someone did wrong thing, I can’t make film till you permit. Asha thinks what to do.

Ketan asks Dayaben why did we come here. Dayaben says i will not let them ruin your dad’s name. Ketan says yes, they did not stop after we threatened them. Aladin asks Avni what happened, sad expressions. Avni says Asha is not ready for movie on our life. Aladin encourages her and says I have a good news. She thanks him. Aladin hugs her. Dayaben says Ketan, you say smart things sometimes, you are right, we have to do something more than threatening. Dayaben also clicks the pics. He asks how. She asks him to see Aladin, take the pics. He agrees.

Asha says movie will not be on our story. Avni and Aladin tell Asha that we got financier also. Aladin says I m doing comedy and convincing Asha. They laugh. Dayaben comes there and claps. She says its great sight, Avni calls this normal family. Aladin says so this is Chudail Dayaben. Avni smiles. Aladin says sorry, your personality is good. Dayaben asks him to stand there with Asha and Avni. Ketan clicks pics. Avni says you did not answer me, why did you come here. Dayaben says you did live and let live, why are you doing this to die, kids don’t make films. Asha says leave me on our state and go. Dayaben warns them. Avni gives water to Dayaben. Dayaben refuses.

Avni says you are scared, your fear will get less. Dayaben says you think I will be scared. Avni asks then why did you come here, you get scared and come to threaten me. She says Miss Mary says the people who threaten get most scared. Asha says Avni is saying right, Dayaben is scared. Dayaben reminds Asha that she has sent her to police station. Asha says I did not forget, this scene will be there in our movie. Avni gets glad and says you agreed mumma. Asha smiles and says Avni was after me for this film. Dayaben solved this confusion, it will be on our story, so what you want. Avni hugs Asha and they smile. Dayaben says smile today and tomorrow you will regret, this movie will not be made.

Aladin says movie will be made, we have story, talent, finance and we are here. Dayaben says you will not agree till you get a hit. She goes with Ketan. Avni praises Asha. She hugs Asha. Aladin goes to hug Asha and stops. They laugh.

Dayaben and Ketan come home. Ketan calls someone to stop the finance and says don’t get Dayaben’s name in between. He tells Dayaben that man is asking much money. She says respect should not go, I will not let your dad name ruin, you clicked good pics, I will give them external hit, and Ashish will give internal hit. Ketan says we should focus on Neela and Ashish. Neela comes and hears them. Dayaben says yes. Ashish’s life will come on track by marrying Neela, I preponed the date so that Neela gets busy in marriage, she will not get time to go to Avni, you and Hetal take Neela on shopping. Neela cries hearing them. Dayaben says Neela’s dream to marry Ashish is very old, she will forget world. Ketan asks till when will we hide about Ashish. Dayaben says till we can. Neela thinks I came to check the other side of the story on Hemant’s story, they have cheated us. She cries.

Aladin says Dayaben loves you and her bad sight catches you. Avni says it means financiers backed out. Asha asks what will we do now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Angelk1

    Neela help avni with the financial situation next eps

  2. I just hope avni succeeded

  3. indera sanichara

    Neela show the devil woman her place by financing Anvi movie, please writers give Avni a chance to win.

  4. Obviously neela will be the financial support of the Avni’s film.
    I love this episode.
    Alladin n avni how they are requesting asha is so beautiful.

  5. I hate u dayaben how bad you were framing. Neela take revenge.

  6. Angelk1

    Just watch the eps and just have to say love Aladin and avni interaction. And at the end when avni hug asha and he wanted a hug too, that was funny. Dont worry Aladin she will hug you one day. Maybe when the movie becomes a hit.

    She will hug him out of happyness, and maybe Aladin will start seeing asha as something else. But i read somewhere that aladin will teach asha to ride his hoverboard. If that happens i hope she falls an he catches her and they have their cute moment.

    Honestly ashish had his chance , i dont want him an asha. He has no backbone.

    1. Amalina

      I agree too! Ashish wasted his chance! Btw is it u in your dp? Ur dp is very cute

      1. Angelk1

        Yah, its me lol. I’m gobna change it soon

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