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Naamkaran 7th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Avni asking Ashish to come with her. She asks him not to be scared, she will take him to their home, to Asha. Dayaben says ask him if he wants to come. Avni asks Ashish to say he wants to come along. Dayaben insults Asha and Avni. She says Ashish is going to marry Neela, not your mum. She calls Avni Najayaz and says you will always be Najayaz, you can’t change this truth. Avni cries and says you are Chudail and will always be Chudail.

Ashish says Avni…. Avni says you were quiet till now and spoken now. Dayaben says she does not have our blood. She asks Avni to get lost. Avni cries. Dayaben says you told me about sections and laws, to enter someone’s house and trouble is wrong, you are entering my house and troubling me, get out. Avni cries and sees Ashish. She

says not her words, your silence has hurt me. Ashish says Avni…. Dayaben stops him. He asks how will she go home. She says just like she came here. Avni takes mangalsutra from Ashish and it breaks. Avni says now you don’t deserve this. She cries and goes out thinking of Dayaben’s words. Ali asks is everything fine.

Avni says everything ended. Kia asks what happened, did you meet your dad. Avni says yes, I met him, I will never forget Dayaben for insulting my mumma, I will never forgive him. Ali says I will break their window by stones, I knew you will refuse. Avni gets angry and says no, I have to throw stone today. Avni shouts Chudail. Everyone come in balcony. Avni says I don’t want your name and throws stone. The window breaks. Avni says one day entire Mehta family will be known by my name. She hits stone at Dayaben. Dayaben gets hit on forehead.

Ketan gets angry. Ashish says stop Ketan, hold Maa, I will talk to her. Kia and Ali ask Avni to come. Ashish comes there and asks did I teach this to you, do you talk to elders like this. He raises hand. She holds his hand and asks by what right are you raising hand on me, when you did not stand by me as my father, what right you have. He says you are crossing limits. She says you are crossing limits, is it right to make promises and break. He shouts Avni.

Asha comes there. Avni holds her. Ashish tells Asha that Avni injured Dayaben by throwing stone. Asha asks what wrong did she do, you are holding me and Avni responsible for this, someone else is responsible, we all did wrong with Avni and forced her, its not her mistake. Ketan says see Maa, they have no manners to talk. Dayaben says let me see this drama. Ashish says Avni did wrong… Asha says even you were wrong, could I tell you anything in these 11 years. She takes Avni and walks out. Dayaben gets glad seeing this and says this wound is nothing when I got to see this.

Asha asks Avni why did she do this, and not think of mum. Avni says I thought Dayaben locked Ashish and went to save him, but I was wrong, Papa did not want to come to us. Asha cries. Avni says I told Papa to come home and stay with us, but he wants to stay with his mum. Asha kisses her and says you will not call her Chudail from today. Avni asks what shall I call her. Asha says you have relation with her, she is your Dadi. Avni says why shall I call her Dadi. Asha says whatever she does, she will always be your Dadi.

Ketan asks Dayaben to let him do aid. She refuses to get aid and is happy. She asks servant to get that stone. She says that girl is bold, someone has thrown stone at me after many years, I have to answer for this.

Avni asks what relation are you saying, Papa never gave you any rights, you will hate him like I hate him if you know what I know, Papa is marrying someone else, he will never come back to us. She cries and says our family will never become a normal one now. Asha cries.

Avni sees Asha’s reaction and asks did you know Papa is marrying someone else. Asha says one whom we did not expect to get, why to be sorrowful to lose him, there are Ashish’s pics at home, as I knew just pics will be with us, Ashish will not stay with us, we were always a small part of his life, not his life. They cry. Asha says sorry I should have told you everything before. Avni says yes, but don’t worry, its not late.

Avni tears Ashish’s pics and says get out of our lives. Ashish takes Dayaben to Asha’s house and says I m going to do some right work infront of you. Avni sees them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. i dont know why i am feeling this much happy . felt so happy when avni , threw stone on daya , though it is wrong . and when asha supported avni , omg it was too good . loved today’s epi . arsheen’s acting as usual awesome . eagerly waiting for next episode . precap looks interesting . awesome avni ! tear all the pics of ashish , precap looks interesting . eagerly waiting for next epi

    1. Amalina

      ikr di, the way avni yelled mehtas will be known by her name, i felt like wow! we got some spoilers for the leap………..ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh………wooooow!

      dayaben should be hanged to death, avni forget aboout stone, go to raja ram and ask him to give this dayaben lifetime vaavaas just like the way he did to sita….??????? guys i fell off my my chair when i read “avni throws stone on dayaben”?????? btw avni is right, ashish has no right to scold avni, if he can’t accept her as his daughter infront of the world!…. right?! do u agree guys??????!!!!! n sorry if hurt anyone!

      1. I totally agree with u

      2. even if dayaben front of me I will throw a stone directly to her face,….she is shame to all mothers….come on she is challenging with a kid….she has to learn behave to the kids…dayaban such a b***h. disgudting women.

      3. Yes dear . Same feeling . And I felt like wow….when Avni stopped Ashish from slapping her . U r absolutely right

    2. Same di, tears were falling from my eyes. I felt happy. I think there is gonna be a leap, not sure thougthough. I am happy that I don’t aave a father like Ashish, coward, scary cat, mumma’s boy.

      Overall, good acting by cute Arsheen.

  2. Super episode…. love it…

  3. What is ashish going to do?

  4. Sometimes I think Ashish wears panties….he’s got no balls whatever form or fashion. When will he prove that he’s a man for goodness sake? I expect Avni to react this way after all she’s been cheated of a normal family life and Dayaben has the mentality of a kid, she argues with Avni and tries to score points!! When Avni grows up, which may be pretty soon, that whole family will pay for what they did to her. I want her to be super smart, beautiful, influential, and rich and in a powerful position for that family to come begging for help from her. I wonder if Ali will be her love interest since they have such a closeness and have a history between them? Hmmmm…. Time will tell but I hope my prediction comes true.

    1. Ramdom adult child

      I hope that happens too. No need to drag it on for several years. Just give her a goal and have her work towards it , which in this case is to have that family have their name forever attatched to Avni and want her apart of their family. After that happens then it can end. Personally I prefer serials to last between a 1yr-3yrs.

  5. One of the best.. awesome. brilliant acting, fantastic performance/A*+ plus

  6. @amalina is there going to be a leap in this serial?

  7. Brought tears to my eye everytime asha and avni talked, especially avni, very emotional. What she said such as your silence hurt me to ashish was very heart breaking the way she said and she had to bear the pain and walk slowly whilst reminiscing about the past, especially chudail. Her own dadi as she has relationship with her insulted her and asha both and was really ignorant toward avni by shouting at her to get out of the house, yet her father didn’t do anything and obeyed his mother and was so scared that he didn’t even talk to her properly.
    First of all, i think that he didn’t protect her due to his daya

  8. Super epi ..does this mean this serial isn’t ending

  9. Avni great acting accepted the fact n going to live with that. Both son n chundali mom family will go to hell. I curse all mom who treat there son as a puppet n spoil girl’s life.

  10. Avni acting is awesome! Who is going to play adult Avni?

  11. There’s a difference between mothers and fathers in all forms of life. A mother protects her young, in humans we do so even when they are grown up, in our eyes, they would always be a child to us but the lines become blurred at times and we fail to distinguish between a child and an adult, and just how a child needs space to grow ,explore and mature, it’s the same rule for adults. Asha is protective of her daughter but Ashish? How could a father stand there and see his daughter being chastised in such a way when the platform she’s on, is no fault of her own making? Dayaben is evil but she’s a mother, protecting her child. Such is the difference between a mother and father. Did Ashish not feel an iota of remorse at his daughter’s plight? She will grow up hating him and this she will remember for all of her life. Sometimes it takes one mistake to destroy a relationship completely and humans tend to remember the negative over the positive and thus actions are based on this premise. Let’s see how Avni deals with this storm in her relationship with her father in the years to come.

  12. I’m missing dis serial

  13. Guys I wont be part of this review for two weeks cause of my office project work.But from 21st November I will join you all back.Till then keep writing and love you Avni and hate you Ashish

  14. I read somewhere that avnis charecter is inspired by mahesh bhatts own life.

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