Naamkaran 7th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 7th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ali wishing Avni. Shweta says I have to do something. She asks everyone to come, we will cut cake. Avni cuts the cake and feeds to Neil. Neil feeds her. Avni feeds cake to elders. Neil applies cake to her nose. Everyone smile. Bebe says your jodi is good, none’s bad sight should catch you two. Avni says I will clean this and come. Shweta says I will just come. Riya comes there to meet Shweta. Shweta asks guard to let her come in. She asks Riya what is she doing here, you came to get problems in my life. Riya says you have just one problem, Ananya.

Avni’s inner self says Neil has given this family to me, he did many favors, else I would have not fulfilled my motives. Avni says yes, this family, Bebe needs me, I have to pay for this favor. She unpacks bag and says Neil did

favor on me by his goodness, how can I think he can have something in heart for me.

Neil says so finally you decided to stay back. Shweta says why shall I believe you, it means that girl is Ashish’s illegitimate child, did she just get my son, she can’t be here. Riya says she has used Neil, she married him to take revenge from my Dadi, she did same which her mum did with Neela. Shweta asks why did Neela raise her. Riya says maybe she did black magic on her, throw her out. Neil asks are you doing this for Bebe or… Avni says I m doing this for Bebe, I won’t go leaving her. He says don’t do anything for my family, I will explain Bebe. She says no, I will stay here, you did a lot for me, if I do this for your favor. He asks favor…. is this a favor on me. He holds her and asks her to answer, is she doing a favor on him. Bebe comes and sees them. She jokes and asks them to come to party, it does not look good. She takes Avni.

Riya says you think since this girl came in our life, how the storm came. Shweta says right, you go, Avni is enjoying party now, everything will be clear tomorrow. Bebe asks them to sing, its Avni’s birthday. Prakash says we will start antakshiri. He sings Kya Kehna with everyone. Riya comes home and sees the house messed up. She shouts Amol. Amol looks at her angrily.

Ali sings Nahi saamne….. He gives her a rose to Avni. Riya asks did you get mad. He says this is our life now, your Dadi is responsible for this. Riya says this happened happened of your sister, Avni, she snatched everything. He gets angry.

Shweta sings hoton me aisi baat…. and dances. Riya says my family is in jail because of your mum and sister. Amol says Avni has tolerated many problems. Riya says you both are same blood. Neela sings Hogaya hai tujhko bhi…. and gets Neil and Avni together. Riya says Avni does not care for you, she could have sent Neela for you. Amol says no. She asks him to have poison and die. She goes. Neil sees Avni and sings Tu safar mera…… Avni sings Lag jaa gale….. and dances with Neil.

Neil asks her not to go work. Avni says I m doing this with my happiness. Shweta asks Neela to have some food, you are special guest, we did not know you are Ananya’s mum, you are Ashish’s ex wife I heard he had an affair. They get shocked. Avni asks what’s the need to say all this. Bebe looks on. Shweta says why, you don’t need to interfere.

Shweta asks Neela was there some other woman. Neela says yes, there was a woman, my sister in law Diksha, her mental state was not fine, she stayed with us, we had many issues because of her, she killed my dad. They get shocked. Neela says I did not get my husband’s support that time so I left him. Shweta says it means Diksha is the reason. Neela nods.

Maddy cries and says Bebe I need a house for my stay, I don’t want anyone to point on me. Neela says don’t take my talk personally. Maddy says don’t know till when will everyone support me, Shweta can say anything. Shweta says I m not saying anything if you left husband’s house and came here. Bebe says this is Prakash and my house, its our business, so Maddy also has right on it, Kareena has equal right like Neil. Prakash says Shweta did not mean that. Shweta says yes, I was talking to Neela, Maddy started drama. Bebe says you started drama, we came for Avni’s birthday, you started questioning, why do you care for someone’s life, you wanted drama, tell everyone your life also has drama, tell how you got married to Prakash, you were unmarried widow. They all get shocked.

Amol says I have no right to live, I should die. Avni says no, we will handle this situation together. Amol expels foam and falls down.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hey today loved it when neil was eagerly waiting for avni to tell that she is not leaving house for him.Hi Alia,Naz di and others .

  2. Pavithra1616

    Episode was good. Avneil scenes were super. I loved it. But this Riya , why can’t she understand the truth. She is making swetha against avni. Precap interesting. Aman commits suicide. Oh god. Stupid.

    When will avneil become one….. Waiting for them to unite. Please avni and Neil become avneil . Please.

  3. shit i hate this swetha a lot but babe gave correct rply to her atlast

  4. Ppl in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones!!! Shweta acts like a goody two shoes but have baggage herself. How dare she question Avni being illegitimate?? It wasn’t Avni’s fault, she didn’t ask to be born… I like Bebe, she says it as she sees it… Oh dear, I hope Aman doesn’t die, my heart will break for Avni… Such a disastrous life she had as a child, she should get all happiness from Neil…. For her brother to leave her, it will be devastating, her who life so far had been in searching for him, I hope they spend time together from now on as siblings… Writers, please don’t kill off Aman’s character, he needs reform and I can see he is thinking of his sister now…

  5. Samm

    great! so now riya is on the path to becoming the next villain with shweta?! and amol wants to commit suicide?!
    someone hold my milkshake while i get a club to hit them on their heads and hopefully they’ll forget all of this crap and do something productive, like just leaving avneil be! how about it? 😉

  6. yhh y the writers drag the story.i’m eagerly waiting neil to express his love and accept avni

  7. Samm

    loved neil confronting avni about her reason for not leaving. i know it’s not like me to go about liking displays of masculine power and docile females, but this scene was so torn between the two emotionally that i couldn’t help it but let out a sigh of relief when bebe interrupted them! also, how cute was that nose-cake-thing! and the songs were so fitting with each character! why can’t the poor souls get some time off from problems?! what they need is a vacation! send them off away from the family and let them enjoy for a few days! they just tackled a crazy old villain after all!
    is that promo about avni being questioned about her photos with ali real? like is going to happen in the show anytime soon? with neil standing up for her and all that swoony-respectful stuff? i’d be more interested in that arc than any of the evil witch mil or crazy vengeful girl with no purpose in life. like seriously, doesn’t she need to think about her food and daily expenses, now that most of her family is in jail?? cvs, a little realistic story for the villains side won’t kill you, right? 😐 🙂

  8. Bebe was a rock star today and shweta got chain up from Riya I don’t believe she listened to that black magic talk

  9. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    this serial has the makings of another serial called Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani (ZeeTV) where the lead pair (raja and rani) went from one problem to another with limited happiness in between ? hope writer’s are sensible enough not to go down that road (sigh) where is daya??
    Sad for Amol, so angry that they scripted this suicide foolishness for his character ?
    Mad too about Ali and the way they have Neela pushing him out ?

  10. hiii friends i am very excited to see avneil together so romantic when neil apply cake on avni nose

  11. Hii guyes bad news for all viewers that neil think that avni love ali for all this neil sacrifice his love

  12. Hii guyes bad news for all viewers that neil think that avni love ali for all this neil sacrifice his love

  13. All the performance were just ?.

    I loved ydhm song portion, shweta has no brain always she get trapped in riya’s words &,amol Is Not less he is going to do suicide,how stupid and foolish of him

    Waiting 4 Monday
    Hi all naz di, salsa di,pavitara 1616,samm,Barbie, etc

  14. Nice epi and foolish precap

  15. Hello Salsa and Alia …. how’s your studies coming along?? I don’t know much about your school vacation period but I would think that you all will be on school vacation soon…it is officially vacation time in my country, all kids are off …to wherever. Hope you both have a wonderful weekend and chat with you all on Monday’s forum….

    1. It’s not di actually our school has opened even our holiday was very small this time only two weeks holiday and not only that our school results have also came for the first terminal examination .
      well what are you doing nowadays didi?

      And what’s about u salsa di ? I meant studies.


    I hope neil and avni realise their love soon.. and riya use ur little brain, how can u be so blind..

  17. Good news for all soon vl get to se sm hot steamy romance amid avni and neil
    I think both of them really need a holiday or honeymoon much more away from bimbo shweta,stupid riya jealous ali & bebe
    bebe is good bt with conditions applied i dunno hw she’s gonna react
    whn she vl get to knw ananya is actually avni n she is an illegitimate child bcz d way she yelled at avni after seeing those pictures (actually she had witnessed tht scene) nd qstnd her character infront of everyone shows tht she’s a bit conservative n narrow minded

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