Naamkaran 7th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 7th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dayaben screaming seeing her face. She slaps Ketan for laughing on her. She asks maid to throw all pics. She cleans her face. Dayaben says you can’t win so easily. Avni says I don’t want to play games, I fixed Asha’s pic in my room, even then you had problem, I will fix her pic again and again, think if I did all this being locked in room, what will I do when the door lock opens. Dayaben says fine, keep your mum’s pic in your room. Avni gets glad. Neela smiles. Avni says thanks, problem got solved. She collides with maid and helps her. She gets hospital paper and says its same hospital letter where my mumma was admitted, this letter came for me, tell me.

Riya gets in between and says I have taken that envelope and burnt it angrily. Avni asks why are you doing this

with me. Riya asks her to go back to her bad house if she has problem. Avni says fine, burn papers as much as you want, I will stay here forever. Ketan and Dayaben scold Avni. Dayaben drags Avni to room and says how do you go out from here. She makes boxes fall and sees window. She says you got caught, you are smart, you got free from here, who comes to help you, tell me. Avni sees rat. She says Bappa comes to help me. Dayaben asks her not to take her Lord’s name. Avni says he is my Lord also. Rat bites Dayaben’s feet. Dayaben screams. Avni laughs.

Dayaben asks Ketan to help. Ketan gets scared. Dayaben calls him coward. She asks servants to catch rat. Avni and Neela smile. Servant catches rat. Dayaben says throw it outside house. Avni says sorry Bappa, its such a big sin to beat Bappa’s vahan, rat. Dayaben worries and stops servant. She asks servant to leave rat with love and apologizes to Bappa.

Neela tells this to Hasmukh. Hasmukh says I missed all the drama. Neela says Avni is great, she knows to win over any situation. He says Avni is very smart. She asks him to come with Diksha. He says no. She says it will be good, where is Diksha. He says if we casually talk, you know her nature has it, she doubts on me a lot. She says not bad, possessiveness, this jealousy is good, its way to show love. He says if you say so. She says love is not in my fate. Avni calls out Dayaben and asks her not to shut window. Dayaben gets the window shut. She asks servants to make room like before. Avni requests Dayaben not to do so.

Dayaben says I told you not to do this. Ketan stops Neela and Hasmukh. Dayaben asks servants not to give food and water to Avni for 2 days. She says Avni will not get to see Aman. Dayaben goes. Riya taunts Avni. Avni asks why are you doing this with me, you burnt that letter. Riya asks which letter, oh that one I burnt it. She goes. Ketan locks Avni and gives keys to Dayaben. Neela takes keys and asks Dayaben why are you doing this, have some humanity, you will open this door and give food to Avni. Dayaben takes keys. She asks Neela to do anything, I will see, I will do what I want. She goes. Hasmukh asks Neela to be careful, your one mistake will be trouble for Avni. She says its better to help than watching being in crowd.

Dayaben praises Riya. Riya says mumma slapped me for big lie. Dayaben says its fine, your mum is from small house, you helped me, you did not do anything wrong. Dayaben prays with Aman. Riya asks am I your fav. Dayaben says yes, and Aman is my only grandson, he is Mehta family heir and future. Riya gets insecure. Avni talks to Ali and says Aman is fine, I had to take him and hug once, I miss him. Ali asks are you fine, I can’t come to meet you or get food, as window is shut. Avni says Riya burnt mumma’s report, there is something wrong, she asked about report and then said she burnt report, I have to find out, I have to call for report again. She gets tensed hearing someone.

Avni tells inspector that this is her Dadi. Inspector arrests Dayaben for murdering Aisha.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hope it’s not a dream and Dayaben is really arrested and also she dies from the rats bite, depraved wretch!!

    1. i think alladin did this to catch dayaben

  2. Has avni found out the truth then about her moms death going by pre-cap? Think neela will help avni.

  3. Amalina

    Precap is grt!!!! Waiting for next epi

  4. This serial is getting into unnecessary and irrelevant details. Boring even to browse through written update.

    1. True.. Barkha Bisht should not be killed.. she was as good as Avni.. killing her brought nothing but a boring plot

  5. I think that Riya wil help her as she gets insecure with Daya loving Aman more than her so her jealousy luckily gets Avni freed. I think that she will tell her everything as she was sitting near Daya so there is a possibility chance of her obtaining the keys and switching it with the other ones. She’ll start to hate Daya. Since she knows the truth, she will tell Avni which is my prediction. Or Neel will also help, I’m not sure but they will do an action against Daya.

  6. It’s very clear that precap is dream of witchvanthi mehta.. Godddd even Mahesh bhat has to become ekta for small screen. Ufffffff. This is such a torture to see little girl getting abused like this…

  7. @Dark Blue I hope you are right.


  9. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    where r u ashish avni needs u

  10. hate naamkaran

    This show got pathetic after asha and alladin’s exit but sure enough I won’t watch this show anymore

  11. now thats definitely a dream……..

  12. Without Aisha this serial has become a boring plot. Avni is too little for her role. And Dayavanti is superb villain…. Bring Aisha’s humshakal for a twist..

  13. i think alladin did this to catch dayaben

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