Naamkaran 6th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 6th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Avni thinking what to do. Neil requests Prakash. Prakash rehearses to talk to Avni. He goes to her and gives her a dress, asking her to wear it and come down. She says I did not understand. He says we kept a party for Maddy and Kareena. She says this was not needed. He asks can’t Papa give gift to daughters, you are bahu, but not less than daughter, I got this to show my daughter is most beautiful. She touches his feet and thanks. He hugs her. She thinks they are so good and accepting me after knowing everything, I m lying to them, its wrong. He asks her to come soon. He signs Neil. Neil smiles.

Riya asks why can’t I meet my Dadi. Constable asks her to get court orders. She requests. DD sees her. She asks him to see, they are not letting me meet Dadi, let me meet her

just once. Riya goes to Dayaben. Dayaben says I knew you will come. Riya says I m alone, Ketan, Diksha and you got arrested, mum is crying a lot. Dayaben says she should have better died. Riya asks what. Dayaben says you will take revenge now, go and tell Neil’s family that Avni is Ashish’s illegitimate child. Riya says I will show you Shweta’s reaction recorded.

Ali asks what, party at Neil’s house, she is living a fake relation, this marriage is fake. Neela says this marriage and vows are not fake, its all real, Neil and his family are real, this is Avni’s life truth, I m going to meet Aman, Avni said he is much worried, I will wish Avni and talk to Aman also. Ali says Avni went to Neil’s house. Neela says its her sasural, there were some problems, she should be with them. She goes. Ali says what’s happening, Avni’s Sasural, bahu, marriage….

Riya says I don’t know where is Aman, Avni snatched Neil from me, like Aisha snatched Ashish from you, she has become other woman and breaking other’s home. Neela says enough, your Dadi filled this poison in you, I came to meet Aman, I will leave. She asks her to tell Aman to call her, forget this and move on, walking on Dayaben’s path won’t be good, I will pray you get a good life partner.

Neil likes arrangements and asks DD to check everything once. Prakash welcomes Neela, Fatima and Ali. Bebe hugs Neela. Ali goes and offers help to Neil. Neil says no, Avni has solved all problems. Ali says our Avni is such, I will have what I want, don’t worry. Shweta introduces Neela as Dayaben’s bahu. Neil says Neela has divorced Ashish. Shweta says divorce reason is one, marriage. Bebe taunts Shweta. She says Neela gave good upbringing to Avni, she respects others, she is a diamond. Fatima says no, Avni is a Parasmani, Neela has craved her with her love and upbringing by doing mum and dad’s duty, she made her a beautiful person. Neela says Ananya is this house’s respect. Bebe says she is crown of our house. They smile. Bebe says since she came here, she has spread happiness.

Shweta gets fed up hearing about Avni. She asks Neil where is his wife. Neil says she is ready, get her. Shweta goes to Avni. Avni gets ready and says how do I look, whom shall I ask, Neil is annoyed, what shall I do, everything is getting complicated. Shweta says everyone is praising Ananya. She gets angry and sees Avni. Avni says I have to stay here, I have to unpack the bag. Shweta says she is leaving the house, its good

Avni says no, I can’t break this marriage. Shweta says oh no. She stops Avni and asks are you leaving, its right thing, this marriage did not have guarantee, you cant stay with strange, it will be like live in relationship. She packs things. Avni says I want to apologize for interfering in your family. Shweta says no need, you have done big favor on us, Neil told me its fake marriage and fake relation, even then you did real bahu work, you saved Maddy and Kareena, so Neil kept this party for you, sorry don’t tell Neil, he said we should not tell you. Avni asks favor? Shweta says we have fake relation, if anyone helps, its called favor, if I do anything for Neil, he won’t throw a party for me, I m his dear one, you are the stranger, so he is doing a formality, come. Avni thinks I m an outsider I will go away from Neil’s life. She comes in the party. Everyone surprises her. Avni smiles.

Shweta says congrats to my best bahu, happy birthday to you. Prakash says its best husband’s surprise. Neela hugs Avni and wishes her. She wishes Avni celebrates birthday with this family forever. Fatima says celebrate one birthday with me too. Bebe says you have to come our house for it, I don’t think I will let my bahu go away from my eyes. She wishes birthday and hugs Avni. Avni cries. Neil wishes Avni and says she came as storm and stayed as tree shadow, this girl is my good friend and good person too. Prakash says and wife too, are you ashamed to say wife. Neil smiles and says my family is incomplete without her, cheers to her, happy birthday Ananya. Bebe says lucky people get such bahu, Neil’s face glows when you come, I wish you two always stay happy. Ali stops waiter and takes the cake. Neil wishes Avni and smiles. Ali gets in between them.

Shweta says you came to bring problem in my life. Riya says Ananya is the problem in your house.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. So to glorify neil and avni they are making ali and riya negative.

    1. Ektara

      Ya even i think so but it is bad it would have been better if they create a genuine love story between them when riya was working at chamko cafe

    2. I just dislike how they butchering Ali character Riya was always negative as a child sadly but Ali I dislike it…
      Plus as I said before shweta and Riya is enough as villains why they need a love triangle in all serial and making out Ali to be a obsessed lover smh

  2. Neel u were awsm today… spark in ur eyes…avni don’t wry abt his feelings for u….

  3. i hope amol is genuinely changed and will neva go bak to evil daya
    i want aman to make avni realise neil’s love and how much he is important for her
    he should shift to neela’s house so that riya won’t annoy him anyomore
    ali is behvng too immature and kiddish i really don’t like when he gets in the middle of avneil and spoil their moments
    anyways i hope they soon confess their love to eachother and sort out their misunderstanding
    i know every circumstances and situations will make their bond stronger and they will get closer

    1. Ektara

      Right but where us aman right now???
      And evev i dont like ali’s behaviour

      1. He is going to commit suicide. He drinks poison because he feels so guilty. ???

  4. Nice 1 .
    Sorry salsa di & naz di because I don’t know that u r eldee than me?

    1. Awwwwww….no problem little angel. I’m here if you need to talk,…anytime… Don’t be sorry dear, you have nothing to be sorry about, even though I’m older to you, you are still my friend…

  5. Samm

    what happens to this show sometimes? the episode begins well and ends on a sad/angry/negative role… why?! instead of the boring evil witch of a mother in law track, they could have showed some avneil lighter moments and we would have obvio appreciated that more! but they just had to ruin avni’s birthday party for me with that crap of an ending and the irritating speech.

  6. Naamkaran rocks.I only watch this show for Syed Zain Imam as he can express emotions so accurately.Alia it is ok as I think I am older than u by only 3 years.Thanke for calling me di.Alia did u notice that my birthday is in July and yours is in august , isn’t it interesting!?????

  7. This is not fair to bring neil n avni together n make Ali’s character negative
    And if his character is turned negative i will still like him and hate neil because neil came between ali-avni he loved n supported her since they were child n everybody thought she died but he believed she was alive n neil always wanted to arrest her for no reason n he helped her just for once n just because Neil is more cute than Ali she Should be paired with neil?????

    Hate how this neela is trying to Bring them closer

  8. Neil is coming between ali-avni because Ali always said Neil that he loves her and waiting for her since 15years

    1. Avni never had love affection with Ali. She considered Ali as one of the dearest friend since here childhood. Only Ali had love affection with Avni. Avni fell in love with Neil after she met Neil. They should NOT be separated. Riya is a good fit for Ali.

    2. Priyali

      But avni doesn’t. If Ali is that bad, he can’t force avni into loving him. If she loves Neil, that’s that.

  9. So much annoyance today Riya Ali and shweta….i guess one day of happiness isn’t call for and Ali disappointed me the most today come on man as a friend if you think avni loves Neil back off….

  10. omg wt happened to this ali! If he wants his bestie’s happiness y can’t he see that it lies with neil’s love.Oh plz dn’t make ali to negative.nice epi .waiting for cute moments of avneil.

  11. Nice episode.

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