Naamkaran 6th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 6th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Avni waiting for Ali. Ali rings the bell. Avni says I love you Ali, now plan will start. She prays and talks to the rat. She says don’t worry I will get cheese for you, I will teach a lesson to Dayaben. Servant opens the door. Ali hides and keeps his shoes in his bag. He diverts the servant and rushes inside the house.

Avni waits for him. She checks the time. She says what’s happening. She asks rat to go out and see if everything is fine. The rat goes. Servant shuts the door. He gets shocked seeing shadow. Ali hides behind curtains. Servant checks and Ali hides. Ali follows the map on his palm and gets confused. Avni waits for him. She gets glad hearing door knock and knocks to reply. She keeps boxes near window to climb and falls down. She shouts mumma and holds her


Rat comes back and throws a chunri to her. She smiles and ties chunri to her foot. She climbs to the window again and smiles. Ali checks for the right room. He opens the door and Avni comes out. She hugs him and locks the door. Ali says finally, we are inside the house. They dance and a vase falls by his hand. She asks him to run. They hide. She says don’t waste time, we will do work. He asks where is Aman. She says he is with Dayaben. He says we will steal Aman and run. She says this is not my plan, if we steal him, Dayaben will keep him, we have to make some plan by which Aman stays with us, there is some time, did you get printouts. Ali shows her. She asks for tape. He gives her and says I got sketch pens also. She says that’s not needed.

She says you paste in corridor, I will start from Dayaben’s room, I will go in tiger’s den. She goes to Dayaben’s room and sits with Aman. She kisses Aman and says I love you. Dayaben wakes up. Avni hides. Dayaben pats Aman to make him sleep. Ali pastes the posters. Avni pastes it in room. Ali comes to her. She says you scared me. He says all work is done. She says good, I will just come. She kisses Aman and goes. Ali smiles seeing Dayaben and gets some idea.

Avni and Ali get shocked seeing Riya. Avni says I just went to see my brother. Ali says I m going, don’t tell Dayaben. Riya sleepwalks. Ali asks is she ghost. Avni says no, she is walking in sleep, come, don’t worry, she did not see us. Avni stops Riya from falling down the stairs and makes her go other way. She says we will not paste the remaining posters now. He says fine.

Its morning, Dayaben wakes up and has joker makeup on her face. She gets shocked seeing Asha’s pic pasted everywhere on the walls. She gets angry. She removes pics and call out everyone. Neela smiles seeing Asha’s pic on walls. They all smile seeing Dayaben’s joker makeup. Maid comes and says Avni is locked inside the room. Dayaben asks who has done this, did I do this, there is big storm and you all are in sleep, how did Avni do this. She asks maid to get Avni. Maid gets Avni. Avni laughs on Dayaben. Everyone laugh. Dayaben asks why is everyone laughing, did I say a joke. Avni says your face….. Dayaben asks what happened to my face. She screams seeing her face in mirror.

Avni helps maid and gets hospital letter piece. She tells Dayaben that Aisha was there in this same hospital. Dayaben worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hope avni finds out dayaben killed asha. Where’s Aladdin?

  2. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    where is ashish he is the father of aman .asha’s last gift for ashish is aman why ashish is not taking any responsibilities towards aman and avni

  3. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    hai tuffy after asha Aladin also quits naamkaran

  4. Aladin took money and decided to leave do don’t worry about him

  5. Who gave the hard disc for telecasting?aladin is dayaben’s man.

  6. Ashish drunk and passed out how long,noone passes out so many days

  7. I really hope avni gets amman ,she is so brave and a challenging kid.all the best avni.I hope you succed and make a joke out of diyaventi mehta.

  8. I wish she findes the out truth of alladin.And what a bad person he is.AMMAN IS SOOOOOOO CUTE.GOOD LUCK AVNI

  9. Avni needs to be successful and prove Daya wrong as power doesn’t last for long and Avni has the fire to melt Daya down, especially the face painting today-was so funny. I’m requesting no to end this please don’t Mahesh Bhatt, I want to see the risk Avni takes in life, how she becomes a brave person and grows and teaches Aman and takes care of him. I want to see her life stuggles each day and every moment it continues, how she faces such hardship but then overcoming it, please I want to see women right and a true talent that is for Avni to have. This is the moment that people have to learn and cherish every part of life because there will always come a huge thunder storm that one will always hate and have to act against it, focus on main target, keep going Avni and inshallah become successful. ‘Power, power!’ Show me what u’v got, ur a role model, teach everyone what’s right. There are many people suffering form these type of situation, thank u Mahesh for putting something new out there instead of straight romance but illegitimacy, thank u for ur brave act

  10. indera sanichara

    I think Ashish gave the hard disk for telecasting. Writer please let Avni find out the truth about her mother and don’t drag the story.

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