Naamkaran 6th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 6th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Asha going to call Aladin. He comes and asks are you finding me. Avni asks did you not go. He says I was going, Asha stopped me. Asha says you can stay here, but I have conditions. He says I agree, I will do all the household work. Asha says enough, you will sleep outside here, no entry after evening, you can just come to have tea, say if you agree. He says I agree. Avni gets glad and dances with Aladin.

Neela looks at Dayaben. Dayaben says I have a surprise. Neela says you already gave it. Dayaben says I gave surprise to Hemant, now your turn, I preponed your and Ashish’s marriage to this week. Neela gets upset. Hemant asks what happened, I thought Neela will jump by happiness. Dayaben says Neela got shock by happiness. Neela says yes, I got a shock. Hemant asks her

the matter, you forget Avni’s problems for some days. Neela says I can’t forget even if I want, she is lovely, where is Ashish, I will meet him. Dayaben says he is not well. Neela asks why did you not tell me, I will meet him. She goes and Dayaben stops her again saying Ashish is sleeping. Neela says then its time to wake him up. Dayaben says yes, I will come along. Hemant asks Ketan to go. Ketan says no, Maa went. Hemant laughs. He asks Ketan to do his work, get sweets. Ketan says Maa will scold me. Hemant beats him.

Avni says I m waiting for 5pm. Asha asks why. Aladin comes. Avni says its 5pm. Aladin says I m punctual. Asha says I have written more rule and pasted there. Aladin and Avni read the rules. Aladin says I agree to all rules, I will cook today, tell me which cuisine will you have. Asha says enough, I have cut palak, paneer is inside, make palak paneer. He says fine, just for you. Avni goes with him. Asha comes to meet Sumi and Angie. Angie goes to study. Sumi praises Neela for giving a good upbringing to Angie, Neela is a nice woman. She asks Asha what is the matter, tell me. Asha says Ashish is marrying Neela. Sumi gets shocked and asks does Neela knows about you. Asha says she got to know by Avni. Sumi asks what will Neela do now. Asha says don’t know what will Neela do now.

Avni says its smelling so good, yummy food. Aladin says when you have palak paneer made by me, you will love it. Avni asks really, how long did you work in restaurant. He says 6 months. She says what a journey. He does shayari and burns hand. She asks how much money is needed to make movie, how much money actors take. He says everything depends. She asks do you know anything or not. He smiles and explains her that the real ingredient of the movie is concept, think of a good story that touches audience’s heart. She gets an idea and smiles.

She goes to Asha and says I decided to make a movie and earn name. Asha says many people are needed, time and money are needed, its not easy. Avni gives her water. She says I know its difficult, not impossible. Asha smiles and says no. Avni tries convincing her. Asha asks her to forget it, I will see Aladin. Avni says every dream looks impossible till its implemented. Asha says you won’t agree right. Avni says I want to fly and fulfill my dreams, I want to succeed. Asha says I m scared you will get hurt. Avni says you are there to apply ointment to my wound with love. Asha hugs her and says if I say yes, how will you get story. Avni says story should be something which touches everyone’s heart and is true, we will make our story, our life’s 11 years which none has seen, a true story. Asha cries.

Dayaben goes to Ashish and asks are you fine, see who has come. Ashish sees Neela. Ashish says I m fine, how are you Neela. Neela asks how do I look. Dayaben signs Ashish and says you both talk, I will leave. She goes. Neela taunts Ashish. She says you have cheated everyone till now. He asks is she joking. She says no. He asks did you come to fight. She asks why can’t I fight, I thought to tell everything that’s in my heart, I wanted to express my real feelings, but I will give you a chance, tell me whatever you want to, who knows I will never give you this chance again.

He says I m not able to understand. She says I want to tell you…. Hemant calls Neela. Neela says coming….. she tells Ashish that trust, honesty, loyalty and transparency are four pillars of a relationship. Ashish asks what happened to you today, come. Neela holds him and says kiss me Ashish. He makes her away. She says say you love me. He asks whats wrong with you, do I need to prove you that I love you. She pushes him away and says liar. Ketan comes and says Maa is calling both of you to see jewelry. Ketan goes. Ashish and Neela go downstairs. Neela gets a call. Sharma says I found out who stopped that ad by paying money. She asks Mrs. Dayavanti Mehta. He says yes.

Avni says you have stayed life alone with me for 11 years, do you permit me to show your story. Asha says no. Aladin says I got an idea, get your photo fast, I will see how Asha refuses now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Neela I really loved ur character a lot, people had saw ur good and taken yu for granted. Show them the other side of neela also.
    I hate you ashish, dayavanti Mehta yu are not a mom only evil yu are.
    Ashish dumb yu are.
    avni the strong kid I love yu.

  2. Wow todays episode is too good. Neelas character is awesome. And now Avni want to make movie that too on their life story she is so brave and talented so good to see this type of maturity at this small age.

  3. I think neela will set them straight mother n son

  4. Pata nahi yarr but She will marry any how Ashish..She knows everything now and Avni I guess is on the path of being Director of movie so it means this serial is set on the path of Zakhm..

  5. I think asha should just marry Aladdin they look good together and he cares for her avni. Neela should teach ashish and his mother a good lesson. Because dayaben you’re very cruel you don’t love your son.

    1. Angelk1

      I agree. Aladin is starting to warm up in her heart. I think aladin never existed i think this was his way of wishing his mom had someone like aladin in their life. Also neela was great, just love her character so strong an kind

  6. Aladdin negative character read in upcoming episodes.

    1. Angelk1

      No seriously…why?

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