Naamkaran 5th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Amol sees Dayaben’s selfish side

Naamkaran 5th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Neil saying Amol has told us the way to enter Rangmahal via this raavan idol, ask Amol, if I torture him for a day, he will say everything. Gurumaa smiles seeing Meher. Dayaben says you can’t go against laws. Neil says I can do anything to catch criminals. She says I can prove your evidence are false. Neil says I can go to any extent for Avni. Avni looks at him. Gurumaa threatens Juhi. She asks her to let her go. Dayaben asks Neil how can he love Avni. He says you couldn’t understand what’s Avni. He scolds Dayaben. He asks Amol why does he want to go jail. Amol comes out and says don’t shoot me, I don’t want to die. Gurumaa goes to get between the procession. The idol trishul hits her chest. She falls down. Juhi runs to her. The people ask to call ambulance and say maybe

Devi Maa wants to punish her.

Amol says I will give statement and say what Neil tells me. Dayaben comes and calls him coward. She points gun at him and says you will give statement against me, you are not my grandson, you have Aisha’s blood, I will send her to your mum. Avni pushes Amol and gets shot. Avni falls down. Neil holds her. They get shocked. Juhi asks the people to go and do visarjan, she will stay with Gurumaa, maybe Gurumaa had to lose life by Mata’s hand. People go.

Gurumaa says you are free, go, but where will you go, Neil loves Avni, you will be alone. Juhi says I m fine, atleast I m free. Gurumaa says you can never live this freedom, you will roam to find one you want, you won’t get anything, your face has same pain and fear, my Lanka burnt because of you, you will burn all life and find her, you will never get her. Juhi asks where is she, please tell me. Gurumaa says your daughter, you won’t get her. She dies.

Juhi asks her to tell her. Ali and DD come. DD calls for ambulance. He asks Ali to take Juhi. Ali says she is dead. Dayaben scolds Amol. She says this girl fought with me, she got death with me. Neil gets angry. She says you can’t be my heir. Avni gets conscious. She gets up. Neil says I did this drama for you, so that Amol knows Dayaben’s true face, Avni didn’t know I have filled fake bullets, even then she has saved your life by risking her life, did you see your Dadi, she tries to kill Avni and you.

Dayaben gets fire torch and catches Avni, saying I will kill you. Avni asks Neil to let her do anything she wants. Dayaben says I will breath with peace after killing you. Avni says I m not scared of death, my brother has sold me, I came back for him and he did this. Dayaben scolds Amol for cheating her. Avni argues. She says you are a murderer, you never loved Amol, you killed your son, you snatched my dad, you have never let my Naamkaran happen, you couldn’t become a good mum, mum in law and Dadi, you are selfish and taught this to Amol. She asks Amol to see her truth. Amol looks on.

Avni says it would be good if I died 15 years ago, I have a wish, I want to die by Amol’s hand. Dayaben asks what about my dream, I want to kill you, then Amol can bury her. Avni asks Neil not to come in between, sorry she couldn’t support him. Neil and Avni cry. Dayaben pours the oil around. Neil says no Avni. Amol says yes, you should die, who told you to save me and come back for me. He takes fire torch and says I want you to die. He pulls Avni and pushes Dayaben down. Neil holds Avni.

Amol scolds Dayaben and ignites fire around her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Amena please try to update the episodes early please dear!!
    Btw guys I have heard that the leading Jodi will separate as juhi’s daughter is coming!!
    I don’t want them to separate!!
    Love u Zain ?love u Aditi ?

  2. Nice episode

  3. Omg Juhi daughter … Seriously
    Anyways loved Neil dialogue & His planning too
    Slow but good
    Awaiting for Avneil direct love confession

  4. It’s really nice episode

    1. Whose this with my nickname

  5. I’m really waiting for avneil’s love confession.Can i join u people??

  6. I have seen a video in which another star act as zain leave the show

  7. i glad neil finally confessed his love today.waiting for next u avneil and cvs pls don’t seperate avneil.i think cvs plan to use juhi’s child to seperate avneil but i just hope it won’t happen.

  8. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    omg… is Neil the father of Juhi’s daughter ??? ? n why are they asking about a love triangle ??? (Avni, Neil and Juhi) what is wrong here ?

  9. What on earth happened there?! It’s true that we, the viewers, wanted to watch Dayawanti and Ragini Pandit’s end really soon, but who said that a quick end means loose ends?.! I felt the writing and editing slack off in this episode particularly. The only parts done amazingly were the little Avneil moments, which is the director’s speciality, I guess ? but we’ll get back to that in a while.
    First, the Amol-Dayawanti split. They had it coming! Amol was already wavering and Neil just pushed him over the edge at the right time and in the right angle! Another detail/symbolism I liked was Dayawanti hiding behind the Raavan and then the shot with Raavan behind her when she comes out. It wasn’t highlighted as much as with the Pandit, but the actress showed off her acting chops so well!
    Second, Ragini Pandit’s The End. In other words, the weirdest end of a villain on tv ever! And a lot of questions came with the illogical sequence of events. If Juhi wanted to know where her daughter was, why did she let the Pandit go in the first place? Why were so many people going for visarjan through the jungle which is inaccessible to the general public?? How on earth did the trishool fly out of an idol in a slow moving truck surrounded by so many people??? And how come it hit the only one person beside the truck, if it did fly out???? How hard could it have hurt the Pandit that she turned anaemic due to the shock of the wound and there was so little blood around????? ? the only saving grace of the cringe worthy miracle death was, again, the actress’s acting. Juhi looked lost in a trance for most parts of the sequence, but Ragini Pandit was a nice character played by a fine actress. At least that one ended, hasn’t it? On a side note though, who else thought that Ali and Juhi looked good together? Side note 2- even Ragini Pandit realised Avneil’s love, maybe even a long time before themselves! ? Side note 3- why does the writer not like little girls? First it was Avni, now it will be Juhi’s daughter! ?
    And finally, the end of an era- Dayawanti’s era. Amol’s sudden self-realizations always throw me off. No matter how much I’ve been wishing for it, I’m always shocked when he does something so out of character! ? Dayawanti is a crack case, that’s for sure. But Neil is always the hero in Avni’s story- and that seems to be a universal fact in this dramaland. That doesn’t change the impact of the scene where Avni gets shot and Neil rushes to her side. My heart totally raced at the speed of 330 m/s when he finally, FINALLY said that he loved her! And the eyelock across the space when Dayawanti was pouring oil all around Avni… I know they were just acting, but that eyelock looked like a thousand words were exchanged between the two and the code is exclusive to them! Another tiny detail I loved in that scene was it took both of them to break the eye contact and realise that Dayawanti was back. Neil’s pleading eyes and Avni’s apologetic ones were highlighted well. Neil explaining to Amol worked too, and he finally understood! But the question remains – why did Avni just give in to Dayawanti so easily? Wasn’t she so hurt by Amol that she wanted to kill him? How did she go from killing him to getting killed for him and then by him so quickly?? ?
    The parting shot with Avneil standing together, I loved it! ?? precap- interesting… ? I fervently hope that now we get at least one week of cuteness galore and romantic confessions and sweet pillow fights and intense eyelocks across rooms full of people! Just send them off on another honeymoon, that would be good ? right? ? even if it’s not one whole week, I’m fine with at least three days! Please, please Show! ?

  10. Juhi ki beti?? Or kia neil us la father haiii?? but i dnt think ky neil uska father ho ga but the point is ky jb Juhi ki beti jaii yh pta chly ga tu kya neel apny apko father smj gaa kya avneil separate houn geee?? or agr neel father nhe haii tu koum haiii many questions are rising in ones mind
    Cmng towards todays Episode Nice awesome the way avni looked at neil when neil said Main Avni Ky Liye kiso Bhi Had tk ja skta houn was jut simply amazing?? And finally neil said main avni se be had mohaabat krta houn?? there eye contact feeling everything was just superb??

  11. I no amol will help her I hope she burn in hell n juhi has a daughter I hope not by Neil

  12. are yar ye ab har serial mein maa k sath jo hota h wahi beti k sath v q hojata hai!!! same to same … thoda to story dffrnt karo. ya dimag ghas charne gaya hai. aisha neela k sath jo hua wo avni k sath repeat q??? wat d f**** koi or story nai hai kya. aise me toh koi excitmnt hi nai rehta upcomng k liye. story toh hame pata chal jarha hai k maa k sath jo hua beti ka v same story chalega av.gudnssss plz heir a gud writer

  13. Guyz i read updates and i am very disappointed with updates there will be remarriage of avneil but on the mid of marriage juhi will call neil and neil will left hos marriage with avni and then juhi will tell neil about her illgetimate child(this child is not of neil) but neil will decode to give his own namw to juhis daughter and this will separate avneil????

    1. VINDY

      really oh god don’t let that happen.writers plz don’t drag d story.unite avneil

  14. But maybe this is not valid info as the spoilers on telly updates say something else chlo hope for the best

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