Naamkaran 5th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 5th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ashish and Dayaben arguing. Kia and her parents see Ashish. Kia says Avni says Ashish is her dad. Ashish says let me meet my daughter once, she won’t have food. Dayaben says I don’t care even if she dies. He asks what are you saying. She asks him what is he doing. He says I will come, just let me meet Avni once. She says no, you will come with me, I will not leave her. He asks her not to do this. She says you should have thought of all this, I m from jungle, survival matters to us than manners and all.

Ali’s parents also see. Ali’s dad asks Ali to go. Ashish says I will come with you Maa, I got few things for Avni, let me give it to her. She asks is it necessary. He says yes. She says I will come along, I won’t let you go there alone. He says no, I will go,

wait, Asha and Avni are there, Asha has to explain Avni. She says no, I won’t let you go alone. He asks her to stop it, I will come with you. She asks are you saying true. He says yes. Ashok looks on. Ashish throws the icecream tub in bin and parks his car away. Dayaben shouts and takes him, asking him to drive his car. They leave.

Ashok sees everyone seeing this drama from their balconies. Ashok asks Sumi where is her focus, you don’t know what was happening outside. She says I don’t like to see strangers. He says Ashish had come. She says its good, Avni was worried. He says he went without meeting Avni, a woman took him, I think she is his mother, this area is not for good people now. She says its not Asha and Avni’s mistake, you want reason to say against them, Asha and Ashish love each other, what would you do being in Ashish’s place. He says don’t compare me with Ashish, he should not stand in two boats, he is doing injustice, I could not see his mother’s state. She says life is complicated. They have food.

Doctor checks Hemant. Hemant talks to his dead wife Shakuntala and tells doctor that she is still in his heart. Doctor says you have to just take rest, you know you can get unwell if you take stress. Neela comes and asks what happened. Hemant says you were going on dinner with Ashish. Doctor says nothing happened to Hemant, I was just scaring him to make him rest. Neela says Hemant is liar and made doctor lie. Hemant says Shakuntala taught me smiling. She says you miss Maa a lot. He says love is such a thing, it happens by human first and then with memories. Neela and Hemant have a talk. She hugs him and asks him not to joke about meeting her mum. He says I will make you meet your mum, I will surprise you. She says I have to give surprise to Ashish, and leaves. Hemant rests and smiles. He says she forgets everyone in my love, Lord you have filled happiness in Neela’s life after long time, don’t shut the happiness doors for her.

Neela drives and a girl comes infront of her car. She says please help me…. The men run after the girl. Neela runs to help the little girl. Neela gets shaken up and goes to stop the goons. She says leave the girl. The man asks her to go from here, else same thing will happen with you. Neela asks what will you do with her, do it with me, come, what are you seeing. She beats the man. She throws things from her purse. The man hits her with a stick. She uses pepper spray on him. The man falls. Neela takes the girl and rushes.

Doctor checks the girl. Neela asks how is she. Doctor says she is fine, where did you get her. Neela says on the way, some men were kidnapping her, I got her, and the goons got arrested. He asks Neela is she fine. Neela says yes, I m alright, I can’t see anyone’s pain, be it friend or enemy. He says you are brave. She says thanks. Neela asks Shanta to go and rest, I m here with this girl. Shanta reminds Neela had to go on dinner with Ashish. Neela says I will cancel it. Shanta says you got engaged today, we are here, girl is sleeping here, I will call you. Neela goes.

Asha is worried. Avni comes out of cupboard. Asha says you scared me, don’t get angry with Papa, Papa has much pressure on him, you are my understanding daughter right….. Avni says now I m fine mumma. She takes her candy stick house to give to Kia. Asha asks where are you going, its not complete. Avni says this can never get complete, as we are not a normal family. Asha asks who told you, we are normal family. Avni says no, we have to stop this lie, its not in our hands to make this family normal, the one who could make this fine failed today. Asha cries.

Avni calls out Kia. Ali asks what are you doing with this house. Avni says to give Kia. He says I won’t allow you. Kia comes and asks what happened. Avni says I lost bet and wanted to give you this house. Kia laughs and says you think I will take this, I want complete house. The house falls. Avni picks it. Kia goes. Avni says how to explain Kia that this house can never complete. Ali says it wil complete.

Avni says if Papa came today, my house would have completed, Ali says maybe he has some reason. She says my mum says there is nothing imp than family. He says I have mum and dad, why don’t I feel like normal family. She says because you have them, the one who don’t have them, feel like me. She cries and goes. Ali wishes Avni becomes like before.

Ashish asks Neela if I had an affair with anyone then… Neela says I know everything about you, there was rumour about you and Aisha. He says it was not rumour, so?

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Is he still asking neela about her opinion.?who is she ?is she more imp than asha n avni ??? In the first place if he rejected her the situation would be different .

  2. Ashish please tell neela the truth, she has a right to know. Please don’t hide about asha and avni. She needs to know.

  3. Devga

    Ashish come on issi rabo mein aur issi tempo mein batha dho neela ko… Tel her u hav a daughter and a wife….. Tel her she cannot B imp than asha avni….
    If not u wil spoil asha’s life (though already spoiled) and neela bfr she suffers stop her…

    Cheeeee daya being a woman dint u feel bad how asha would have given birth to ur blood without any expectation in the darkness stil waiting…. But u r talking such cheap abt her…. Thum ithni giri huyi aurath ho isliye bagwan ne sukar karke thumare pati cheen liye….. Aage dhekthey rehna thumari iss harkath keliye thum ya thumare dil k karib ko hi bugathna padega…. Thab betke thadpo…

  4. Devga

    Avni gudiya ithni bhi mujhe rulao math…. Kithna toot gayi ho ki thum iss adhuri ghar maanney ko thayar bhi hogayi…. Poor girl ab koi umeedh nahi hey ussey apne papa sey…

    Oii kia ki bachi thumare maa baap hothey huye bhi thumari harkathey dheko… Aur bas maa ki rehthey huye bhi hamari avni ka sanskar aur behaviour dheko…. Isliye bolthey bagwan ache logon Ke sath hamesha bura karthey hein par unka haath kabi nahi chodthey…. Lekin bure logon ko hamesha jithathey hein par unka saath kabi nahi dhethey….

    Ali how sweet…. Allah meri avni ko purani avni bana dho na… Thum ho asli frnd ki pehchan…

    Avni gudiya ki dialogs are killing me evryday…. Though it is a show…. but i feel tht pain and meaning of her dialogs frm inside of my heart….

    “Ab yeh ghar kabhi pura nahi ho sakta maa ”
    ” kyunki ham normal family nahi hey maa”
    Ab iss joot ko katham karna hoga maa ”
    ” jiske haath mein isse complete karne ka kaam tha aaj vo hi fail ho gaye… ”
    ” uski ghar thodne se mera ghar nahi jud jatha…. ”
    ” Ali thume papa ko jo bulana hey bulalo ”

    How much she HAS broken tht she left defending her frnd calling her papa wit diff names….

    Arsheen u r a marvelous creation by god… In small age u r ready to do artificial acting in front of big actors and many crew membors and many lights camera crowd…. Etc….. And tht too with such awesome understanding of expressions needed in the scenes and dialog delivery….. Love u gudiya…
    Kaash mein thumse mil pathi aur batha pathi ki thumari FAN HOON MEIN…. I wish to meet u some day…

    Oops i wil go on writing if its abt Arsheen…. I am stoppin since my fingers are aching…..

    1. Priya15

      Ur dp is mass…ya di tdy avni ki first dialogu se lekar last part tak..she just nailed it..i m crying… When ali prayed.. I couldnt stop my cry..kya dosth hai..

    2. devga really yaaar
      dayaben ki harkat par khoon kholta hai mera bhi.
      avni and asha are so inocent.

  5. Love this show

  6. im a big fan of this show and I love reading all ur comments. It breaks my heart to see that a mother can do this to her own son, what kind mother is she? I hope that neela finds the true before its to late, I cant see ashish doing anything, he doesn’t have that gunt, im somehow hope that one of his friend tells the true to neela

  7. Dayaben is worst than Ishwari from KRPKAB. She rather manipulate her son instead of supporting him. True he made a mistake of not telling her just avoid the situation or what she’s doing now. And beside, Ashish and Asha love each other on they already have kids, what’s the problem of just letting it be. Hemant and Neela look like good people they might understand the situation. And not having a husband and father figure for your kids, Dayaben should understand that more than anybody as she was also in the same situation when the kids were young. She should be able to support Asha and Ashish more than anybody else.

  8. If she is his mother she should understand that he loves his daughter just how she loves him I think he should tell her to back off a little

  9. stupid dayavanti , i hate her so much . if she cant support her son let her not support but why is she becoming a problem , hope ashish tells abt asha to neela and she understands. avni-ali scenes and the dialogues were emotional

  10. Priya15

    Why this daya created this huge drama???

    Is it a crime of a father willing to meet his daughter???

    Yeh aurat na maa kehne ki layak nahi hai

    Avni..uff..i m speechless… Ali jaisa dosth.. Yeh ladka cheen leta hai dil..apni dosthi se..

    1. yes di , just hate this dayavanti, creating so much drama , and who is she to decide the life of asha and avni, she does not realise her mistake at all . she does not even think about avni , avni is her granddaughter na .

      1. Priya15

        S yr..the way she said…

        Voh kaati hai ya marti hai mujhe kya pharak padtha???

        Hare yr..poti nahi toh sahi atleast insaaniyat ki naate???

        Voh apne aapko maa kehti hai..
        Log kehte hai ki maa apni bacchi ko nahi balki dusri bacchi ko bhi dukh mei nahi dekh paati..lekin yahan toh kud ki bacchi ko bhi tez pahuncha rahi hai aur apni poti ko bhi just bcoz she is a daughter of muslim girl…

        How cheap???she shouldnt be called as maa…when she can do these many things after knowing the entire truth…at that time she has lost the right to be called as maa…..

        Har vakth drama create kar deti hai…bechari avni…daya has to pay for the deeds and the pain which avni is going through now……bcoz of this old women..avni has lost all hopes..

        The way she said..

        “Ab hame yeh joot ko bandh karna hoga mama…hamari family normal family hone ke liye jo chance tha voh bhi ab khatam ho chuka hai..jinke paas tha aaj voh bhi khatam ho chuki hai…ab hamare family kabhi normal nahi ho sakti..”

        This hopeless avni is aching me..the words she touched my heart.. Each have an inner meaning which speaks heartbreak…

  11. Angelk1

    I like all three girls. Its sad that a lie will cause them so much trouble. Ashish shouldnt lead her on. And he should tell asha his problems, after all marriage is all about trust and honesty.

  12. i am so sure Ashish won’t tell Neela about Asha Avni. he was right there but didn’t go in.
    not sure what my fellow fans think but altho this whole Avni’s private place in cupboard is such a lovely thing, yesterday for one it scared me bec she in inside for hours with nothing to drink and no air. she fell asleep whilst Asha sat outside the cupboard. under normal circumstances this is extremely dangerous for any person let alone a 10yr old.
    i hope children and parents watching this program don’t think this is cool. it was cool for me in beginning but yesterday was totally unacceptable from a safety perspective.
    children and adults have died locked in cupboards.

  13. Dekha last mein bana di Zakhm 2.Guys why are you all praising this serial so much.Am really feeling sorry for Avni and Pity for Asha.

  14. I love this show a lot. I understand ashish situation but now he has to take some decision otherwise three lives will spoil. Avni is so cute. She is acting so maturedly. I love asha she never expected anything from ashish. One scene is nice that neela saying “i can’t bear fear in anyone even if they are my friend or enemy”. I think it means neela if she knows about asha & Avni she will understand & support them.

    Finally dayaben what i can say about her. First she showed difference between Hindu & Muslim & now she stooped so low that she forgot that she is a woman. She is not even understanding her son’s pain. Disgusting woman i hate her from the core.

  15. What the heck how could he do this??

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