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Naamkaran 5th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dayaben bending to look for earring. Avni gets tensed. Ashish comes and asks what happened. Dayaben says Neela’s earring fell down. He says I will see. He bends and sees Avni under the bed. He says Av…. She smiles. He worries. He says I got earring. She asks him to come, we are getting late to meet Hemant. She takes him. He says I forgot wallet, I will just come. He goes back to Avni and gets her out. He asks are you fine, what are you doing here. He hugs and kisses her.

He recalls Dayaben’s words and takes Avni with him to his room. Dayaben calls him. He says I m coming. He asks Avni what are you doing here. She says I came to take you, free you from here. He says wait here till I come back, don’t go out. She says I did not come to hide, I came to take you.

He asks her not to go out, promise you will be here. She says fine.

Neela likes the necklace. Ashish asks Avni not to go out of room, I love you. Dayaben says I will call Ashish. Neela says wait, I will go to call him. Neela comes and sees Avni’s eyes from the door glass. Avni hides. Neela looks for her. He asks what happened, whats the matter. Neela says I told you about a girl, her eyes wanted to tell me something, I felt I saw the same eyes, that same girl here. He says there is nothing here. She says I felt so, why. He says check. She says fine. He says come on. He shuts door and goes.

Ali and Kia wait outside and have snacks. She asks don’t you worry for Avni, the kids bus left, if anyone see Avni, she will be caught. He says you said right thing. Neela thanks Dayaben and says kids were happy. Dayaben asks Ashish what is he looking for inside the house, come. Ashish says nothing. Neela asks him to come. They leave to meet Hemant.

Ali says Avni went to save Ashish and he went, where is Avni. Avni is hidden in cupboard and wishes Ashish comes soon. She comes out. She sees Ketan. He asks who are you, what are you doing here, don’t be scared, what is your name. Diksha comes and asks how did she get left, all kids are gone, she came with Neela, how did she come in Ashish’s room. Ketan says call Neeela or Maa. Hetal says Neela’s phone is not connecting. Ketan asks Avni her name. She wishes Ashish comes soon.

Neela tells Ashish that she is not imagining, she really saw that girl. He says you checked my room, did you see anyone, maybe its your NGO girl. She says I know all NGO kids, she was not from my NGO, trust me, she was that same girl, same eyes, why do I feel like her eyes wanted to tell me something. He sees Hetal’s call on Dayaben’s phone. He answers and says Maa is with Kaka. Dayaben talks to Hemant.

Hetal says I want to talk to Neela, her NGO kid is here, she is scared and not telling her name. He worries and says fine, I will tell her. He ends call. Neela asks whose call was it. He says actually….. Hetal called for me, producer called home for me. Neela says we just came. He says sorry, I will go by taxi. He leaves. Hemant asks Dayaben is everything fine. She says I forgot, I have to go to Diksha’s sasural. Hemant asks her to go. She blesses Neela and goes.

Ketan asks Avni what is she seeing. She says your house is so big. Ketan smiles. Hetal gives her juice. Avni refuses. Ketan asks how did you reach in Ashish’s room. She says I was looking for washroom, sorry, house is big, I did not see such big house till now, anyone can get lost, my house is small. Ketan says its fine, think of this as your home till anyone comes to take you. She cries and says I did not know such big house also exists. People stay as joint family, be happy and celebrate, like a normal family. Diksha consoles her and hugs.

Shalu says guard has seen three kids going on, I know Ali and Avni kidnapped Kia. Shazia says stop acting, our kids are also missing. Asha recalls Avni’s words. She says I know where are they, don’t worry, I will get them. She leaves.

Ashish comes back. Ali and Kia see him. She says Avni’s mission will succeed, as Chudail is not at home. Avni runs to Ashish calling him Papa and hugs him. The family gets shocked. Kia and Ali see Dayaben coming and worry. Avni asks Ashish to come, what are you thinking Papa. She sees Dayaben.

Avni shouts Ashish and Dayaben’s names and throws stone at their home. She says I don’t want your name, I will show becoming a legitimate child, one day Mehta family will be known by my name. Dayaben stops Ashish. Avni leaves.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I guess now this serial taking some positive turn.All credit goes to Avni..

  2. A shish the worst father deserve this

  3. Yes looks that way. Let’s see what the next 31/2 weeks bring, as it’s supposed to be ending this month.

    1. Will it end so soon?

  4. Avni ur great. Ashish u will regret for this

    1. Amalina

      Yes di ashish will regret

  5. I think avni is going to do something big very big

  6. Avni is bit over acting… her expression are bit over!!!!!!

  7. Will naamkaran end soon?

  8. Is naamkaran ending when the big blast is shining. I mean it’s good that anvi took revenge on daya and i gave a little cackle when i saw her demolishing the mehta house with a stone i was really happy the fact that she isn’t giving up and is trying everything she can to bring happiness into Ashas life by bringing Ashish. She isn’t defeated and easily will never give up as she is growing she is trying to comprehend the fact the fact that she hasnt got a normal family and has to go through a lot of obstacles through daya who will make her life difficult by preventing avni from seeing her father. Her father is very distresses about his mother’s desicion and sympathises along with whats going to happen to asha and avni when he leaves daya and doesn’t marry neela. I think that instead of living this unhappy and dreadful life with daya and unwilling to marry neela, he might as well marry the one he loves (Asha) and also should tell neela because only she can stop this he must take a desicive desicion and go back to his promise which he had promised avni about her normal family. In the begining episode, where and ashish emailed to daya about his relationship with asha, he also mentioned to her that avni and asha gave him a purpose to live his life and fill his life always with happiness wheras she just gave birth to him and takes care as a normal mother. He doesn’t want his mother to die and commit suicide therefore he has to fufil his mother’s duties and marry neela with his unwilling actions

  9. I think there will be a leap

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