Naamkaran 5th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Avni does Neela’s final rites

Naamkaran 5th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Neela rolling down the stairs. Avni holds her in lap. Neela kisses her hand. Avni recalls Aisha kissing her hand before she died. Avni says nothing will happen to you, we all are here. Neela closes eyes. Neil checks her pulse and asks Ali to call. Ali calls for ambulance. Neil gets back. Bebe asks Neil why is he silent. Neil cries and signs no. They all get shocked. DD calls and says Neela is murdered. Avni asks are you mad DD, Neela just fainted, she will get fine, we have to take her to hospital. Avni says nothing will happen to you, our perfect family is with us, be patient, Neil is with us, he won’t let anything to you. Shweta says Neela is….Avni says nothing will happen. Doctor comes.

Doctor checks Neela’s pulse. Avni says you will get fine Maa, then we

will have photo shoot of perfect family. Doctor says we have to take her. Avni says you will get fine. Prakash asks Avni to stop it. Avni asks Neil what is he waiting for, they have to take Neela. Neil says doctor is trying to tell you, listen to me, its too late, no hospital can bring her back now. Avni slaps him and says how dare you say this.

Avni says Maa, they are seeing as if I got mad, come back to senses and prove them wrong, I was shot at my chest, when you saved me, nothing can happen to you, we came home now, we are with our perfect family, we have everyone here, you can’t leave me. Neil asks her to be strong. Avni shouts Maa and cries. Neil says stop it, Neela is gone, she will never come back. He hugs Avni. Everyone cries.

Vidyut says they snatched my mum, I have snatched Avni’s mum, everything would have been fine if Avni didn’t cheat me. Gurumaa says you cheated me because of Avni. He says Avni didn’t accept me, I went to kill Neil, but Neela came in between and sacrificed her life, if she loved me so much, she would have been alive. She says this is mum’s biggest weakness and strength, she can go to any extent for child, and child doesn’t know her value till she goes, then he cries and calls her back, but she doesn’t come back, you have lost everything, even Avni. He says no. She says yes, you will never get her, you don’t have your mum and Avni with you, there is no past and future, its just the present,

its morning, everyone gathers for Neela’s final rites. Neil asks Avni is she listening. He gives her the pot. Avni recalls her first meet with Neela. Avni drops the water from the pot. She recalls Neela’s words. Neela and Avni’s life journey is seen in flashback. Avni drops the pot. Everyone cries. Avni sees Neela. She goes and kisses her. Pandit asks her to give fire to the pyre. Avni cries and asks Neela not to leave her. She drops the firetorch. Little Avni comes and holds her. Neil asks Avni to be brave, Neela is with them. Avni says I can’t do this. Neil says Neela will always be with us, you will have to do this to get soul peace for her. Avni lights the pyre. Everyone cries.

Avni hugs her childhood avatar. Neil hugs Avni. Aa leke chalun….plays…. Everyone leaves. Avni sits crying and thinks of Neela. The pyre burns to ashes. Avni writes Neela Maa. She sees Dayaben. Dayaben says you have lost despite of winning, you can never live like normal people, you are darkness, darkness can never dream to become light, you are a grief, whom you love will go away from you, haven’t you realized this till now, first your own mum, dad and now Neela, you are a sin child, poor Neela raised you and loved you as a mum, she sacrificed her happiness, what did you do, you repaid her favors by killing her, you can just make people suffer, stop now, stop this mayhem which you call your life’s purpose, just jump into this pyre and stop this game. She disappears. Avni cries and says yes, I m cursed, I m destruction for my loved ones.

Neil says it can’t be Vidyut, he had a knife in his hand. DD asks who shot then. Neil says I did, I have snatched Avni’s Neela Maa. Shweta looks on shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. noo… we will miss u neela ma.. u r the best mom …

  2. Sana.

    Can’t understand what cvs are thinking in their mind? They killed neela ma, one of the pillar of the show and blame falls on another good character prakash very sad. This vidyut proposes avni and asks her to marry him in order to save prakash as Neil can’t arrest his own father its such a stupid track and this does not increase the trp but worsen it. Avni will accept vidyut’s offer for khannas’ sake this will happen now next in the show. I can’t tolerate vidyut anymore so bubye to nk. One day they will kill neil also as they don’t think about important characters in the show. Bubye to nk.

  3. Wowww how beautifully expressed their sorrows….
    Loved their expressions & too natural???

  4. First of all hats off to Sayantani Ghosh who played the role of Neela and i will miss her a lot. Wish Sayantani mam all the best for her future. Her acting was very awesome and wonderful. Todays episode has brought tears in my eyes. Although it was an acting but still i have realized today that its very painful when someone loses their own mother forever because mothers are the most ideal persons in our life and a mother is always considered next to God. As for Avni , i would like to say that always be strong Avni as time always heals wound and dont worry Avni, Vidyut will definitely have to pay for his crimes which he has committed.He will have to pay for his sins if not today then tomorrow.

  5. Neil did it by mistake n avni will now take revenge on vidyut. N it because of him

  6. What’s happening here everyone.some news says prakash killed neela maa .in Upcoming episode neil is saying he killed neela maa.who exactly killed neela maa accidentally or intentionally plz clear the suspence for god sake.if neil or prakash uncle killed neela maa, will avni forgive him.
    Lastly i hate cvs, director and writer too, to end such gud character like neela maa, missing her already .sayantani ghosh ma’am all the best for your futute.great job what u have done in naamkaran and best wishes from me to u for your upcoming projects.

  7. I always liked the intelligent group — Neil, Avni and Neela. Ending one of those chars, I think the story would go worse now. Even I m qutting the show along with her.. bye bye Naam karann

  8. snigdha paul

    Actually the real thing is that Vidyut has first made Prakash unconscious and after that when Neil has kept Neela in the room and was walking in the corridor searching Vidyut then from behind Vidyut was trying to kill Neil and so he was holding unconscious prakash from behind and by holding Prakashs hands along with the gun i mean another same gun like neils gun vidyut aimed to shoot behind Neil but when Neela saw that Vidyut was trying to shoot Neil she came between and got the shot on her back and this is how Neela got shot by Vidyut and this is how Vidyut framed Neil and Prakash in Neelas murder.

  9. This will be my last day of watching nk too. This is so stupid. I don’t understand, Wht made them think of this stupid track ending neela’s character. & who shot her? Neil, Vidyuth,prakash or sm one else??so many confusions ?? The story is being unbalanced & not worth watching.
    I really loved Avneil more than the other on screen couples. Bt now Nk getting out of the track. So ?. Writers, directors & all the back crew has gone mad ?

    1. i agree with you this will be my last day too. not anymore! stupid track and boring

  10. Yesterday episode is very emotional ??????.hats off all NK cast specialy aditi ?. what a acting yaar.aditi acting is mind blowing and fantastic??????. specialy on that scene when neela body take on infront of her.natural and perfect acting???
    So neel character is end forever ?????? main pehle socha tha NK dekhna stop karu.but yesterday episode main aditi ki acting dekhne ki baath decide kiya dekhna stop nahi karunga.
    Let’s wait aage avni ki character kaise hoga.AvNeil always saath rahe ek dusre ka support banke?. waiting for some good episode
    T C A S S ?

    1. Quite agree with you

  11. Btwn all these stupid situations, I noted one thing. The pain of losing loved ones how it feels. They’ve done those scenes very well. & Adithi proved her talent superbly.

    1. Correct maleesha.neela ko hospital people lekhar jaane ka scene main avni ka break down is heart touching??? uss ne bilkul waise performance kiya jaise agar real people ka reaction hoth hai uss situation main.not over’s great acting??????
      Yesterday episode dekh kar mujhe ek proud feel hua.NK LOVER HONE KA PROUD FEEL.shayad aditi ki acting hoga reason?

  12. CVS brings many twists in nk… Few of them really create a situation where viewers feel that the show will go worst… But being a loyal fan I have full faith in nk that they won’t turn the show into a boring track….. And all I want to say to nk fans that Kabhi Kabhi twists zaroori hote hai and its not at all necessary that all twists will be good….. Nk seriously needs ur support.. And agar aap log nk ko support nahi karenge toh shayad hum jaise nk lovers Kabhi bhi nk nahi dekh payenge….. Cause nk needs trp…so plzzzzzzzz don’t stop watching nk

    1. Your right shreya.

  13. this show for me is so boring now before was amazing and nice story but not anymore .. so sorry

  14. Omg…i litteraly felt their pain..and ofcourse Aditi made me feel proud of being aditiholic …love you nk…

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