Naamkaran 5th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Naamkaran 5th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Avni saying I did not know it. Asha gives water to Neela. Neela’s hand shakes. Avni helps her. Neela says I don’t know why Ashish did this, did Dayaben know about this. Avni says yes. Asha signs Avni not to say. Neela sees Asha signing Avni. Neela says so Dayaben knows this, its fine. Neela gets a big shock and cries. Asha and Avni console her. Neela says I will leave and goes other side. Asha cries and calls her out. She says the door is that way. Neela sees the door. Neela stumbles. Asha holds her.

Neela says thanks, I will go. She wipes Avni’s tears. Avni asks shall I drop Neela to car. Asha says no, everyone has to bear own share of pain. Dayaben says I have a surprise, I will tell after Neela comes. Hemant says fine, where is Hetal. Ketan says she went to Maayka.

Hemant says it means none will ask me for tea or snacks. Dayaben calls maid. She says tea has come. She asks Ketan to take care of Hemant, I will just come. Neela is on the way. She stops the car and cries. She gets Dayaben’s call.

She recalls Dayaben and Ashish. She cries and asks the phone to get shut. Hemant asks whats the matter, anything special. Dayaben says Neela has troubled me. Hemant says now she is your daughter, she talks a lot about you. She says but she does not listen to me, she is busy in NGO work, she is not answering call. He asks her to control her bahu, you handle her, why is Ketan worried. Dayaben says I decided, we will keep Ashish and Neela’s marriage this week. Hemant asks what, really. Are you fine, you never do anything without mahurat. She says I m following you, you say mahurat is not needed for right thing, I changed because of you. He says good, you remove all the hatred, I want to see you changing. She says the hatred will not end, as someone makes it fresh. He says fine, I have hope that someone will make you change.

Avni is with friends. She says its good idea, but Dayaben will remove me from film by her money and infleunce. Angie says I have an idea, Neela used to show kids short films in NGO, anyone can make a movie by cellphone and release as web series. Ali likes the idea. Avni says actors and director are needed, how will we get money, we can’t do this. Ali says we have Aladin. She says he will not support us, he does not believe in dreams. Aladin comes and hears them. He tells Avni’s words and says we will make a film, I will direct it, I will take 20% commission, tell me do you agree. Avni agrees. They all smile.

Neela comes to Dayaben’s house. She recalls Avni’s words. She recalls Dayaben and cries. She starts leaving. Dayaben sees her and stops. Dayaben asks whats the matter. Neela says I have to talk. Dayaben says come inside, Hemant is waiting. Hemant asks Neela where was she, come. Neela says coming. She gets away from Dayaben and goes to Hemant. Asha recalls Ashish and sees the sindoor box.

Aladin and Avni come. Avni says its a good news mumma. Aladin tries cheering up Asha. He says I have come back as there is more sorrow here, so I have stayed here. Asha says you mean you are sleeping outside since you came here, go from here. He does shayari. Asha asks him to please leave. Avni says where will he go. Aladin says I respect you Aisha, you and Avni don’t have danger by me, I want to make you my family, I did not see such family before, anyways what happens by my wish, I will leave. He starts leaving. He apologizes to Asha and says bye. Avni asks him to stop. He leaves. Avni asks Asha to stop Aladin, he is not bad, he wants to help me, please.

Aladin asks them to think of a story which touches audience’s heart. Avni asks where will we get such story. She smiles getting some idea.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. So finally truth is out and Neela knows everything but still kya neela shaadi karegi Ashish se sab kuch jaanne k baad bhi..????????

  2. Angelk1

    Asha please stop thinking of ashish. And focus on avni, and i wonder what neela will do now

  3. Amalina

    today’s epi was osam, but i wished they showed some scenes where neela confronts dayaben.

    1. I hope Neela confronts Ashish before Dayaben, as Dayaben may change the complete story. But anyway she will marry Ashish by coming in words of Dayaben like Ashish. so it’s waste to think about them..

      Only focus on Avni Career.

  4. Asha should give up on Ashish who could not mann up and take a stand for himself, his child and wife.

  5. Thatwas indeed an awesome episode… oh..I just love Aladdin..he is too good! This serial is nice as this has a different path as that of others..fingers-crossed for Avni..writers just focus on her success like this..plz!

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