Naamkaran 4th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 4th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ashish asking Hasmukh why did he not tell him, he acts to be his friend. Hasmukh says Dayaben did not tell anyone, when I got to know, I called you many times, check many missed calls. Ashish says sorry. Hasmukh says this did not happen right, what will you do now. Ashish says I m thinking to meet Avni. Hasmukh asks are you mad, see Dayaben is looking at you. Neela asks Ashish why is he seeing watch, it does not look good, where do you want to go. Hasmukh says where can Ashish go now. Hemant introduces Ashish to his friends. The men say they liked his movie Asha, the heroine was good, where did she go, we have a bet, was her name Asha or Aisha. Ashish says her name was Aisha. Dayaben comes to them. The men praise the actress. Hemant takes them to have food.

Avni comes home

and cries. Asha says Ashish will come. Avni sees the flower in window and plucks it. She sees Ashish’s pic and throws things. She gets inside the cupboard and locks herself. She tears off the flower petals and asks Ashish why did you not come, why did you break your promise. She cries. Asha comes and hears Avni crying. Asha asks her to open the door and listen. Avni does not listen. She says why did you not come Papa. Asha cries. Aa leke chalun tujhko…..plays…………Avni sleeps.

Ashish calls Asha. He says I wanted to come but… Asha says yes I know, I explained Avni that you will be stuck in imp work. He says I will explain her. She says Avni is inside cupboard. He says take phone near cupboard, I will talk to her. He apologizes to Avni for not coming on sports day even after promising her, I accept whatever punishment you give, have some food, please. Avni cries.

Dayaben asks Hasmukh about Ashish. Hasmukh says he will be here. Riya says Hasmukh got old, Ashish said he will come in 2mins. Hasmukh says ya I forgot. Dayaben goes out. She sees Ashish talking to Avni. Ashish says forgive me Avni, I will come for dinner, I will get icecream tub, we will watch your fav pic, have food. He tells Asha that he will come at night and talk. Asha says I will wait. He ends call. Dayaben tells Ashish that he is trapped by that dancer girl, she is playing with you by using her girl.

Ashish says Asha is not like that. Dayaben says you got addicted to that dancer girl, I will do your treatment. He says Asha is an actress. Dayaben says don’t worry, I will cure you of all problems. He says nothing happened to me. Hetal asks Neela to come home, they will have dinner to me. Diksha says Ashish and Neela will go on private romantic dinner date. Dayaben likes the idea. She asks Neela and Ashish to go for dinner. Neela asks Ashish is he ready and smiles.

Asha apologizes to Avni. Avni says Papa will not come and cries. Ketan tells Dayaben that Ashish has to go for dinner at 9pm and Ashish is leaving now at 7pm, he is in hurry to meet Neela. Dayaben asks Ketan to tell Hetal to serve food. He asks are you going somewhere. Ashish reaches Asha’s house. He sees the earrings and jacket he bought for Asha and Avni. He gets down the car and sees Dayaben coming. He gets shocked.

She asks are you going there again. He says why are you saying this about Asha. She says because I m your mum and want to save you from such people. He says they are my family. She says family is by our loved ones, not that side people. He says Asha and Avni are my family. She asks him not to dare do this, come, Neela would be waiting. He says I m not going anywhere without meeting my wife and child. She gets angry and asks are you mad to call Asha your wife, marriage is pure relation made by making Lord witness, this relation kept in darkness can’t be called husband and wife relation.

Avni is upset and says if Papa came today, my family would have got completed. Dayaben asks Ashish will he come with her or not. He says just let me meet my daughter once.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Priya15

    Omg…this is emotional epi…tears r flowing from my eyes constantly at the avni part.. When she says…

    “Aap kyun nahi hai aaye papa ???kyun papa???kyun???kyun???”

    Avni and me have similiarities while being in anger.. If i have flower when i m angry.. I used tear of the flower petals…

    Ashish yeh kya keh raha hai tum..tumne usse naraaz diya..nahi tumne uska dil thoda… Voh bacchi naaraz nahi…toot gayi…tootna ko naarazi ka naam nahi liya jaa sakta hai….

    And yeh dayaben.. Yeh aurat nahi sudregi ….dayaben …u didnt become a good mother atleast let your son to be a good father…..

    And moreover..dayaben needs treatment not ashish….she should understand… Love must come through heart not through compelsion..if it comes through compelsion the life cant be lived with satisfaction….

  2. Priya15

    Avni nailed it…..this girl in her little age rules thousands of hearts…

    M sure..mother’s of India will be a jabra fan…jo bhi iss epi dekha hoga.. Avni would have made them cry..the way she catches the emotions.. Wow..she is a master piece.. Aisa ek complicated cheeze pakadna aur voh bhi itni choti age mei..she is a gem which is sooooo difficult to get..

  3. Priya15

    How many of u cried bcoz of avni today???

    1. Devga

      Me…. I was crying and suddenly my mom came… And i acted like luking down to hide my tears dear…. I just got goose bumps wen i saw gudiya’s reactions….

      1. Me tooo….. How can this much cruel she also a mother na but she will regret for this

  4. Devga

    Ashish u r late…. Come on speak it to neela….

    Avni gudiya i cant see u like this…. U make me cry by these dialogs expressions and wat NOT…. Plz aise acting math karo… Mein mar jayungi…. Bas face se sarey dhardh dhikathey ho…

    Asha stil hoping for ashish to Come… True love ho toh aisa….

    Hope aage jaakey neela to B positive and shld go against daya.. should giv asha her rights….

    Daya kithni badi SADIST HO…. Idiot yuck kya koi maa aise…. Chi maa Ke naam ko hi ghira dhiya…. Maa toh bagwan se oopar hoti hey…. Par… Cheeeee…

  5. Devga

    Avni gudiya u r awesome….


    1. Priya15

      Uff..di..that dialogue…. I couldnt stop my tears…she just nailed it…that dialogue touched my heart so closure..

  6. He is a grown man let him be with who he chooses to be with n I think he should be avni n asha

  7. I really want neela to find out that ashish is married before she marries him and that dayaben forced the engagement. Please don’t base this serial on the film, seems nearly every serial is based on or going that way. At least make dayaben aware asha is pregnant. In fact the family should be made aware that ashish is married.

  8. But precap mein dekh kar aisa lag raha tha ki ashish ne jo asha or avni se dinner par aane ka wada kiya tha use bhi dayaben ne pura nahi krne diya dayaben is a cruel and heartless woman.

  9. Hey guy’s..hw r u doing..coming 2 today’s episode..little avni nailed it..when ashish is talking 2 avni..asha ki expressions amazing.ashish should take stand at least 4 her daughter..This daya character is irritating..aaj ke episode mein milne bhi dhengi ya nahi ..ashish aur avni ko

    1. Priya15

      Hii di..we r fyn..wt abt u ???

      Ya..i hope ashish meets avni..varna avni ko sambhalna bahut mushkil hai..she has broken inside…
      Fingers crossed…

      Ya arsheen nailed it…she is just fab…her talent is priceless.. Jitna bhi appreciate kare na…words kam hojatha hai..uss bachi ke saamne…

  10. Ashish is such a lier.Guys he will not come for sure to meet his daughter.As I said earlier as well
    Jhootha kahin ka.Uski maa sach toh kehti hein ki aise ristey ka koi matlab nahi jo andhere mein ho..Sabse chipa k rakha gaya ho…Mr Ashish u don’t have guts…Good for nothing

  11. Ashish is such a lier.Guys he will not come for sure to meet his daughter.
    Jhootha kahin ka.Uski maa sach toh kehti hein ki aise ristey ka koi matlab nahi jo andhere mein ho..Sabse chipa k rakha gaya ho…Mr Ashish u don’t have guts…Good for nothing

  12. Hi priya di.ashish is stupid.he can atleast say neela about his asha and avni.if he has courage he can make an annoucement to media about his family.ashish is concern about his mother then why you keep relationship with are good boy of mother so you thin about it before you build relationship with asha who is a muslim girl.if you are honest,love them then why you hide it for many years.why are you holding is said that human beings are controlled by circustomanches.he or she can not do anything what he or she wantsto do.ashish represnts make promise to your mother so you can not break but what about your previous promises with other people.avni very vividly potray her character .she is such pretty girl but she can not say about his father to other.priya di i agree with you avni nailed today episode.avni is right in her point of view.asha feels extreme pain from extranal and internal but she tries to hide her pain from ashish. She can not able to say it to ashis.because she loves him truely,deeply and hoenestly.daya tries to show that only she is the most important person in ashish is said that ee can do anything for our love one but she is tring to snatch her son’s happiness.she is a selfish person.neela loves ashish very she will react to know about the fact.daya can share with mr hemant .i feel bad for traumatise she is at a small age.she has to bear such grief.ashish you can make announcement in media about asha and avni.i think ashish is confuse or a coward to face the can not make two person happy at a time.balance is necessary in relationship.if you want to far away then go away completely why are you both of them keep in darkness.first you hide your relationship from your mother now you are tring to hide your new relationship from asha and avni.go completly one side.

  13. Aashish shouldn’t have done this! He will spoil three lives by marrying Neela. But if he reveal the truth to Neela then she might feel bad but that would only be a temporary one. And I’m sure her father doesn’t want her to marry a guy who has a daughter already. Dayaben is such a shameless woman! How can she ask him to forget Asha? Just ridiculous. Avni’s acting was splendid!

  14. Am gd priya..I really hope today’s episode won’t disappoint us..ashish avni se miltha bhi ya nahi..fingers crossed..I agree with u neethu ashish should neela about asha and avni

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