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Naamkaran 4th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Avni asking Ali to find his moustache. She says you created a new problem. Dayaben gets a call and asks Diksha to keep gift in Ashish’s room. Diksha checks the gift and gets torn papers. She says what is this strange gift. She asks servant to throw this gift in dustbin. Avni, Ali and Kia wait for Ashish. Kia says why did uncle not get white flag till now. Ali says maybe he did not get gift. Kia says yes. Avni says its time to go inside. Guard goes to see kids and stops when a vehicle horns. He opens the gate. Avni sees the little kids getting down the bus, and gets an idea.

Avni and Kia run. Ali says where did these two go. Neela got the children from orphanage. Neela sees Avni and Kia hiding, and they hide. Neela sees the swing moving. She goes with the kids. Ashish

comes in balcony. Avni smiles seeing him and does not call him out. Ketan comes to Ashish. Ashish goes with Ketan.

Ali says I will go with Avni. Kia says there is no party going on that you are excited. Avni asks them to wait here, I will go alone, no need to fight okay. Ali says fine, we will alarm if there is any problem. Avni runs inside the house. She cries seeing Ashish. Diksha stops Avni and asks who are you, what are you doing here.

Avni says I…. Diksha asks did you come with other kids, come, puja is starting, remove shoes here. Dayaben asks pandit to start aarti. She asks Neela and Ashish to come. Avni sees Ashish’s shoes and thinks of him. Neela and Ashish do the aarti. Dayaben and everyone attend. Avni looks on and imagines Asha and Ashish doing aarti, and everyone being happy. She drams that Dayaben and Fatima do aarti together with them. Avni takes the aarti from pandit. Avni looks for Ashish and goes.

Neela tells Dayaben that kids are happy, all because of you, I love you. Avni looks on. Dayaben says no kid will go empty hand on Diwali day, they are Lord’s avatar, they are like Riya for me. She calls out Ashish. He comes. Avni smiles seeing him. Dayaben asks him to give gifts to all kids. Ashish and Neela give gifts to kids. Maid asks Avni don’t you want gift, come, don’t be shy. She makes Avni stand in the line. Dayaben calls Ashish. He leaves before Avni could meet him.

Kid tells Neela about other kids fighting. Neela goes. A lady sees Avni. Avni worries. Kia and Ali wait outside. Ali says I hope Avni is fine and no one has seen her. Kia says is she invisible, its too late, what will I tell mumma, she will not leave me. Ali says yes, even I lied to mummy, if she goes to Avni’s house, I m gone.

NGO lady tells Neela that there are other kids apart from our NGO kids. Neela says its okay, maybe there are other guests too, keep bus ready when kids finish eating. Avni sits with the kids, but does not eat food. A girl asks her why are you not eating, who are you. Avni says this is my house, my dad is Ashish Mehta, you all helped me a lot, thanks. She goes and sees Ashish with Dayaben.

Dayaben feeds him prasad. He goes. Avni moves and flower plate falls. She gets tensed and hides. Dayaben goes to see. Ali and Kia call out Avni by their special alarm. Neela sees Avni hiding and recalls seeing her before. Hetal gives her prasad. Neela says I had it, thanks.

Neela misses to get Avni. Avni leaves. Dayaben goes out and sees Kia. She asks who are you, what do you want. Kia lies and begs for food. Dayaben sees her clothes and says it does not look so. Kia says I got new clothes for Diwali, but not food. Dayaben says fine, wait. She calls Diksha and asks her to give food and gift to Kia. Ali looks on and smiles.

Avni goes upstairs. Dayaben says I have to see why Ashish is taking much time. She asks kids are they leaving. Neela asks kids to say bye. She goes with kids. Avni enters the room. Dayaben comes there and asks Ashish to come, they have to go to Hemant Bhai. Ashish says just 2mins. Avni hides under the bed in Dayaben’s room. Dayaben check earrings and it falls down. Avni gets tensed.

Dayaben asks Ashish to check earrings. Ashish says wait, I will see. He gets shocked seeing Avni. Avni smiles. Dayaben asks him to move, she will check.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Avni you are the best girl and Ashish you are the worst father ever.You never understood your responsibility.Avni I hope the best for you andAsha.

  2. Avni is such a cutie…. muahhhh. .. super acting darling….. its so real the way you act…
    As for the show pls end it soon… avni should cast in some other serial…

  3. Oh my God I couldn’t bare this, I wish living together also should get rights in the society. This is unfair. Those children are also normal children and ashish is a bad son bad husband and bad father.

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