Naamkaran 4th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 4th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Avni congratulating Neil for his marriage date fixing. She asks him to have coffee. They have coffee. He sees DD and coughs. Avni asks are you fine. Neil says yes, coffee was very hit. She says I like hot coffee. DD asks did Neil get to know anything. Avni looks back. DD hides. Neil says I have some imp work, I have to go. She says fine, you get ready to do duty of fiance too. She goes.

DD goes to Neil. Neil asks do you want me to die. DD says says no, I got to know something secret, Avni stays in this house, owner name is Neela Parekh. Neil asks is this Ananya’s mom, her surname is Verma. Neil gets a call from Shweta.. She asks where are you, our shopping ended, come soon, we have to go to Dayaben. Neil says I will come, DD stay here and find out connection between Neela

and Ananya.

Aman goes to storeroom and gets angry. He says why did she hide it, you always punished the one who lied. The power goes. He gets tensed. Fatima and Ali come with Neil’s family. Everyone gets shocked. Dayaben knocks the door and calls out Amol. She asks are you still annoyed. Shweta says Fatima and Ali are Neil’s friends, they are like family. Ali greets Riya. Prakash asks Fatima to come. Dayaben says where did Amol go. Diksha says Shweta is waiting, Fatima and Ali came along. Dayaben says Neil would have also come then. Avni comes there. Shweta gets shocked seeing her. Fatima and Ali see her. Shweta asks why did she come here. Riya says she came here for some time. Shweta taunts Ananya’s move to choose a good house, superb. Avni says I just came here for my brother, Amol. Fatima and Ali get shocked. Avni says till he comes on right path, I will stay here.

Shweta says oh really, when he has his own sister, why will he make namesake sister. Avni says Riya will be busy now, someone has to keep an eye on Amol. Neil comes and sees her. Prakash says Neil has come. Shweta praises Neil. She says you came on perfect time, Ananya was going now. She asks Riya to stand with Neil.

Dayaben comes and says Neil, Amol is missing, his mobile is also switched off. Fatima asks did anyone not see him going out. Shweta says how could he go. Fatima taunts Dayaben for having no power in hand. Avni says he will be at home. Ali says we can check once. Neil asks Dayaben why does she think Amol is missing, maybe he went for some work. Dayaben says he was worried. Neil asks why. Diksha is about to say. Dayaben stops her. Aman shouts for help. Riya blames Avni. They both argue. Neil says if Amol is at home, where will he be. Dayaben says I have entire house, kitchen and even washrooms, I did not get him.

Avni thinks of the storeroom. She goes. Neil looks on and says I will just come. Fatima also goes after them. Neil asks where are you going. Avni says there is a storeroom here, maybe Dadi did not check it. She asks Amol is he fine. Aman hears her. Fatima hides and looks on. Avni asks are you okay, talk to me. Aman gets back. Avni takes hair pin and tries to open the lock. They hear Aman crying. Neil says don’t worry, relax. Fatima recalls Avni. She thinks just Avni used to worry for Aman like this, Dayaben had shut Avni here, how did Ananya know of this storeroom. Neil says I will inform everyone about Amol.

Avni says Amol, don’t worry, I know its very suffocating inside, but you don’t get scared of darkness, look upside, there will be a grill, tell something. She worries and thinks to do something. Neil says Dadi, we got Amol, he is locked in storeroom. Dayaben says there is much darkness there, he is scared of darkness. Ali looks on. Everyone ask Amol to answer. Amol cries.

Dayaben says I won’t let anything happen to you. Neil asks is there any window inside. Dayaben recalls Avni and says there is some window. Neil says great, I will go there. Ali jumps inside the corridor and goes to backyard. He sees Avni there. He recalls Avni. He asks how do you know about storeroom and window. She asks will you just question or help me, we have to break this grill. He says I know this grill, it will break easily. She says you opened it as you were fat Ali. He asks really, you were very slim Avni. She says stop nonsense, pass me that rod. He gets shocked and passes the rod. They break the grill. She realizes what she said and looks at him.

Ali cries and says Avni…. Neil comes there and sees them. He asks by what name did you call Ananya, you called her Avni right. Avni gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Y re y are they revailing the truth of avni so soon y!!!
    It’s so boring n dragging now.
    I thought it might be different but it’s the same old Hindi serial types…
    Miss avneil Yar
    Please pair Neil n avni both look good together please cvs don’t break them..

  2. Rienanda aló

    I’m so very pleased..Ali got to know now hopefully avni and Ali will be one:)

  3. suprb episode … worth watchng nd i dn’t think avni truth ll revealed soo soon excited fr tmrw epi

  4. whom do will neil propose ananya or avni ???
    big qstn mrk
    whether he will get to know d truth or nt ?

    after knwng hw he is gonna react????

    whether he’ll find out in d nxt episode or later
    m so confused

    i thnk my puzzle vl be solved nly aftr nxt episode
    till thn i need to take a chill pill

  5. I know it will be avni/Anaya and Neil but I can’t help but find her and Ali so sweet together,I can’t see him heart broken when they pair avneil….anyhow i hope now Ali knows shes avni and will help her keep that fact a secret and also help her take revenge from dayaben and change amol

  6. I want ali and avni as couple not avni and neil

  7. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Haan Sree_deeksha … Awesome !!!
    ooohh … Ali and Avni brought tears to my eyes … they also brought back sweet memories from the past ?
    I loooveee this show …
    How can you not love Ali ??

    1. Exactly he’s so sweet….and he love her ever since which will be hard to watch when she breaks his heart for neil….im rooting for Ali knowing the out come of it all but I can’t help it

    2. Sree_deeksha

      i love this too..

  8. I don’t think that Avni will be exposed before Neil so soon. Probably Avni will handle the situation telling that Ali was talking about Avni . And Neil will believe that as he knows that Ali takes Avni’s name in all situations.
    Moreover, according to spoiler Neil will propose Avni very soon. If he gets to know about Ananya’s true identity, he won’t do that as he knows well Ali’s feeling for Avni.

  9. I loved todays Ali Avni scene it was mind blowing ??

  10. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Shreya … LopaFleek … I found the link to Neil and Avni’s past relation … see link below


  11. Neil and avni should be paired

  12. Awesome.. Superb episode.. Iam excited for todays episode

  13. Still hoping for ali and avni despite of knowing neil is the lead

  14. ali avni. plz director dont break ali’s heart along with us .make them pair plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  15. Awesome… I ril luv this show but hw about their destination both ali neil n avni wu will be avni’s lover,aaaaaw so complicated here

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