Naamkaran 4th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 4th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bebe saying I doubted on that day when I went to get Maddy, she was hiding something, Kulbhushan was drinking wine and misbehaving with her. Prakash and Shweta ask why did she not say. Bebe says Neil got married that time, I did not wish to upset everyone, Kulbhushan wanted money, Maddy’s leg broke and she could not travel. Neil says no, Kulbhushan has beaten her and broke her leg, he is like a kidnapped and wanted ransom from you, he has many cases against him. Maddy calls Bebe and asks for help. Prakash checks call disconnected. Bebe cries. Neil says I will go to embassy and get Maddy, don’t worry.

Avni digs the ground along with Ali. Amol comes there and helps Avni. She gets shocked seeing Ashish’s skeleton. Avni does the last rites. Neela and Fatima cry. Avni hears

clock ticking 12 and thinks its my birthday today, I could not become your daughter, you did not do my Naamkarann but I will do your final rites, meet mum and tell her I want normal family in next birth. She lights the funeral and cries recalling Ashish.

Neil says please let me go there, its imp. Senior says its about laws and action, Maddy’s statement will be taken, matter will get clear till tomorrow. Neil gets angry. Neela comes and thinks why is Neil worried. DD says you here… Neela says I came to meet Neil, we got Ashish’s body and did last rites, its Avni’s birthday today, she is much upset, what happened to Neil. DD says you don’t tell Neil that I told this to you. She says I won’t.

Avni is at Chamko cafe and gets Aman’s call. He cries and says sorry. He ends call. She calls him back. He does not answer. Neil sits crying and thinks of Bebe. He prays Lord to show some way. Ali gets a cake and wishes happy birthday to Avni. She asks what’s all this. He says I cut this cake every year and prayed for your wellbeing, today you are with me, how shall I live this chance. She says sorry, I can’t do this. Her call connects to Neil. Neil answers her. Ali says you are free now, you don’t need to be in this marriage, enough of this drama. Neil gets shocked hearing this. He ends call. Ali says cut the cake. Avni says thanks but I have to go to Neil, he looked worried. Neela calls her and says Neil is in problem, your friend’s dad is in embassy right.

Avni says yes. Neela tells everything. Neil and Prakash fail to help Maddy. Neil throws things. Avni comes home and looks on. Neil sees her and says I hope everything is fine, congrats, you won finally, its okay I can manage, I don’t need your help, after all we both should move on, right Avni. He gets sad and goes to change. He cries in bathroom. Avni stands at the door and cries. They recall each other. Aye dil hai mushkil….plays….. Neil says Avni is just a case, her file is closed forever. Avni says I just want to help you, I won’t get away from you completely. He says emotions have no place in a policeman’s life. He sees Avni sleeping.

He gets DD’s message. He goes to sleep. Avni wakes up and messages. She recalls Neil’s words and packs her bag. She thinks Neil is in much worried, he should sleep well. She makes his pillow properly placed. He holds her hand. She cries and gets away. She recalls her marriage and thinks our motive got fulfilled, there is no need to keep this relation, how to leave Neil in this statement.

Maddy Bua comes home with Kareena. Everyone gets glad.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Antara

    AE DIL HAI MUSKHIL Bgm was so beautiful neil’s emotions was so paining
    seriously muskhil hai yaar 2 see Neil in this situation he loves avni but can’t express same problem with avni also don’t separate them Ali is also in love with avni bahaut difficult situation hai hope eveything will be fine

  2. Samm

    awww… the flood of emotions this show is capable of unleashing! its very difficult to not cry watching their sad puppy eyes! i can’t believe we have been waiting for this moment with dayawanti’s end a proper closure for asha-ashish’s story, but now that it’s all over, i feel like i can finally see the upside of the villains- they bring the protagonists together for the same cause and brings in prospects of lots of funny and cute moments. i know they will be coming back together, but it’s sad to see avneil already in the depressed zone! don’t go avni! or if you do, just go live at neil’s old house while you get your thoughts together! neil could drop in to say hi and you could smile at him and we could smile watching you guys falling in love again! oh, why is this happening?! 🙁 ;(

  3. very sad episode

  4. hai i’m new to this page will u accept me as ur frend pls

    1. Hello sana , welcome to this page…

  5. Lovely episode really enjoyed it precap is also awesome waiting for the grand birthday party of avni & I felt pity for Ali but as he is going to be a villain so no tears for him until he changes again to normal a l i

  6. Dia

    Avneil is love…

    Ali and Rhea both must grow up….cbs should develop their chracters and their love story also

    Avneil and Alea ❤

    Why am i thinking that Aman is jusy acting to be with avni and is still siding DW?? Hope this is not true

    They should have shown some Avni aman moments after the revealation

  7. Ohh so emotional episode…..Neil is in great pain. Oh I can’t bear it… It’s too much. And same with avni too.. feeling very sad for avneil. Please don’t get separated.please… I have a doubt… Who is Ali to avni.just friend or anything else. Cousins brothers??? Please reply for this. Anyway avneil please be one.. please don’t get separated. Todays episode was very emotional that I almost cried. Neil in an awfull stage , and avni also. I heard that Ali is going to confess his love for avni… What is this? We want avneil scenes not avni Ali scenes.

    I have written a doubt above . Hope you will reply for it….

    1. Ali and Avni are childhood friends

  8. So to glorify neil cvs are making ali negative.

    1. Exactly that’s so disappointing they just going to taint the innocent friendship Ali and Avni had just to get a villain is heart breaking they should’ve shown him loving avni enough to want the best for her and that’s Neil….riya as a villain would’ve been good enough they even have shweta giving her a hard time too so turning Ali negative just destroyed the way they protrayed their friendship as kids which is just to much…

      1. Dia

        I agree with u both

  9. Aww. Still can’t believe how the show turned out to be like ???
    When Avni was a child all she wanted. Her mission was to have a happy normal family. But that never happened and then whole show just got flipped upside down. ???
    Anway I am happy that Aman is good and FINALLY knows the truth. Felt really bad for him today when he called Avni and cried. Was so cuuute the way he called her Di ??? But I don’t get why Avni was still calling Aman, Amol. Even Neil was calling him Aman but not her… strange.
    Nooo plz don’t let AvNeil get separated. At first I didn’t really like their couple and used to ship Ali-Avni. But they’ve really warmed up to me and I really like their Jodi. Plzzzzzzzz Cvs don’t let this couple separate.
    And plzzzz don’t do another stupid love triangle. We’ve honestly got fed up with these stupid love triangles again and again in every show.
    And I think this is a very stupid track that Ali will become a villain. They’ll ruin the whole show and the word ‘Friendship’ if they do this.
    They should’ve just focused on Avni-Neil love story and Ali-Riya love story instead of making Ali a villain.
    These Cvs will never give us that ???
    Also I’m new to this page so I hope you all accept me and my judgment ??????????????????????

  10. Oh dear, this episode looks sad. My heart broke for Neil, he’s sad and I know it’s because he loves Avni but won’t admit it so that’s why he crying and consoling himself that she’s just another case…

  11. Its ok guys aftrall ali loves her since childhood so we can nt blame him nw…!!! He will take time to undrstnd that avni is only his bstfrnd..storyline ofcourse wil focus on the love traingle as exoected !l but as we all know avni is all neil’s.. lets wait for that moment..!! But i really dnt want ali to be negative..

  12. It’s so refreshing to see newcomers to this forum, politely asking to be part of the group here. Such good etiquette to be polite and respectful to others. On the Woh Apna Sa forum recently, numerous new viewers started commenting there without a simple hello and went on to personally attack the personal characters of myself and two other viewers because they didn’t agree with our views on one of the main characters. There were enablers to the main culprit who never commented before but were quick to goad those who used vitriolic language,in glee. It’s so wonderful to see viewers here who have introduced themselves and has asked to be friends. Thanks to you all who have recently joined, you’ve raised the bar in politeness. I’m in a league of my own, most of you here are students or in your prime youth. I’m a mother of two children and in my spare time, I comment on a few forums, watching Indian serials are a wind down for me after my busy days, it’s my form of entertainment. Carry on friends, it good to read your comments…

    1. That’s true it is refreshing to know there are still polite ppl out there and like you I come on the forums to wind down after a long day of work…. I don’t regularly comment but I always read the written updates and everyone comments,although I normally read the comments first then the WU which i do enjoy

      1. Lol… Samish, I do the same thing. I read comments first then the update. The comments are interesting to read, it gives an insight into how people think.. Thank you for the pleasantries….i have been watching this serial since day one, the Mahesh Bhatt banner made me interested. I haven’t regretted though. Sometimes I may not comment but I’m nevertheless watching… Have a lovely day or night, wherever you are Samish….

  13. I couldn’t control my tears when I saw Neil crying ?.I really love this serial.I pray that zain imam gets well soon.Alia are u a student and if u are student then which class do u read?Naz are u also student.

  14. Guys in upcoming episode we are going to see that neela and Prakash will make avni and Neil realize their love.Beside zain is feeling good it means his pain is reduced for last 2 days and he is shooting which I saw in YouTube.But still he is not 100 percent ok guys do pray for him.I love Syed Zain Imam.

    1. I wish and hope that he gets better sooner than we think. My prayers are with Zain. I’m not a student Salsa, I did write in my comment on top….neil loves Avni but he doesn’t realize this and I hope soon he will confront his feelings and admit it to himself. They look wonderful together and their acting is so good, it’s reflected in their eyes… I love a good chemistry between two lovers and romance takes my breath away….

  15. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Zain shows so much passion in his acting, whether in anger, sadness or love … ?% human??

  16. Dia

    I see u all are introducing urselves…….so…i am dia from hp studying in collg 1st yr and m 17 years old…..all of u plzz give ur intro…..i will be glad if u accept me as ur friend….

    Naamkaran rocks
    Avniel rocks
    Alea rocks

  17. Samm

    aww… nice to see new faces here 🙂 hello guys!
    and about the episode, this was too emotional for me! zain and aditi totally hit it out of the park with this one. poor neil, it seems as if all the troubles keep finding their way to him. first avni, then amol, then maddy bua, then this ali’s problem! i like ali too, but just not as much as i love neil. ali is more obsessed with his one-sided love and avni is clearly his priority, but his character doesn’t allow him to think beyond that one little detail, about avni’s thoughts and her feelings. for example when she was sitting quietly at the cafe, ali spent the time in baking a cake and thinking something along the lines of ‘how cool is it that she’s here today! after all those years that i cut the cake on her behalf and wished for her happiness, she’s here with me and i have to make the most of this moment.’ regardless of her mental state and feelings after having such a rough day! and then he proceeded to give his opinion on what he thought she felt about her relationship! at least he was respectful enough to back off when avni strongly put her foot down. and this isn’t the first time he has done something like this or tried to be manipulative with avni. but i loved it when she explained that notwithstanding her marriage to neil, he’s also her friend and she cares about him too.
    this brings me to neil, who is by far the best character on indian tv right now and probably ever! the guy literally personifies love and respect! i can totally understand why he can’t figure out his love for avni. it’s solely because it’s in his nature to be loving and trusting towards everyone, and always believes in the small, good part in every person in a very realistic way. of course, his family comes first for him, and the process of him accepting avni as family was so gradual that he cannot understand whether it is seriously romantic love or just mutual platonic care. he has been hurt in love before, and i suspect it must have been very emotionally trying for him, but he still emerged from that low point in his life and came back to normal life for his parents, just because he didn’t want them to suffer with him. but now when he’s being thrown into that whirlpool of emotions again, his previous sad memories might be the ones putting up the resistance to accepting all his feelings, and failing terribly at not falling for his wife! another thing i love about him is although he may not be willing to fall in love, he believes in it. and that is what drives him to be forever respectful of everyone’s wishes and actions. even when he realized avni had broken her promise, he understood her state of mind and never questioned her, instead he stood by her and stopped her from taking the road to jail. in contrast to ali who left avni alone at home because he was angry when he was clearly told to stay with her, neil is the epitome of dependable and understanding. this is also what neela saw in neil to make him perfect for avni. the two of them somehow complement and complete each other.
    on that note, i also loved how both of them were trying to convince themselves- neil, on the basis of what he heard ali say, thought she deserved a choice and selflessly let her make that choice, no matter how much it hurt for him to even think of her going away. on the other hand, avni was true to their friendship and accepted that they can never be complete strangers and will always remain as friends, no matter where they are. she was ready to help him out in any need and was sure of his helping hand whenever she might need it too. obviously i, too, am waiting for the cute love story finally that her hate story is completed, but kudos to the show for taking time and exploring this muddy waters area which so many shows are afraid of portraying. i have noticed this in other shows that they introduce a third character only to cause the obvious jealousy track, they introduce the tashan/tadi only to portray it as a form of love later on in the show, or they make the usually loving mother into the evil witch of a mother in law just for plot fodder. but all of these tropes are flipped in this show, which is the best thing about it. ali and avni’s friendship will actually be a real dilemma for her later because she already knows what friendship is and has an example to compare with her relationship and feelings for neil. neil and avni’s tashan/fights have gradually turned into friendly banter, understanding and compromises and finally into willingness to sacrifice for the other. this arc is one of my favorite ones in this show. the final one, shweta has always been a layered character. she doesn’t like avni and even does hateful things to make her run away from her house! but she’s always aware of that thin line between scary mother in law and evil mother in law. i think her little part in consoling bebe was reflective of the not-too-distant future of avni and shweta! shweta’s plus point is that she knows her son all too well but is confident that no matter their differences, neil will never leave her. she may try to do all kinds of things to avni, even though she knows neil will not stand for injustice of any kind, she has a unique bond with neil. she will go to the world’s end and back if he asked her to, and i think her irritation with avni is a mixture of prejudice and hurt that her tillu’s marriage was based on a lie, right off the bat. there is also her need for validation from bebe and that itself goes a long way to explain her character. in essence, this show totally leaves the choice to be together or not on neil and avni themselves. they don’t need to feel pressured because of a sword hanging over their head and neither do they have any excuses to accuse for their choices or for anything bad that comes their way. many people have expressed their dislike at ali being the next villain, but i guess there is a reason why rhea is still not in jail. i don’t think ali can ever hurt avni directly or indirectly, and if avni decides to stay with neil, i’m sure he’ll be hurt and depressed for some time, but that will pass and he’ll be the noble friend who gave up his love for his friend’s happiness. as of now, it’s not realistic to assume anything of the kind because obviously the show could take any route, but based on it’s history of flouting dramaland tropes, i have faith in the cvs at least this once. i just hope the expected ali-rhea or ali-mitali arc doesn’t take away from neil-avni moments and we get to watch their love blossoming clearly.
    so i’m bracing myself for the angst and hoping that the show doesn’t disappoint or become draggy, please please cvs! at least for the new naamkaran fandom/group here 😀

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