Naamkaran 4th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 4th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Avni getting scared and praying to Bappa. A white rat comes and makes the basket fall. The light starts flowing in. Avni stands there and looks outside. She thanks Bappa for sending rat to help her, I know you are with me. She starts cleaning the storeroom. Hasmukh says we are bearing all this since many years, one person is ruling and forcing others to think like her, it means the family will get ruined, Dayaben is responsible for Ashish’s bad state, she did not value relations and emotions, she wants to break others, end ties with this family and go away, its tough for change to come in this house. Neela says I thought so, Hemant also asked me to take divorce, but i can’t go, Avni is here, she will need me, I have to stay back for her, I told this to Hemant.

He says

you love Avni a lot. She says she is lovely. He says Avni is treated badly. She says Avni is not weak, she is brave, she is like sun, eclipse can come on sun, but not hide its light, I feel whatever is happening here, Avni will bring a change in this house. Someone throws a chit and bag for Avni through the window. Avni checks and sees Ali. Ali comes inside the window and falls.

He says I had to hide and come, like adventure trip, think the tales of Ali’s adventures. Avni says what will happen of you. She says there is no light. He asks how can you stay here. She says its tiger’s den, don’t wake up tiger. She shows him many cockroaches. Ali gets scared and jumps. She says that ladder has spiders. He says save me. She says nothing will happen. He says I have to do susu, is there any bathroom here. She laughs and says no, go home. She says Miss Mary says its in our own hands to make hell a haven. She sprays on cockroaches. They clean room. He says I have got light in this dirty room. She says I like staying here after you came. He sees rate and gets scared. She stops him from beating rat. She says rat is my friend. He calls her mad.

She hugs her bag and keeps Bappa idol there. He gives her tiffin. She says I did not ask you to get this. He says I got this knowing Dayavanti will trouble you. They sit having food. She gives food to rat and smiles. Ali asks why do you want to stay here. She says my brother is here, how can I go without taking him. He says I wish Aladin was here, did he call, where is he. She says don’t know, so much happened that I did not get time to think. He cheers her up. Neela looks for keys for the lock. Dayaben calls maid. Neela sees Avni from window and says you will not lose.

Dayaben takes care of Aman and says you are my heir, you will manage my name and work. Maid gets massage oil. Dayaben angrily throws it on her and asks did it burn, don’t make mistake again. Maid cries and runs. Neela sees this. Dayaben asks Neela to take Aman. She says I did his massage, now make him sleep, then give him a bath, you learn all this. Neela says Avni… Dayaben asks what.

Neela says Avni did not get food since night. Dayaben asks Neela to focus on Aman, not others, I will manage. She asks servant did you give anything to Avni, if she eats anything, then think, no one can control hunger and sleep. She goes to see Avni and gets shocked seeing her offering namaz. Avni prays. Dayaben shouts and bangs the door. Dayaben asks maid to get ganga jal. Avni then prays to Bappa. She goes to Asha’s pic. Dayaben says you changed everything in this room, I told you to stay according to my rules. Avni says yes, what rules did I break, I was praying. Dayaben says this will not go on in my house. She scolds Avni and goes to open the door. Avni says I came to stay here forever and smiles.

Dayaben checks a letter and says Aisha was there in this hospital. Avni looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. It was neither Aladin nor Neela but Ali with his bag and he through the chit.Lets see what happens next.I don’t want to see this serial now.Too much negativity in this.Nothing positive only the thing was that movie got released.Please close this off soon and release Diya aur Baati Season 2

    1. yeah exactly..even i dont feel like watching naamkaran now…the story is way too biased with negativity and immoral stuff. When will avni get justice??

  2. Dayavanthi witch

    Same here, too much negativity and it’s ache to even watch promos where dayavanthi dog snatches amar, just reading updates.. When dayavanthi gets slapped continuously by avni, neela, Aisha’s mother and if possible by spineless Ashish only then will watch..
    If u r continuously hell bent on showing negativity ,stop this and start Diya Aur Bati Hum next season.

  3. DABH is due to start next month I think, so I don’t think many episodes left. Whatdoes the pre cap mean? I agree, show some positivity please.

  4. stop this serial… it is very cruel.. how cruel can Mahesh bhatt be… abs disgusting. All negativity. The mother davyavanthi deserves to be shot

  5. Asish ??????? where the hell is he?! Y cud they not also kill asish along with aisha!!!! He should also die

  6. This serial will go off air very soon!!!!

  7. Angelk1

    Please let it be that asha isnt dead an Aladin help her that will be a nice twist.

  8. I’m so disappointed with this serial now and I think it should come to an end. So much for wishful thinking…….. Too much negativity, religious intolerance, hatred and heartbreak in this serial, I can’t handle this anymore. No more comments from me until I see a positive turn of events.

  9. indera sanichara

    I don’t want to see this evil anymore please end of Mahesh. God when I think what that 10 years old went through. I want to put Dayaben in jail for life. Mahesh please show something good now.

  10. indera sanichara

    I don’t want to see this evil anymore please end this serial Mahesh. God when I think what that 10 years old went through. I want to put Dayaben in jail for life. Mahesh please show something good now.

  11. Wondering what that letter was about that dayaben got. Who does it concern as she said Aisha was in that hospital. Maybe neela’ dad.

  12. Mahadev Desai

    Dayawanti has no Daya. She is evil incarnate. Hope the hospital finds that she killed Asha. The precap indicates that the hospital has apparently found something on the CCTV. Hope truth prevails.

  13. Let this show caary on it’s a real life story and true ambition this is what people should see the reality

  14. This show was ntrestinng before now it is become very very boring…..where is asish no responsibility as a father he cnt stand for his daughter

  15. Full of negativity…. this serial is giving a very bad impact on very society…..
    Please stop this serial……
    Nothing new its same old story good people are getting suffered….. rich people can do anything
    All bulshit…

  16. Rozana Oberoi

    Hi peeps I am from Sri Lanka like to know if this drama based on a TRUE STORY? which happened in India

  17. Bakwas serial kuch to practical ho.bura bura surf bura.

  18. The story is full of negativity but it is also based on someones life story… it wouldn’t really be authentic if they didn’t show the depth of depravity of Dayaben’s character.

  19. Can I please know where is aladin

  20. Every serial dey spoil wid kameenapanti. Ab isko dekhna ka dil nhi hota. Why dey removed Barkha and Amar? Yh to ab Mahesh Bhatt ki kahani nhi hai. All useless evil.

  21. Stupid dhayabanthi always win with her arrogant negarivities what the hell ..seriously who makes such kind of series ??

  22. Why no written update today..??even today episode not there in hotstar too.what is issue?anyone can reply me?

  23. Ghisipiti story not interesting

  24. Little girls acting is superb.

  25. where is today’s episode? ??

  26. Hi is there no update on yesterday episode I’m not home and rely upon the information you provide.

  27. I don’t watch the serial but the promos or the upcoming they show on TV is horrible…”the song which dadi sings, Mein leke chali isko” while taking the little baby away, such a cruel show and the dialouge given to the little girl is too much…Do such young children actually understand the complexity of relationships?? Can such young children hold their composure while being spoken to in such a rude insulting manner that too by their grandmother…What are they trying to show? What are the real parents of that child actor thinking?they should pull her out of this meaningless, emotionally cruel show…or is the money really more important?

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