Naamkaran 3rd October 2016 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 3rd October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the race beginning. Ali’s mum asks Asha to pray that Ali wins. Ashok asks Ali’s mum Shazia will Ali win after eating so much. Shazia asks how will he get power if he does not eat food. Asha says Ashish did not come till now. Tai asks her to try again. Asha calls Ashish. Dayaben asks Ashish to check. Ashish answers the call. Asha asks where are you. He says on the way. She says you should have reached till now. He says there is much traffic. She asks are you fine. He says yes. She asks why do you look worried. . he says I m just tired. She says Avni is asking for you again and again. He stops at the school and sees the entrance. Dayaben asks driver to lock the car, you know school traffic jam.

Asha asks are you coming. Ashish says yes. Shazia asks Asha to come, race

is starting. Ali’s race begins, and he asks Avni to wish him best of luck. Avni wishes him best of luck. Asha says I feel you are unwell by your voice. Ashish says I m fine/ Asha hears the school announcement sound from the call. Ashish ends call. Asha gets thinking. His car leaves from the school. Shazia cheers for Ali. Asha sits with Sumi. Ali loses in the race. He comes third and gets glad. Shazia also gets happy. Everyone clap for Ali. Shazia goes to feed him laddoo. Avni waits for Ashish.

Avni’s race is starting and she takes her position. Ali wishes her all the best. Asha smiles seeing Avni. Avni goes to Asha and Asha asks her to run well. Avni asks her whats the matter. Dayaben takes Ashish and asks him to smile, he is going to get engaged, not hanged. He says its not less than hanging for me. She says you chose this rope. He says yes. She asks him to come. Avni asks Asha not to worry, Ashish gave me flight details, he would have got stuck in raffic, I know, he will not break his promise.

Avni hugs Asha. Sumi Tai says sometimes kids grow so soon. Asha says Avni is giving me strength, but even she is worried thinking will her dad come or not. Asha gets worried and sees Avni. Dayaben takes Ashish to hospital by holding his hand. Kia tells Avni that I felt you have run away. The race starts and Asha records it. Ashish is unhappy and meets Neela and Hemant. Dayaben hugs Neela. Ali cheers for Avni. Neela looks at Ashish. Dayaben holds him and hugs him, asking him to smile. He smiles.

Neela forwards her hand. Avni runs in the race. Dayaben gives ring to Ashish. Asha sees Avni. Ashish holds Neela’s hand and makes her wear the ring. Neela gets happy. Ali cheers for Avni and asks her to run faster. Avni wins the race. Asha, Fatima, Sumi, Ashok and everyone get glad. Sumi gets surprised seeing Ashok’s happiness. Dayaben hugs Ashish. Neela smiles seeing him, while he looks on upset.

Avni looks at the school’s entrance. Asha hugs Fatima and Sumi. Kia says you won the race, but you lost the bet, as your Papa did not come. Dayaben makes Ashish have sweets. Avni cries recalling Ashish’s promise. Asha goes to Avni and says you did it, you won. Avni asks did Papa come. Ali comes dancing and says I was sure you will win this race. He asks is Avni upset of her dad. He apologizes to Asha. Avni says maybe he got stuck in any imp work. Winners are announced and asked to come on stage. Ashok says I will leave now, go and manage Avni. Avni goes on stage. Asha cries. Ali asks Avni not to get sad. Kia’s parents scold her for losing. Avni sees Kia crying. Ali asks Avni to see how Kia’s parents are behaving when she lost, is that she calls normal family, even she is sad when she has her dad with her.

Avni goes to get the trophy. She sees a car and smiles thinking its Ashish. Its someone else. Avni gets sad. She takes the trophy. Fatima dances and sings Avni won. Tiku asks Fatima to see Avni is sad. Fatima says I was worried for this. Kia gets second prize. Avni congratulates Kia. Kia says you won and lost, get the candy stick house. Avni sees the paper with Ashish’s name and cries. Asha cries seeing her.

Ashish talks to Avni and explains her. Dayaben gets angry seeing this, and says Neela will be waiting, come. Ashish says I won’t go anywhere without meeting my wife and kids.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hi guys why all of you write comments so late

    1. Pujisaran

      Sorry angel will comment soon..

    2. Priya15

      Sry di…i went out…thats y..hii di..

  2. Hi pujisaran and priya di. I am sorry as i did not respond previous episode. Because i did not notice it.i am pinky from episode is appears to be ashish is not happy but daya forcing him to engage with neela.after seeing precap i feel ashish should say such things before should say things in proper time.but why delay.i feel bad for asha and avni.i feel happy to see reaction of adhok.he is says tum jitke bhi har gayi -it also be aplicable for daya.

    1. Pujisaran

      It’s okay pinky. Yeah I feel bad to see avni n asha broken heart’s. Asha realized he is lying. How can he break trust.its hard to take it

    2. Priya15

      Hey…its okay yr…ur my second frnd from Bangladesh???

  3. Pujisaran

    Thanks for the update amena

  4. I’m on my way to my office and read this only. can’t wait to see episode tonight. i agree with jolpuri that what Ashish said in precap he had no guts to say b4 engagement. how disappointing.
    one lesson that comes out of this heartbreaking episode is that you don’t need anyone to prove you can win. this will be Avnis start to fight for her rights. as a child it’s a sports race but as she grows up its a race for bigger things. good on Avni to win against all odds plus taunts from kia. Ali is a true friend. Remember how in the previous episode he brought Ashish’s photo to inspire her. today’s best sentence is ref to normal families and kias family reaction to her loss.
    i think there are lots of subtle messages being given to us in this episode of we look beyond the obvious.
    hope my post is not too long. and i wonder what you think of my views.

    1. Priya15

      Di..ur thoughts r always crct…. I totally agree with ur words..

  5. Angel
    i can’t talk for others but for me it’s the time difference bec I’m in Australia. episode gets screened in 11 hrs from now. i work and can only read post whilst going to the office.

  6. Precap good,but Daysben always prevails,weakens Ashish

  7. Priya15

    Tdys epi is so emotional….

    I m crying seeing avni in that state…she is literally broken…

    Ali is right…jisko mila vo dukhi hai..jisko nahi mila voh bhi dukhi hai..i think this is reality….

    Ashish ..y r u soo dumb.. See bcoz of ur silence. 3 lives r gonna suffer…

    Precap..i just hope ..ashish stays like this..hope he dont fall in his mother’s tricks…

  8. Hey guys..I couldn’t stop tears at d end of episode..poor can ashish cheat asha..perhaps seems interesting bt dis daya again

  9. Sry..precap

  10. Ashish cheat.. Without telling his mother if he can father two children and live for 12years, why can’t he reject neela. He is not a man at all

  11. avni is my favourite character

    1. hi fully agree
      where was this child artist?? what impressive acting. amazing emotions. outstanding truly outstanding budding star.
      i just hope when they intro the adult avni on future she is just as good.
      Avni is just truly amazing. i loved her emotions throughout this episode. she didn’t miss a beat. but her face in the last few minutes when she recalled Ashish promise her etc needed book words just her face telling the whole story. I’m glad cvs did not add lots of dialogue.

  12. sorry i meant to say needed NO words just her face telling the story in my post above.

  13. i just hate this dayavanti to the core . if she likes her son a lot why cant she get him married to asha . omg avni’s expressions were awesome . that too when she came back after getting the trophy and cried , i was just awestruck . how can a girl of abt ten years do such a emotional scene . nobody could have been better in the role of avni other than asha

    1. sorry its not asha but arsheen , it was a typing mistake

  14. aishwarya kollati

    avni’s acting is splendid.but ashish ……….he can’t even raise his voice on his mother

  15. Priya15

    Wr s today’s epi????

  16. Ashish is a cheater.Why he did not committed in court with asha.If he was really in love with her..

  17. Ek baat court marriage ho jaye toh dayaben kya duniya ki koi takat kuch nahi kar Sakti.Poor avni…and Asha..

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