Naamkaran 3rd November 2017 Written Episode Update: Juhi meets Mishti

Naamkaran 3rd November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Neil picking the injection. He gives insulin to Vidyut. He says we don’t do fake encounter, we are policemen and trust law, Mumbai police will see you, you will be interrogated for Gurumaa’s escape. Vidyut says you are playing with fire, you will get burnt, you can’t win always. Neil says you think you are smart, but you are not, our plan was perfect, we are taking the girl, once I find Gurumaa, I will keep her in tight security. Avni calls out Neil. She worries for Mishti.

Juhi asks why did Neil not call. DD comes and says Neil called, they saved the girl. She cries and thanks Lord. DD says they arrested Vidyut, they are reaching hospital, don’t worry. She asks is Mishti fine, can I meet her. He says yes, Neil and Avni saved her, they faced big danger, they can

give life for each other. She says yes, they are made for each other.

Neil and Avni get Mishti in a chopper. Neil says Vidyut is brought in another helicopter. Prakash says Neil and Avni are fine, they took Mishti to hospital. Shweta says poor Juhi died before meeting Mishti. Bebe says no, you are wrong, Neela was Juhi’s murder a drama. Neela nods. Prakash asks Bebe not to take this on heart, Neil is ACP, he did this to solve case. Bebe says he lied to me, does he not trust us. Prakash says we would have not done good acting like them. Bebe says let him come, I will beat him. Neela says we know why Neil and Avni did this, they wanted to save Mishti, we should not be annoyed, they are safe. Prakash agrees.

Vidyut is brought to the hospital. Juhi runs. DD calls her out. Juhi gets shocked seeing Vidyut. She puts the veil. Nurse calls Vidyut. He goes to Mishti. Nurse says wait here, you have to get some tests done. Juhi comes and cries seeing Mishti. She wipes her tears and walks ahead. Avni pulls Juhi. Neil says Vidyut’s tests will be done in police station. Vidyut is taken away.

DD says Juhi came with me, don’t know where she went. Neil says I will see her. Avni asks what were you doing. Juhi says I wanted to meet Mishti. Avni says Vidyut was also there, he believes you are dead, police would have freed him if he saw you. Juhi says I saw Mishti and couldn’t stop myself. Avni says we can’t lose, we can’t fall weak, please understand. Juhi asks how shall I control emotions, I didn’t meet Mishti till now, I m her mum. Avni says I understand. Juhi says you can’t understand, you didn’t become mum yet. Avni says I told this to secure Mishti, so that our plan doesn’t fail, I didn’t become mum, but I m a woman, who did acting to lose the person whom she…. I mean Neil, I had to get away from family. Neil comes and says I took permission from doctor, we can take Mishti home, doctor will do treatment at home, she will get fine. Juhi thanks him.

At home, doctor checks Mishti and takes blood sample for formality. Shweta says we should know about her, as she will stay with us. Doctor says we want blood group info of Neil’s family, so that we can use in emergency. Neil says sure. Nurse says I have to take your blood sample. Vidyut asks what will you do, it just has poison. Nurses takes the sample. DD looks on. Vidyut sits smiling. Shweta gives reports to doctor. Doctor goes.

Juhi says I was helpless to do this. Bebe asks her to be with Mishti. Avni says none should know Juhi is alive, she can’t come out till Gurumaa is caught. Juhi says I will not do such mistake again, promise. Vidyut says world has gone ahead, your interrogation is like 70s films, I need to speak to my lawyer. DD asks why, its just the start. Vidyut says everyone call you DD, uniform suits you, you have power, you don’t know how to use power, I can teach you well, maybe I can make you all bad man like me.

Avni makes food for Mishti. Neil comes. She says Mishti likes all this. He asks are you hurt. She says no. He asks are you annoyed with Juhi. She says no, I m annoyed with you, our mission would have failed, you didn’t say anything to Juhi. He asks did you think of her state, she met Mishti for the first time. She says I also lied to everyone, you are thinking for Juhi, think what they are going through, we all also controlled feelings. He says I also lied to everyone, you went, you knew what I went through. She says you knew it was a drama. He says I knew you are in danger, Ali felt I don’t care for you,, you know what I felt through, it was not easy for us to leave anniversary celebrations. She says but it was our plan, I was scared, I felt this can become our life’s truth. He shows letter and says I told you to write this, I really felt I lost you. They see each other. He kisses her.

Mishti asks Avni where am I. Avni says I will keep Mishti safe from all danger. Vidyut lifts Mishti. He says you can’t hide from me, as I m your real dad. Avni gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What nonsense is this Juhi behaving badly with Avni who saves from her rang mahal and now took a big step to save her daughter. I feel Avneil’s separation track began from now onwards. Because in this episode Avni felt that Neil is thinking about only Juhi and not her but somehow Neil manages her but I think this misunderstanding will increase day by day and leads them to part away from each other. As per latest promo,avni only see Vidyut saying the truth that he is mishti’s father and not Neil. So she will try to tell this to Neil but Neil won’t believe and because of this reason separation will happen. I saw one video there Neil is romancing with Avni but Juhi came in between this will also makes me suspect that Juhi is an negative character. Juhi told before that she want her daughter alone but now I noticed very well when DD told her that Neil and Avni can do anything for each other, her reaction is some what different and she painfully says that avneil is made for each other but not happily. How dare she tell a lie to Neil that he is the father of mishti when she knows that Vidyut is mishti’s father. Don’t she ashamed of herself to tell such a lie to Neil. What a woman she is? I think she won’t let avneil to be happy. I think the Khanna’s taking blood samples and in jail Vidyut also taking blood samples so mishti’s blood won’t match with Khanna’s but with Vidyut and Avni will find this and inform Neil but he won’t believe. So she will go away from Neil as he is not trusting her. If it goes like this means I swear that I won’t watch it anymore. CVS please end this stupid Juhi’s and her daughter’s track soon fed up of it. And one more thing whether DD turn negative as Vidyut says to him that he can make them bad man like Him? The way the story is going on is so much twistful. Can’t guess anything but I felt that this is the beginning of Avneil’s separation.

  2. Can anyone please tell me whether Neil leaving altar is also pre-planned?? Then Avni may be the only woman in this world who planned and welcome humiliation in front of crowd for her husband’s kid.

    1. Yes it’s also pre-planned. Avni herself invite humiliation.

  3. Seriously how dare she talking to avni like that even neil didnt say anything to juhi he should have scolded her for talking to his wife in such a way. Afterall avni and neil rescued juhi from gurumaa clutches and they also saved mishti from vidyut , did she forget that and top of all avneil are protecting her all the time, this is the way she is acting with avni.
    I know she misses her daughter ,mishti will come to her.she should have waited for some know juhi u said to avni ,avni has waited to meet her brother for a long time.couldnt u wait for sometime u idiot. U will spoil avneil plans for sure if u show this kind of attitude.
    And neil u dimwit dont forget avni is your wife .dont just stand and listen to whoever talks to your wife like that . When your family talked to avni in bad tone, u defended her what happened when juhi is talking to avni u should have said something,and ure defending juhi now ,why is that happening.

    1. Hiyori I think CVS make Neil defend Avni in order to create misunderstandings amid avneil that leads to their separation.
      What a mom Juhi is who refused to save mishti in danger then Avni only saves her. But she never ever think about that. I heard that mishti will keep away from Juhi and shows her affection towards Avni this will sow hatred in juhi’s mind against Avni. According to mishti, Avni is her angel who saves her from danger like a good mother and not Juhi so how can she gets close to her? There is no logic at all to hate Avni but this idiot Juhi wants to separate Neil from her. Please guys don’t compare her with ayesha maa because ayesha maa was not like her. Ayesha was with Avni for every moment and saved her from every danger like good mom and never step back but Juhi refused to save her own daughter from danger where Avni did it

  4. I cant understand what the hell is happening .but i am a huhe fan of avneil

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