Naamkaran 3rd November 2016 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 3rd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Fatima scolding Ashish and getting angry. Asha says leave it, it all got over, I made joke of my children’s lives, you always explained me and I did not listen, this wall had to break. She cries and says life slapped me, but Avni has to bear the pain, society called her illegitimate and snatched all her rights, now I have to fill belief in her, that even if family does not complete, she has right to dream and fulfill it. Fatima says time is like that, it will pass with or without someone, you are brave and took tough decision, it was not easy, and today this decision is more tough, I m proud that Aisha is my daughter, I will support you till I m alive, even Tiku is with you. Asha cries. Tiku says yes, right and hugs them.

Its morning. Avni wakes up and smiles. She says

its Diwali, and now I have to save hero. Asha makes beautiful rangoli. Avni likes it. She asks Asha about her mangalsutra and sindoor. Asha gets speechless. She asks Avni to help her, there is much work. Avni asks what happened, tell me, did anyone say anything. Asha says kids can grow, but remain kid for parents, you have grown so soon and asks many questions, want to know everything, I will not hide anything. She says your dad can’t marry me, forgive me, your dream of normal family can’t complete. Avni gets shocked and wipes Asha’s tears, saying you lose courage so soon, I m with you. I planned a surprise gift for you and can’t say it, I m busy today, I promise this will be best Diwali gift. She kisses and hugs Asha.

Avni goes and meets Ali. Kia comes and helps her. Avni thanks her. Ali tells their mission code word, hen alarm. Avni says not bad, this will work when we are inside the palace. Ali says we will not gift that Chudial. Avni asks them to hurry up and make gifts. They make gifts. Avni writes chit for Ashish and keeps it inside a box. Ali asks how will we go there house is far. Kia says by taxi. He says wow, what a brilliant idea, how will we get money. Avni takes money from piggy bank and says Bappa, sorry, I m doing this for mumma. Asha asks what broke. Avni says nothing and takes money. Avni goes to them and sees they also got money. She calls them best friends. Ali says don’t get senti, count this. Avni says its 150rs, lets go. Ali stops taxi and asks driver. Drive asks where are your parents, are you kids alone. Ali says we are going to parents. They lie and sit in the taxi.

Ali says we will reach soon. Driver says it will take more 20mins. Avni sees meter crossing 135rs and says stop car. Driver says its more 3kms. Ali says I won’t walk. Avni says we have just this much money, we have to walk. Ali says I saved this money for snacks, uncle drive ahead. Avni sees 165rs meter and says uncle stop here, we don’t have more money. Driver says its fine, I will drop you. Avni says no, mumma asks me not to take favors. Driver says actually meter is wrong, I will drop you at no extra cost. They get glad. Driver stops them at Mehta house. Ali says wow Avni, your dad’s house is so big. Avni says we have no option that to jump over this wall, don’t worry Ali, come. Avni and Kia jump. Ali says I can’t. Avni aks him to come. Ali jumps.

Avni says I told you, one who tries can’t lose. She gets gift and says Papa read the letter and show white flag, so that I free you and take you to mummy. Ali says don’t worry and takes disguise. Kia calls him stupid. Ali says you can’t take this, I have to go and give gift to Dayaben. Kia says Dayaben did not see me, I would have gone. Ali asks them to wish him all the best. They wish him. He goes and rings bell. He sees his moustache coming out and hides his face behind box. Diksha asks who is it. Ali says this gift is for Ashish Mehta. Kia says he is overacting. Avni says I hope we don’t get caught. He fixes his moustache. He gives gift and runs. She finds him strange kid and tells Dayaben about gift for Ashish. Ali runs to Avni and Kia, and says he did the work.

Avni enters the house and tries to see Ashish. Ashish does the aarti and is upset. Ashish turns. Avni smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Avni Girl you are very daring.Real image of Mahesh Bhatt.Bravo!!!Ashish you are very coward how can you do this.Father are always hero for there son and daughter but what are you proving here.Asha what you have done today if I were you I would have taken this step long back.Too late but right decision.

    1. Devga

      Yup asha took this step now …. BETTER LATE THAN NEVER….

  2. Devga

    Avni wat a brave step …. hope u don’t get caught dear …. tht chudail is dangerous … leave alone her … evn ur so called dad wil throw u out of the house …. u wil b hurt … u r having high hopes tht he wil come wit u but no dear he loves his mother more than u and asha…..

    U better leave him nd b there for ur mom and Anaya… now only they r ur true family ……

    Fatima u r a grt mother. … this is wat is asha’s true support ….. loved asha’s character from beginning…. asha now only u have taken the bestest step …. don’t turn back and see those 11yrs …. forget it as a nightmare….. now only look up for future yrs and focus on ur kids success …..

  3. Wat a son of a bastard y

  4. I hope you all know but that dayavanti had problems like avni she is bigger avni yaar ????

  5. K

  6. this show is geeting interesting

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