Naamkaran 3rd July 2017 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 3rd July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dayaben throwing the fire torch and lighting the woods. Avni gets shocked. She struggles and thinks this can’t happen, Dayaben can’t win, just truth will win. Neil shouts where are you Avni and cries. Avni thinks everything is in Maa’s hands, I have seen injustice winning, today don’t let a devil like Dayaben win. Avni’s rope cathces fire and breaks. Avni pushes the woods and jumps out. Everyone gets shocked. Avni runs and gets the weapon from idol’s hand. She applies the kumkum on her forehead. Dayaben asks Diksha to stop. Diksha runs. Dayaben and Ketan also run. Avni runs after them. Neil and Neela ask Avni to stop.

Dayaben asks Diksha to save her. Diksha pushes her down and runs. Dayaben falls down. Avni goes to hit her. Dayaben holds the sickle and pushes

Avni. DD and Ali stop Ketan and Diksha. Police comes there. DD shows handcuffs. Dayaben says Amol, she will kill me. Amol asks who. He sees Avni and runs away. Dayaben holds fire stick and asks Avni to stay away. Avni pushes and steps on her. Amol looks on. Avni recalls Dayaben’s tortures. Neil shouts Avni and stops Avni.

Avni rages. Neil shouts Avni and gets her to senses. He signs no. Avni gets back. He says don’t let her blood color your hands, calm down. He hugs her. He says you are not a murderer. Neela looks on. Dayaben tries to get stick. Neela stops her and says Avni is my daughter, I gave her much love, you snatched my husband, I will not let you snatch my daughter. Neil says arrest Dayaben and take her. Dayaben asks will you arrest me, Avni was trying to kill me in front of everyone, and you will arrest me, husband and wife relation got over laws. Neil says no, laws don’t punish any criminal without proof, whatever Avni did, you forced her for this, the people don’t know everything, why don’t we tell them your crimes. Dayaben asks what do you want to say. Neil says give me a minute. He sends DD.

They see video of Ashish confronting Dayaben for killing Aisha. They get shocked seeing Ashish dying. Amol looks at Dayaben. Amol asks what’s all this. Dayaben says they are trying to frame me, you are my son. Amol stops Neil. Neil asks Amol to just see this, else he will be arrested too, you can’t deny this Dayaben, you got proof or want anything else. Dayaben says this is a lie, Avni made this video to frame me, she is like her mum, characterless and clever. Avni says enough, you know she is talking about your mum too, you are my brother, and one who was not true to her children, what will be loyal to you. Dayaben says stop it, don’t try to make him against me, he is not an orphan like you. Amol gets shocked and holds knife at Dayaben’s neck. Dayaben and everyone get shocked. Amol asks Dayaben where did she bury his dad. Neil asks him not to take laws in hand, leave her. Amol says I will kill you. Dayaben says fine, then go to jail. Amol says you provoked me to kill Neil today, did you not worry for me then.

Dayaben says I gave you everything you wanted. Amol says I did not forget it, but I can’t forget that you made me an orphan. Dayaben says she was a Daayan. Amol shouts enough, if you say a word against my mum, I m ashamed that you have raised me. Neil says your punishment is death, if you tell me where you buried Ashish, I can request for your punishment to get less, if Ashish’s dead body is not found at the spot you said, you will do another crime to mislead police. Amol says my blood is not bad, maybe your upbringing made my blood bad. Ketan says I did not do anything, mum did this. Neil says man supporting criminal is also criminal. Diksha says I will go.

Ketan says you have killed Hemant, you added poison in tea. Diksha says no, I added poison in water. Ketan tries to run away. Hetal comes there and stops him. Hetal apologizes to Neela. Ali says Avni, its your responsibility to make Ashish reach its last place. Neil asks DD to make report of crime scene. Bebe says I feel Maddy is in problem. Prakash says maybe Maddy came. Shweta gets urgent courier. Prakash says its from Kulbhushan. Bebe reads letter and gets angry. He writes he will be alone after Maddy and daughter go away, send my best friend, you can send money by cheque or online, you can see your daughter’s tears and decide the price of her tears. Bebe cries and asks Prakash to call Neil. Neil says I m coming. He tells Avni to take care, he has to go home. Ali says I m with Avni, I will never leave her alone. Neil thanks him. Neela thanks Neil. Neil says it was my duty. Neela says it was due on me. Neil asks Avni to call him if she needs anything. He goes.

Avni calls Neil by mistake. Ali says now you are free, you don’t need to be in this marriage. Neil hears Ali. Neil says you are free now, and can leave from this house whenever you want. Avni looks at him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. KAINA

    hi guys does any1 watch aarambh here?????????

    1. yup!! i do 🙂 do u like it?

      1. KAINA

        yup beyond anything else

    2. Samm

      yes, i do! that is another interesting show launched by star plus recently! love the clashing personalities of both, devsena and varundev! the heads of both the clans also make for very interesting characters 😀

    3. KAINA

      oh yes ad guess what there is a romantic angel between them its such a relief frm hate cum luv story or nagins and nag i luv them but y is no1 commenting on aarambh page ??????

      1. ikr? i get the feeling that that how isn’t getting as much appreciated as it should. It’s such a unique story that tells us so much about our origins and all, and the romance in it is just a bonus!! I love it too. i wish more people start watching it.

  2. Laya

    Precap :Not gonna happen guys. Hi can join your group

    1. Welcome

  3. Pavithra1616

    Yeah dayaben arrested.,….. Thank God…. Precap very interesting and saddening…. Will avneil get separated??? Oh god….. If they get separated… Oh my God I can’t believe….love you avneil… Waiting for tomorrow’s episode… As per the precap I think Neil is a bit jealous. I think he wants avni to stay with him….. Once I had seen a video in YouTube saying that avni and Neil’s past revealed. But I thought it would be fake. But when I read the comments. The comments were positive. They say that Neil is Prakash a doctor and avni is juhi… Don’t know if this is true….

    1. Samm

      how is that possible? i think these are rumours and all of this is just conjecture at this point. the current spoilers are that avni will help save kareena and maddy and then neil will plan a surprise birthday party for avni. here’s to more cute interactions between Avneil!!

    2. It’s not even logical .If anvi is juhi how come she did not remember neil and according to neil juhi met with an accident or dead we don’t know about that later writer has to clarify about juhi where is she and how is she. I don’t think for a second ani is juhi .Juhi is full of life and she looks like awesome girl.up to this point avni only thought about getting aman back and getting justice from Aisha .a big different personality can be seen in avni and juhi. Thats why I don’t think so.

      1. princess ruksana

        what juhi is back in Neil life Ohhhh God that not any cost

    3. princess ruksana

      don’t worry about it. bcoz avneil is bonded relationship.they come in together for fall in love.but one thing is bad and that is ali with Riya together making avneil separating plan. if they doing like this I hates them..

  4. fantastic episode…finnelly daya got her place what she deserve for

  5. plz avni don’t leave neil because u and neil are made for each other. For neil there can be no better wife than avni as well as for avni there can be no better husband than neil. As avnis childhood time was very painful and even lost her parents so right now she and aman needs a good and happy family to support her and to make aman a good person.

  6. Antara

    THANK GOD THIS DAYABEN & HER FAMILY WILL BE IN JAIL AVNI’S MISSION ACCOMPLISHED IS NXT Neil & avni’s separation cvs don’t do this unite them
    ali is best friend of avni how can cvs make him negative i heard that ALI & RIYA is the new Vamp is this true?

  7. Who is dis prakash nd juhi? Can anyone tell me? I began watching​ the show after the leap

  8. Samm

    the one thing i absolutely love about this show is how respectful neil is towards avni! even when she was on the verge of becoming a murderer, he stood by her and calmed her down so gently! he’s the kind of guy every girl needs, as a son, grandson, brother, nephew, boyfriend, husband or just a friend! i even saw a spoiler where avni was questioned by bebe and sweta about her and ali’s relationship. this is somewhat common in india, i guess, but the way he handled it and did not let avni justify her feelings for her childhood friend was just so swoon-worthy! it was amazing what he says, “why should girls always have to go through the agnipariksha? why does she need to justify her relations and feelings for every male in her life?!” that was a fitting reply to all those stereotypes and orthodox people!
    as for today’s episode, neil handled avni so well, but i’m worried if there will be any consequences of him calling her as avni instead of ananya… the next big hurdle is gonna be her name, as the title suggests, of course! hoping this show comes up with such fresh ideas and concepts always and goes beyond the usual, boring drama tropes! i think i would even like it if they did little parodies of the usual soaps’ plots! that would be fun with this cute couple! 😀 waiting for lots more, with more speed, adorableness galore and funny scenes with the weird mix of characters under the same roof! 😀

  9. Yeeah I am very happy to see avni leaves neil and be free now is the opportunity of ali to take his childhood friend ALI♡AVNI.


  11. It good for all of them they deserves more than that n i think neil will accept avni

  12. Hi Alia ,Naz and other.I loved today’s episode.I got emotional when I saw Neil was crying in precap.Thanks Alia for telling me how diksha killed Neela’s father.

    1. Salsa, Ketan and Diksha are bad to the bone but she provides some comic relief at times with her loose tongue much to the chagrin of Dayawanti… I also love today’s episode, all actors nailed it..

  13. Welcome Laya u can join this group. Hey guys I am feeling sad for Zain Imam as he got back pain and he is taking break from show don’t know how writers are going to continue track without him.I just pray that he get well soon. Please Hey Alia can u tell if Aditi really break up with her boyfriend .

    1. Sorry yaar i don’t read about Aditya and zain .

  14. Hii frndzz I’m new here…
    Can uu join me in this FC….
    I really love Naamkarann and its each and evry members… All are awesome…. Aur hamaari Avniel……….. No wordzz to say…. They are reallyy mindblowing, cute, lovely, outstanding…. etc….. etc….

  15. Welcome Nafeeeshab .Enjoy with us.Do any one knows trp of Naamkaran is 2.?

  16. I watched episode online earlier and my goodness, what an explosive episode!! Awesome acting by Avni, Neil, Neela and Dayawanti ……scenes looked so real, all actors sporting red and tearful eyes, they all nailed it. Even the shock on Aman’s face when Avni told him that he’s her brother, was perfect…. Good episode, wonder what is going to happen to Dayawanti and her foul offsprings!!!!

  17. Friends I feel so sorry for Zain and the fact that his back is injured… Sometimes these actors face real challenges in trying to perform and perfect their roles….I’m feeling for him and I hope he recovers sooner than we expect…with no repercussions ….

  18. Hello cam i be in ypur grp guys?

    1. Sure yaar we warmly invite u

  19. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    as usual nice episode … high drama is over and onto another scenario
    will miss daya action tho, hope she comes back to stir up things again (lol)
    I would like to follow Aman and how he copes … also Ali is supposed to change so waiting to see this …
    Zain is so sweet and am sad to hear about his back pain … my prayers for his recovery

  20. Awesome, awesome, awesome episode today. Finally it happened, the Mehtas are caught. Now, writers, while I applaud you for not dragging the story like other shows, I do hope that down the line, Dayavanti or Ketan or Diksha won’t escape jail and come back to haunt Avni and family. I like the pace of this show. Thank you.

  21. who is juhi and prakash?? can anyone tell me… I began to watch this when aisha died so i cant remeber who is juhi?

  22. Finally Daya went to jail

  23. Alia are u a student?If u are student then what class u are in?And Naz are u also a student.

  24. Finally daya got arrested

  25. It’s a shame that the show didn’t go into the story of Dayavanti’s arrest, like a media coverage, how she killed her son’s wife and framed his young daughter for it. The show immediately went into the next problem storyline. It would’ve been more satisfying for me as a viewer to see the old woman pay for her crimes the media way.

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