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Naamkaran 3rd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aladin acting of dying. Avni asks him not to overact. Avni asks how did this happen. He scares the kids and laughs. Avni says you scared me. Ali says you wanted to make us laugh, Avni is normal now. Avni calls them mad. Aladin asks where is Asha. Avni says she went out. Aladin says she missed my good acting, how was it. Ali says maybe you were servant at filmstars’ house. Aladin says no, acting is inside me. They laugh. Kia says not better than Avni, she does real action. Aladin asks what. Kia shows the video. Aladin says great, you are action hero. Avni says its not acting, it really happened, I don’t want to waste time. I want to move on in life, we have to think of new idea. He says yes.

Ali asks Avni to become heroine, he will become his manager. Aladin says thats

my work. Avni says don’t say anything to Ali, he is my best friend. Aladin says fine, tell me when to start. She says you are saying as if you have projects ready with you. He says yes, I m a genius. Avni says forget acting, leave self praise, we have to think of something. Angie says we will ask Aladin to direct. They all say yes. Aladin reacts angrily and refuses to them. He leaves. Avni says what happened to him suddenly.

Aladin sits outside and is sad. Avni goes to him and signs what. She asks his direction story. He asks her to mind her own work. She asks what did you said, you can interfere in my life, why did you get angry. I know, you got hurt at heart. He asks what will you do knowing my story. She says don’t know, Miss Mary says if you share the thorn in your heart, it gets removed. He jokes. She laughs.

He says I had a friend Kabir, we were always together. Avni says understood, best buddies. Aladin says yes, we got born on roads and raised in orphanage, we did not know our parents, we were shown a movie on sunday, we used to wait for sunday, as we reached some other world, world of dreams, then Kabir got a dream. She says Kabir wanted to become director. He says yes, he became director, his dream fulfilled. She says its big thing. He asks did movie flop. He says you know when it hurts, when dream completes and it breaks again. Avni says like it happened with me today. He says Kabir directed four movies and none released. She says that’s sad, what did Kabir do then. He says Kabir dies with his dreams, that’s why I got angry, I don’t want you to do mistake like Kabir, dream which you can fulfill. She says dreams have to be made real. He says I don’t believe this, I can’t reach on moon if I want. She says no, Kabir did not do mistake, he just lost so soon, courage should not be lost, champion is one who gets up to fight when he could not. He says you don’t know what Kabir went through. She says I know, I can see him. Aladin cries.

She says Kabir did not die, he is hidden in Aladin, we will fulfill the dreams. He says I can’t direct the movie, there are other ways to get rich. Angie talks to Sumi. Sumi says I m going to make kheer for you today. Angie thanks her. Sumi asks her to go and help Avni. Neela does not answer the call. Hemant asks whats happening, your phone is ringing. Neela says ad did not come. Hemant asks what will you do when your heart break. She says I m strong. She answers Angie’s call. Angie says Avni’s ad did not come. Neela says I m trying to find out who did that. Angie asks her to go and meet Avni. Neela says I will come, Avni will need me, I will get Avni’s fav icecream, I will come and give surprise to Avni, she will be happy.

Asha comes home. Avni asks what happened. She says I think you are unwell, come sit. She gets water for Asha and asks where did you do. Asha thinks of Dayaben’s words. She says I will not let anything happen to you Avni. Avni asks what did you say, why are you scared. Asha says nothing, I m just tired. Avni makes Asha rest in her lap.

Neela comes to them. She says I got icecream for you. Avni asks her to leave. Neela asks what happened. Avni says stop acting, Dayavanti Mehta has sent you. Asha asks her to stop it. Asha asks Neela to please leave. Neela asks whats the matter, what did I do. Avni says as if you don’t know, the man you are marrying is my Papa. Neela says no, I m marrying Ashish, not your Papa. Avni says Mr. Ashish Mehta is my Papa. Neela gets shocked. Avni says the famous film director is my Papa, Dayavanti’s son. Neela cries.

Asha cries seeing Neela. Neela asks Asha did I hear right. Asha holds her. Avni asks did you not know about this. She worries. Neela says how can Ashish do this. Dayaben comes to Ashish. She sees Ashish sleeping and comes to him. She holds his hand and cries. She recalls his words and says see your one mistake, what happened today, I stopped you again and again, you did not listen to me, your Aisha gave me lecture on motherhood, I wish you were in senses and saw her, how Aisha insulted me, she does not know me, I know myself, I m a mother. Ketan comes there and sees her crying. He asks what happened. She asks did you do the work. He says yes, Neela and Hemant will come till evening, Neela went to Avni to know who stopped the ad, Hemant said Neela is very annoyed.

Neela asks does Davayanti know this. Avni says yes. Asha signs Avni.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. So sad neela….. But Good she came to know the truth… super episode….

  2. Ashish plz be a man.u r really a shame.i hate uuuuu.deyaben she is a b*t*h.

  3. I’m glad neela knows the truth now about ashish n his mother I think neela will help them out more now

  4. Shamim

    I simply love this show n hope it does not end before it’s time ..Avni should win best new comer award because she is acting as an adult

  5. Superb u avni…..nd its good dat finaly neela knows d truth..heart touching acting by neela in todays epi

  6. Day by day Avni’s acting becomes more & more beautiful & superb. She seems to have become thin. Avni revealed the truth about her father. This is what we were waiting for. Now Ok. Otherwise it was unbelievable when there are so many who knows the fact.

  7. indera sanichara

    Wow what an ephoside directors beautiful and emotional. I agree with Shamim Avni should get best new comer award. What an actress. Thank you Mahesh.

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