Naamkaran 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 3rd April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Neela calling Avni. Avni says I was going to call you, Neil has just seen Ananya. A biker goes and she gets tensed. She says I stumbled. Neela asks her to look around and cross road. Avni asks how did you know. Neela asks her to reach home. Avni turns back and says Neil’s fear should stop, why will he follow me here. Ali follows her. He misses to find her and thinks where did she go. He comes in front of Neela’s car. Neela says I m so sorry, did you get hurt. Ali gets shocked seeing her. Neela thinks how did Ali reach near our house. Ali hugs her and smiles. She asks how do you know me. He says I know everyone related to Avni, I m Ali. She says you got tall and slim.

He asks where is Avni, I have to meet her. She says Avni is not alive. He gets shocked. He says no, my

Avni is alive. She says Dayaben has shot her at heart. He says no, my Avni would have got saved. He asks Neela does she stay here, come I have to meet her. She says Avni is not here.

Dayaben asks Hetal why did you not stop Shweta. Hetal says I tried hard. Dayaben asks what happened to you all. Hetal says just you can get Riya’s happiness back, do something. Dayaben says I know what to do, this work will get completed, Ananya will do this work. She thinks I trust Ananya, she makes things fine.

Ali sees Neela’s flat number. Neela asks him to understand, Avni is not alive. Ali says I came here after her, she is alive. He runs upstairs. Neela stops him. He asks her to open the door, I will not go back. Neela says Avni is not here. Someone opens the door.

Riya asks Neil what are you doing. Neil says I m having water. She asks what are you doing tomorrow. Neil says I m busy. She says tell me something new, I saw a great pendant in mall. He asks her to go with Ananya and buy it, its a birthday gift from me to you. She says how unromantic, I have to do this now. He says I m busy now and ends call. DD says I have a good idea to gift Riya. Neil says I know, Riya wants a pendant, I have to ask Ananya.

Ali asks maid where is Avni. Maid asks who, just Neela stays here. Neela asks Ali to go now. Ali enters the house and calls out Avni. Neela stops him and asks him to meet Avni, she is waiting inside. He asks really. She shows him Avni.

DD says Ananya will help you, then she will tell Riya that Ananya chose this, Riya will get angry. Neil says you have no mind. He thinks of some idea. Ali sees Avni’s pics. He sees the garland on her pic and gets sad. He recalls Avni and his childhood.

Neela says its just Avni’s memories, if you want to take this, I won’t stop you. Avni hides and looks on. Ali cries and says no, this is a lie, please tell me. Neela says this is truth, Avni is dead. Ali says no. Neela says Dayaben killed her. Ali says Avni is my best friend. Neela says good people leave us, she left us. Ali holds her pendant. Ali and Avni cry. Avni apologizes to him in heart.

Neil and DD look for some pendants online. DD asks him to give a good chain, pendant should have your and Riya’s pic, close to her heart. Neil recalls the thief’s and Avni’s pendants. He checks the pendant piece. He says it means case 123 and Ananya have some connection. DD asks what.

Avni cries thinking of Ali. Neela comes to her. Avni says I…. Neela pushes her in pool and laughs. Avni asks what’s this. Neela asks can just children trouble parents, we can also play pranks, finally I did this, parents become kiddish. Avni says you spoke like Mother india, come. Avni plays in water. DD stares at Neil. Neil says I did not have proof, I was not in senses, but its just this thing I believe, Ananya’s locket cover, we will go in Riya’s birthday party, Ananya’s true face will come out.

Its morning, Neil talks to DD and asks him to keep him informed. He says how long will Ananya play alone, it will be fun when someone gives tough competition, I m ready. He looks at Dayaben’s home. Ananya comes to Dayaben and hears her scolding something. Dayaben says I can’t meet you, if you drag Amol in this, I will not leave you. Avni says what happened to Aman, is he in problem. Neil comes and says hearing other’s conversation is bad thing. Avni says Dayaben was worried, so I did not disturb. He looks at her neck to see pendant. She asks doubt on even this matter. He asks why, give me one reason for not doubting, are you responsible for all this. She says you know whether your mum is responsible or me. He asks her not to drag Shweta in this. She asks him not to drag her. She goes to Dayaben. Neil thinks you are always here on any occasion, I will find out who are you.

Avni says leave me, else I will shout. He stops her and says you can shout to prove your innocence in court, I will bring your true face out. He holds the chain to check pendant.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. So fast

  2. Awsomeeeeeee epi
    Thanks for the super fast update
    Feeling sorry for Ali par Kya Karu….

  3. Pintumintu_penguin

    Seriously I’m feeling bad for Ali … Ali might help avni and Neela . But the precap .. duh ?? I didn’t expect this from Neil … he’s forcing avni and made her wear handcuffs ?? and yeah at last Neil got shocked after seeing the pendant .. guys I didn’t watch the first 2 episodes after the leap but can anyone tell me who is case 123 and why Neil is suspecting avni ?!

    1. Purvi128

      Hi Pintumintu_penguin….. Avni is case 123 and Neil is suspecting her because from the first day he found something unknown nd she always come in dayaben house.. that’s why.. nd after all he is a cop.. so he suspect evryone.. hehehe..
      nd yaa in 1st epi after leap.. avni was in hospital near the donation box nd was filling it when Neil got to know that case 123 is in hospital.. he rushed there but avni went to washroom and took off her black jacket and threw it in the dustbin in washroom.. when she was doing that.. her locket cover got broken nd fell down nd she didn’t noticed.. she left nd when neil came there he saw th cover nd kep it with him…
      I hope ur confusions r cleared??????????????

      1. Is avni and case 123 same person or different… Even I missed 1st episode… Thanks fa d info

      2. Pintumintu_penguin

        Yeah now I got it thank u purvi

  4. Pintumintu_penguin

    Thank u so much for the super fast update amena di

    1. Avni is a part time thief, she steals money and give it to the poor. She is case 123 and Neil is handling this case… In one of tht theft, neil found cover of tht necklace and hence finding the suspect…

      1. Pintumintu_penguin

        Oh thank you zehra

  5. I like the episode. Ali’s smile was so cute.But poor…How many days would him suffer?I thought Ali will saw Avni. But..Avni was also sad for Ali.It was a nice scene.On the other hand,What a handsome this Neil was?Oh!Super handsome.Neil also started to think about Avni. Oh!Today’s episode gave tension.But the spoiler says that Neil won’t scold Avni now.It’s good.I hope its after Aman’s entry.Waiting to watch new twists.As usual ZAIN U ROCK MY JAANU.

  6. haa Barbie, I hate to see Ali suffer … I was informed that he would get in a serious accident … more suffering for him (sigh) …
    on the other hand there’s Neil who is so suspicious of Avni … what would police not do to get their man ( or in this case woman) … not looking forward to Ali’s accident as I know Avni would cry a lot …

  7. Pintumintu_penguin

    God morning friends

  8. Yah case 123 is avni an i think that rathor has some relation with neil becaus his father told that his close frnd was dad an have to marry shweta sooo i think that …shweta was rathor’s wife an he is dad when goon shot him and neil and all thought that avni kill him sooo he is sooo despret for case 123

  9. Yaaa that was realy sooo sad …to se ali like this

  10. Tnx for fast update but plzzzz we need still fast update …can’t wait…plzzzzz…

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