Naamkaran 31st October 2017 Written Episode Update: Neil and Vidyut fight

Naamkaran 31st October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Avni signing Neil. The guy says bluetooth system is not working, how will Neil talk to Avni, how to get Mishti out. Neil dances with the girl. Vidyut turns and sees Avni with Mishti/doll. He talks to guests. Neil looks on. A guest congratulates Vidyut. He goes. Neela says no call or message, don’t know how are Neil and Avni, Lord help them. Maid goes to Mishti. Mishti is hiding under the table. Ali blocks the maid’s way. He signs Avni. She smiles. He sees Mishti hiding. Neil nods to Ali. Vidyut turns to Mishti. Juhi says Lord help Neil in getting my daughter safely back.

A couple dances on Ek din….. Avni smiles and imagines herself and Neil. She thinks of their moments. Neil signs Avni to go. Ali dances with the guests. He covers up for her. Avni gets Mishti

and leaves. Mishti says my angel is left there. She runs to get doll. Avni worries. Mishti picks the doll. Neil and Ali come in between. Vidyut turns. Neil dances in front of the chair. Avni makes Mishti sit on the chair. She smiles. Vidyut talks to guests. Neil keeps dummy back.

Avni takes Mishti and goes. Ballu reaches Goa. Vidyut talks to him. A man says we want to meet your daughter. Vidyut asks him to come. Neil thinks if Vidyut sees doll, he will know Avni and Mishti are missing. Vidyut thinks where is Mishti’s governess. Neil comes and asks will you not make us meet your daughter’s mum. Vidyut says we met outside for the first time. Neil says it seems like we know each other since many years, Mr. Vidyut R. He throws his mask. Vidyut smiles and says ACP Neil Khanna. He says we will go and talk in private, you reached me, bravo. Neil asks why in private, you are scared that your mum’s real face can come out. Vidyut stops his bodyguard and says he is our special guest, wait, Neil is angry young man, anger is bad for heart, what will you like to have, come I will make you meet my daughter. Neil holds his neck and points a fork. Bodyguards point the gun at Neil.

Avni says I have to take Mishti from here. Neil says I will get you cocktail in jail, your mum is a criminal, she killed a nurse and ran away, she has run human trafficking, she ruined Juhi’s life, she killed Juhi, what did she think, she will get saved, you will also go jail with her, your grand opening of casino, I will expose it. Vidyut says I don’t know anything, I got to know about my mum from media, you didn’t tell me she was in coma, maybe you disappeared her from ICU. Neil says stop nonsense, you are saying this to show you are innocent, there are shoot at sight orders against your mum, don’t think this is any threatening. Vidyut says leave me.

Neil asks why. Vidyut says you can’t defame any decent man, do you have a warrant, you can’t do this in front of a little girl. Neil says don’t you worry, you don’t care for her, come out with me, move. Guard shoots at Neil. Neil moves. Vidyut beats him. Guard catch Neil. Vidyut says you didn’t do this right. Lady asks them to see the girl, if she got hurt. Vidyut gets shocked seeing the dummy. He angrily shoots the dummy. Guests run. Avni hears sound and worries for Neil. Vidyut shouts nobody will move, else I will shoot. Ali looks on.

Vidyut asks guards to find Mishti and Ananya Verma. Avni says I will just go. Mishti asks her not to go. Avni recalls Neil taking a promise from her that she will save Mishti. She promises him. She hugs Mishti and says I won’t go anywhere, we have to leave fast, game didn’t end yet. She prays for Neil and Ali. Vidyut says so this is your game plan, where is Mishti. He points gun at Neil. Neil shouts shoot.

Vidyut says I know your weakness. He shoots someone. Avni and Mishti run from goons.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. It’s a thrilling & interesting episode. I really enjoyed a lot. The episode is full of suspens & twist also & that makes me more curious to know about that next today. I know that Neil will be save by applying his smart Idea.

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  4. Ooppsss its exciting & giving nervousness for upcoming…
    As per spoiler Neil will get injured…
    Feels hurting when he is hit :'(

  5. where is nalini.. did she left the show..

  6. Plz vote for avneil and naamkaran on They truly deserve this award

  7. Nice episode but I couldn’t watch it on big screen due to power cut. Anyway please reveal whose daughter is mishti? No more suspense and show avneil together, their cute nok jhok, and their romance please CVS.

  8. Will ali die?

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