Naamkaran 30th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 30th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Hemant asking Dayaben to rectify her mistake. He asks Dayaben to see Neela, she has courage, she will give divorce to Ashish, so that he can stay with his family. Dayaben cries. Hemant blesses Neela and says I m proud of you, I spoke to doctor, Asha is getting fine, go to her Daya. Dayaben nods. He leaves with Neela. Dayaben angrily slaps Ketan and says Asha is alive. Ketan says I told you what they said, I tried. She slaps him again.

Avni is with Aman. Asha hears Azaan and gets conscious. She sees Avni and calls her. Avni gets glad seeing her and says you got up, I had belief that you will wake up. She kisses and hugs Asha. Avni says pinch me, I want to see if I m dreaming. Avni gives Aman to Asha. Asha and Avni cry happily. Asha signs Avni to come. Asha hugs Avni and

Aman. She says I have no fear to die, you know why. Avni asks why. Asha says because I have realized living a content life, I got love, even if less, but real one and then I got you by that love, Lord is favoring me to give me a daughter like you, you gave me such name and respect.

She cries and says any mum will be lucky to get a daughter like you, I just pray that my every life is like this. Avni wipes her tears. Asha says I m not going anywhere, I will stay in your heart always, you have to fulfill a responsibility of Aman, make him true and brave like you, don’t let him walk on wrong path, make him a good person who respects everyone, who spreads love to everyone. Avni says I will do this. Asha hugs her and cries. Avni says I should inform doctor and Fatima. She runs out to call doctor.

Dayaben comes there and prays at hospital temple. Avni looks for doctor. Dayaben comes to Asha. Asha gets shocked. Dayaben scolds her and makes her hands away. Asha gets hurt. Dayaben takes Aman. Asha says my child…. Dayaben takes Aman. Doctor says I checked your mumma, she is in coma. Avni says no, she is fine now, she smiled seeing Aman, come with me, she woke up, come.

Dayaben says Aman is like Ashish, he is Ashish’s blood, our heir. Asha cries for baby. Dayaben says my heir is born after a long time, I will never give him back to you, because he will bring light in Mehta family, you have no right on him, darkness has to end where there is light. She suffocates Asha with the pillow. Avni gets doctor and asks him to see Asha. Doctor and Avni see Asha unconscious and Aman by her side. Fatima and Tiku come there.

Avni says mumma was conscious. Doctor checks readings on machines and calls out nurse to send them out. Avni asks Asha to talk to her. Fatima and Tiku cry. Avni cries and asks Asha to wake up. Nurse takes them out. Doctor tries to revive Asha. They all cry. Doctor signs no. Nurse covers Asha with white cloth. Fatima, Tiku ad Avni get shocked. Aman starts crying. Dayaben hides and looks on.

Avni puts soil on Asha’s grave and keeps flowers. Avni takes Aman and says you did not do anywhere, you are alive inside me and Aman. Everyone cry. Avni says you will always be alive in us, I will not let you die, this is my promise to you. She cries and hugs Aman.

Avni sings lullaby for Aman. She shows the toys and calms down Aman. She feeds Aman. Dayaben comes and tells media that kids will stay with Dadi. Avni says we will never go to your house.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. TUFFY

    Don’t go to dayaben’ s house avni. I’m sure Fatima and tiku will help you look after Aman and you’ve got the funds from your film too. Hope she finds out that she killed her mom in hospital. Surely there’s camera’s in the hospital. Saw in spoiler dayaben takes aman and avni runs after the car.

  2. Amalina


    |Registered Member

    This daya is too much! I thought she will change but no, avni don’t go to her house ever. Don’t even let your moron papa πŸ‘΄ take you or Aman home. Poor Avni!

  3. Satya

    How can a women behave so ? i know its just a show but today’s episode is just nonsense. Not accepted by anybody.

  4. Satya

    Advance Happy New year to all the viewers. Dont watch this show tomorrow otherwise ur new year eve will spoil. Just a dirty show. I hate dayaben ashish. I feel so pity for asha n avni. Just hating it today. Aaha died but ashish didn’t attend? He must b busy with wine bottle.

  5. NaveenS

    I’ve been silently watching the updates till now but today the writers has crossed all limits. Why did Asha have to die? Everyone are selfish including Neela, she could have damned the consequences and refuse to marry Ashish but she did not.
    Writers better know what they’re bringing next because under no circumstances should Avni and Amanda go to Dya. Asha mother should stand up properly for once and stop yapping nonsense. Ashish it’s about he stands up to his mother. Her shadow should not fall on his kid and she

  6. Adriana

    The Writers must be under educated and have no clue when it comes to drafting a perfect Story!!!!! I wish the Story goes off Air!!!

  7. Shelley

    why did she kill Asha … i really don’t want to watch this serial now … I will stick with Dhariya, Abhi and Raja …

  8. Naamkaran

    Ridiculous! Should I laugh or be disgusted -_- – _- where the hell is asish?! I mean srsly the movie got released no sign of asish, asha had an accident, delivered their child went to coma -_- I mean where the hell is asish? Dayaben attended the media and evn got killed asha????
    Asha evn got buried asish?? lol if he has evr loved asha then jst thnk he wont b able to meet her again because she is died and buried as well -_- and this tym too its neither dayaben helding him in captive neither there is the pressure of Hemant kaka or neela -_- This time I am not angry on dayaben but I am angry on asish!!!!! He shud actuli die! Neela cud have exit the show but y the hell din’t evn asish showed up in asha’s last tym he shud hav ben present there with his daughter! Neela has already moved away from asish’s life then y the hell don’t the makers have to get asha killed πŸ™ they cud have put her in coma!!!

  9. Naamkaran

    Srsly there were news that the show el go off air and it shud truly disgusted!!!
    What a disgusting man is asish? up till now evrythng he did was justified evn marrying neela because he was being forced by his mother threathened by his mother for the life of his love and child but wat now evn marrying neela he could not do anything I mean srsly? Still he cud not save asha and avni’s life from that chudail shame on him! His character should be kicked out of the serial! A truly loser disgusted spineless character it is? The actor should stop portraying this character Dayaben is evil fine but asish should be significiant as well but he is loser!

  10. Naamkaran

    The makers shud have kept asha’s character alive by putting her up in coma atleast but since now I beliv watching the show is a total waste! because it should have been asha and asish together not asish and neela!!!! And I don’t evn get ithowlw avni evr forgive her dad who don’t evn show up on her mother’s death! evn I remember back a few episode how truly she was missing her father and their was also her mother present but hell to the makers they jst ruined the show!!! -_-
    The show is a total torture could have been a brilliant show but this one episode jst ruined it all!!!!

  11. Naamkaran

    The song Arijit Singh sang lol I mean srsly the lead had to die!!!! The song was my favourite and it was perfect in the serial but come on they could have get asha on bed for the rest of the serial she could have been in coma in the serial rather than dying that too without the presence of her husband!!!!! Asish should die as well -_-

  12. Anonymous

    I never expected this sort of story from Namakaran. Can’t see Avni and little baby alone with out their mamma. I had even voted that we can’t watch without aisha character. Why was her character killed? Why is that evil wins over truth/goodness/honest? Why is that evil Dayavanti behaving like that. We hate to see her character. We expected Asha, Avni, Aman and Ashish will unite and they will be normal family. There is a lot more to be shown to us little baby growing up with Avni with their mamma. Overall now we hate the story.
    Why is that evil wins over truth/goodness/honest?
    What about security systems in the hospital?
    Why doctor didn’t believe Avni when she was crying that her mamma was out from coma?
    Where was Aisha’s mom when Aisha was conscious?
    Why didn’t doctor check cctv camera of Aisha’s room?
    Why the story changed to remove Aisha’s character?
    In a single episode Aisha is shown dead . where is her husband Ashish, why Ashish didn’t do the last rights? Why wasn’t he aware of it? Why didn’t he see the new born baby?

  13. snigdha paul

    plz let avni know that this was not an accident but a plot to kill asha so that it looks like an accident and ashas death was not natural it was a murder shamless dayaben how can she do like this she has not at all changed even after Hemants request she snatched away a mother from two children she did not even think what will happen to avni and about the new born baby such a characterless woman she is who made avni and aman orphans she will pay for this and will never be able to live peacefully in her whole life

  14. snigdha paul

    when the doctor looked asha did he not observe the suffocating marks on ashas neck nobody saw dayaben entering in the ICU where no outsiders are allowed to enter in the ICU except the doctor and the nurse were there no securities around were there no cctv cameras around what kind of hospital is this where there are no securities and anyone can enter in the ICU without permission i hope avni soon gets some clues regarding her mothers murder

    • Naz

      Only in India this can happen. I hate Ashish, he professed to love Asha for all these years and banged her up and conceived two kids but he’s not there for her burial? What a waste of a father,. I absolutely dislike how Asha was removed so quickly from the serial, her death scene happened too quickly. Nasty writers…..

  15. Nishant Kumar

    Why the hell they did this.. twist in the show should be the one that is expectation of the viewers and not for the sake of TRP of the serial. The serial makers have tried to throw a meaningless twist. This is really bullshit, killing an independent women and leaving two child unsupported.
    Avni is strong girl but a motivation is always there behind a strong person, and u killed that motivation also.
    Will not watch this serial furthur..

  16. indera sanichara

    Mahesh how can you show Dayben soffacting a dying mother who just give birth to a son. That was cruel and terrfying . Hope Avni find out the truth how her mother died, and I wish Ashish got hit by a car and died too.

  17. DarkBlue

    This first part and emotional mum and daughter scene was amazing but the makers have dragged the scene where Asha dies suddenly because of Daya and no one still didn’t check the cameras or there should either be a nurse in every room so that no one does anything revengeful but the makers are stupid enough to do that and Ashish probably doesn’t even know what day it is, I mean he can tell his mother off of Avni having good intentions and his mother having bad intentions and he can also do his work while watching Avni’s film release. He knows about all that, then why doesn’t he know about Asha and Avni’s condition, why didn’t he even congratulate Avni if he wanted her to be proud? , Why didn’t he call Asha and atleast talk to her about her condition and about her pregnancy like he usually comes about the house finance, it’s not like he can’t talk to her. There are some other way of solving this problem, the makers are presenting Ashish as unintelligent and unaware of problems, if he was clever and smart and to prove he really loves asha and avni, then why didn’t he confront his mom or if she threatene him that she’ll die, why didn’t he get advice or tell police if this gets serious or cleverly manipulate this situation. In the previous scenes, he came back for Asha and Avni, why doesn’t he shout at her, he still does, but I’m trying to reach out to everyone that he is a film director and he should be clever about dramas like he shoots them in scenes and problem solving he should know all that, why doesn’t he ever think. Film director’s are smart about thinking of how to solve situations, and put it in the correct place, making viewers happy, I can tell u right now that no one is liking this show compared to how it use to be with the scene of how Ashish met Asha. It’s very depressing now that this show had to be filled with hatred and evil can’t be destroyed is what we get form this show, horrible situation is portrayed in this show and if this doesn’t change then it should be off along with many viewers.
    The only hope we have is for Avni to know the truth and Ashish giving support to Avni and Aman and helping them through tough times. I still want to know who sent the film release and where is Aladin since then he has disappeared. I want Avni along with Aman to prove Daya wrong and succeed and become role models and succeed with hardship and less pressure and obviously inspiure people and win. Success is what reaches good people

  18. kitty

    WHR the blo*dy hell is ashish sorry for the language but is he not aware of wht happened and who finally gave the hard disk ?????? how did the film go on air pls explain did Aladdin finally have a change of heart why did asha die feeling sad and confused. ashish pls get up be a man your children need you ashudi is dead

  19. Naamkaran

    Why why why???? The serial got ruined my favourite was asish and became the most disgusted character πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘ avni got her movie released, dayaben got her heir and wat abt asha and asish???
    They should have not killed asha so quick and that too in a single episode atleast evn if she was in coma then we could have hoped that later on she could have exposed or revealed up dayaben’s reality!

  20. Basu priya

    I hate dis….I used to see dis serial fr asha ashish and avnis sake….wts the use in watching serial nw…..I can’t even imagine ashish and neela….I m not going to watch dis serial….director sir do whatever u wnn….evil win

  21. TUFFY

    I agree with all of you, where’s ashish? What’s going to be the point of repenting afterwards, who will he apologise to, that persons gone. The family could’ve tried to wake him up, even neela. No where st the hospital or funeral. I really hope someone informs avni that it was dayaben who killed her mom, even the doctors are shown as dumb. Hope it’s Aladdin. Avni should get press involved and defame dayaben/ashish even more. But one things certain never go to Mehta house avni.

  22. Nusaybah

    I hope this serial goes off air soon how can they kill the main character off so easily ?? WTFπŸ™„πŸ˜‘

  23. Naz

    I couldn’t bear to read all the comments at the moment, but I know ALL must be deadly mad about Asha’s death. WTF….. WTF, is wrong with you writers? Mr Mahesh Bhatt, isn’t is unfortunate enough for Avni and her baby brother to be born illegitimate, that you have to murder their mother? I know it’s a serial but you all strive to give us close to reality, a story to highlight social and so personal a topic as illegitimacy, that it had to make two helpless kids live and experience so much misery? Why can’t there be a little positivity in this serial? Avni has been both friend and support for Asha and when I hoped that she would live to reap the benefits of their struggles with her children, you had to take their mother away? I’m so heartbroken, I cried just reading the update. Do you see Mr Bhatt, how what you put out there for our entertainment, how much it affects us? Please end
    this serial ,it’s too painful to continue watching.

  24. Naz

    Hey friends, I’m taking this opportunity to wish you all a Happy New Year….although there isn’t much to be happy about considering what happening around the world. Happy New Year for 2017, with a silent prayer that you all are blessed with good health, prosperity, happiness and may our Creator keep us ALL safe wherever we all live in this world. πŸ·πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‡πŸŽ†

  25. TUFFY

    Even in precap there’s no sign of ashish. Just hope there’s not going to be any court cases for custody. The writers should have kept asha alive, even if only in hospital. Still can’t believe they could show dayaben doing something like that without anyone seeing her. Aladin has to come forward and help avni, if only to expose dayaben.

  26. Rajesh

    Is this show closing soon? They should send dayaben to jail and close the show. Avi is the only good talent in there

  27. Alisha baral

    You all people are sooo disgusting..
    Ye mahesh bhatt ki life story hai. Tum loog chahate thiii ki film release ho jo unke real life mai nai huwa tha.. tum loog nahi chahate ki ashish mare toh mahesh ji ne aaplogo ke karan yesi story banaya hai abd you guys are saying show should go off air😈😈

    • Naz

      We aren’t disgusting, Alisha baral, we are deeply dissappointed,its a serial for entertainment. If Mr Mahesh Bhatt wanted to showcase his life story, he should have done a documentary, as it is, he made Zakhm, isn’t that enough to let people know his life story? Just like how you are free to make your comment, we also have that privilege to do so and if we the viewers are unhappy, nothing is wrong in airing our views.

  28. Manisha

    Stop zis show plz , vry disappointed with this episode. If asha was not ready to work they could replace it by another actress but not snatch a mother from avni and little aman.

  29. Manisha

    Stop this show plz , very disappointed with this episode. If asha was not ready to work they could replace it by another actress but not snatch a mother from avni and little aman. This daya she should have die, she is so cruel, she dislike muslim (asha) then how can she now say aman is her grandson she is asha son she has her blood so how will she let him enter her home.

  30. Neha

    Dayavanti Mehta how selfish you are.U will not get place even in Hell…So selfish…Tumme Sharm naam ki koi cheej hein ya nahin.You are a murderer you should be hang till death.As I said jaisa boyogo waise hi katoge..Avni she has killed your mother don’t spare her please and don’t forget go to her house.She is a murderer

  31. Lalitha Meera

    The director is thinking audience has no brains. In a hospital, there is a bell near the patient to call the nurse, nurse will always be with a critical patient. Always it is Avni who is taking charge in important critical situations. Her grandma is nowhere to be seen at all these times. Here also only Avni is there to look after the kid and show it to her mother. God so sick!!!! Dadi will always come after everything is over or if Avni asks her to go she will go home.

  32. Umm Ammar

    I ve neva commented but feel like expressing myself today, i don’t knw why the serials on starplus always have a sad ending. First It was Sandhiya rathi, followed by Ashkara and now ASHA!!! where is the story headind to?

  33. Polly

    Seriously. Umma even I have never commented before.. But today I am commenting to tell that I am not going to watch this show again.. if neela was killed instead of asha it was ok.. But asha!! Urgh

  34. alice kumar

    Piece of garbage , this is not how a mother in laws are portrayed . That is why we have so manymurders of our daughters in this country. Shows like this should banned.

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