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Naamkaran 30th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Hemant asking Dayaben to rectify her mistake. He asks Dayaben to see Neela, she has courage, she will give divorce to Ashish, so that he can stay with his family. Dayaben cries. Hemant blesses Neela and says I m proud of you, I spoke to doctor, Asha is getting fine, go to her Daya. Dayaben nods. He leaves with Neela. Dayaben angrily slaps Ketan and says Asha is alive. Ketan says I told you what they said, I tried. She slaps him again.

Avni is with Aman. Asha hears Azaan and gets conscious. She sees Avni and calls her. Avni gets glad seeing her and says you got up, I had belief that you will wake up. She kisses and hugs Asha. Avni says pinch me, I want to see if I m dreaming. Avni gives Aman to Asha. Asha and Avni cry happily. Asha signs Avni to come. Asha hugs Avni and

Aman. She says I have no fear to die, you know why. Avni asks why. Asha says because I have realized living a content life, I got love, even if less, but real one and then I got you by that love, Lord is favoring me to give me a daughter like you, you gave me such name and respect.

She cries and says any mum will be lucky to get a daughter like you, I just pray that my every life is like this. Avni wipes her tears. Asha says I m not going anywhere, I will stay in your heart always, you have to fulfill a responsibility of Aman, make him true and brave like you, don’t let him walk on wrong path, make him a good person who respects everyone, who spreads love to everyone. Avni says I will do this. Asha hugs her and cries. Avni says I should inform doctor and Fatima. She runs out to call doctor.

Dayaben comes there and prays at hospital temple. Avni looks for doctor. Dayaben comes to Asha. Asha gets shocked. Dayaben scolds her and makes her hands away. Asha gets hurt. Dayaben takes Aman. Asha says my child…. Dayaben takes Aman. Doctor says I checked your mumma, she is in coma. Avni says no, she is fine now, she smiled seeing Aman, come with me, she woke up, come.

Dayaben says Aman is like Ashish, he is Ashish’s blood, our heir. Asha cries for baby. Dayaben says my heir is born after a long time, I will never give him back to you, because he will bring light in Mehta family, you have no right on him, darkness has to end where there is light. She suffocates Asha with the pillow. Avni gets doctor and asks him to see Asha. Doctor and Avni see Asha unconscious and Aman by her side. Fatima and Tiku come there.

Avni says mumma was conscious. Doctor checks readings on machines and calls out nurse to send them out. Avni asks Asha to talk to her. Fatima and Tiku cry. Avni cries and asks Asha to wake up. Nurse takes them out. Doctor tries to revive Asha. They all cry. Doctor signs no. Nurse covers Asha with white cloth. Fatima, Tiku ad Avni get shocked. Aman starts crying. Dayaben hides and looks on.

Avni puts soil on Asha’s grave and keeps flowers. Avni takes Aman and says you did not do anywhere, you are alive inside me and Aman. Everyone cry. Avni says you will always be alive in us, I will not let you die, this is my promise to you. She cries and hugs Aman.

Avni sings lullaby for Aman. She shows the toys and calms down Aman. She feeds Aman. Dayaben comes and tells media that kids will stay with Dadi. Avni says we will never go to your house.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Angelk1

    I dont think asha dead and where Aladin?#

  2. You all people are sooo disgusting..
    Ye mahesh bhatt ki life story hai. Tum loog chahate thiii ki film release ho jo unke real life mai nai huwa tha.. tum loog nahi chahate ki ashish mare toh mahesh ji ne aaplogo ke karan yesi story banaya hai abd you guys are saying show should go off air??

    1. We aren’t disgusting, Alisha baral, we are deeply dissappointed,its a serial for entertainment. If Mr Mahesh Bhatt wanted to showcase his life story, he should have done a documentary, as it is, he made Zakhm, isn’t that enough to let people know his life story? Just like how you are free to make your comment, we also have that privilege to do so and if we the viewers are unhappy, nothing is wrong in airing our views.

  3. Go and watch zakhm film..

  4. I think writer bring asha back may be she not die & save by aladin or ashish

  5. Ridiculous… Not going to watch anymore.

  6. Stop zis show plz , vry disappointed with this episode. If asha was not ready to work they could replace it by another actress but not snatch a mother from avni and little aman.

  7. Stop this show plz , very disappointed with this episode. If asha was not ready to work they could replace it by another actress but not snatch a mother from avni and little aman. This daya she should have die, she is so cruel, she dislike muslim (asha) then how can she now say aman is her grandson she is asha son she has her blood so how will she let him enter her home.

  8. Dayavanti Mehta how selfish you are.U will not get place even in Hell…So selfish…Tumme Sharm naam ki koi cheej hein ya nahin.You are a murderer you should be hang till death.As I said jaisa boyogo waise hi katoge..Avni she has killed your mother don’t spare her please and don’t forget go to her house.She is a murderer

  9. Lalitha Meera

    The director is thinking audience has no brains. In a hospital, there is a bell near the patient to call the nurse, nurse will always be with a critical patient. Always it is Avni who is taking charge in important critical situations. Her grandma is nowhere to be seen at all these times. Here also only Avni is there to look after the kid and show it to her mother. God so sick!!!! Dadi will always come after everything is over or if Avni asks her to go she will go home.

  10. I ve neva commented but feel like expressing myself today, i don’t knw why the serials on starplus always have a sad ending. First It was Sandhiya rathi, followed by Ashkara and now ASHA!!! where is the story headind to?

  11. Seriously. Umma even I have never commented before.. But today I am commenting to tell that I am not going to watch this show again.. if neela was killed instead of asha it was ok.. But asha!! Urgh

  12. Asha did not want to continue with this serial anyone thats why she was killed.

  13. Piece of garbage , this is not how a mother in laws are portrayed . That is why we have so manymurders of our daughters in this country. Shows like this should banned.

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