Naamkaran 2nd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Neil and Avni meet


Naamkaran 2nd October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Avni saying we should have courage and beat them. All of them beat the goons. Juhi hits Ballu. He faints. Avni says I will get that girl, we will save all of them. Juhi nods. Avni goes and frees the girl. She says don’t worry, I came here to save you. Gurumaa and Dayaben talk. Dayaben says when Avni has to die everyday, revenge fun is different. Amol calls Dayaben from PCO. She answers. He tells her everything. Neela talks to Prakash on call and tells everything. She says Avni needs me, I can’t stay here. He asks her to wait, he will come there. Gurumaa asks the goons to not leave any policeman, where is Ballu, he is useless. She sees the Raavan idol.

She asks where are the girls. She scolds the men. She says I will torture Avni and ruin her. Avni and the girls

proceed. Avni asks Juhi to take the girls, she will go and find Ali, you are not alone, you all are together. Neil and DD look for Avni. Avni covers her face and goes. She hits a goon. Neil thinks where are Avni and the girls. Avni thinks the place has guards. She hides.

Juhi gets all the girls out. Avni finds the way to basement. Gurumaa and Dayaben come there. Gurumaa catches Juhi. Juhi cries. Gurumaa scolds her and asks where is her lover Neil. Juhi asks is Neil here. Gurumaa says yes, he thinks he can save you, your face is beautiful, I will change your face that you get scared seeing it, where are Neil and Avni. Juhi says Avni said right, her belief won, I m not scared of you, Avni knew that Neil will surely come to save all of us, Neil has come to end an evil like you, we are not society’s dirt, its you all. The girls get together. Gurumaa and Dayaben get shocked.

Neil holds Avni. They get glad and hug. Music plays…. She says I knew you can’t leave me, your love gave me courage to get everyone out of this hell. He says I promise I will get you out of here. Avni gets hurt. Neil removes the thorn from her feet and wipes her tears. He promises he won’t let her get away, he won’t let her get hurt. She says I have left all girls out, I have to find Ali, we have to take him. They hear screams. Ali and DD beat the goons. Neil holds Avni’s hand. Ali comes there and sees them. Avni smiles seeing him.

Ali says I have to say something, I salute your relation, Neil forgive me. Neil asks him to stop it, will he make him cry now. They leave. Avni says Juhi was here, did pandit…. Gurumaa calls out Neil to come out if he wants to see Juhi alive. They all look around and see Gurumaa pointing gun at Juhi. Goons surround them. Gurumaa says two lovers, one past and one present, Neil is very lucky, I got emotional seeing this sentiments. Neil says leave Juhi and other girls. She asks why, we should get scared by your few policemen, turn and see the goons, we will not leave the girls, Rangmahal is incomplete without them. Neil asks her to come to senses, can’t we play a game. He gets his police force. They all point guns at goons. Neil asks her to keep weapons down, her game is over now.

Dayaben says game gets over after winning and losing, this illegitimate girl started this game, how will it end without her end. Avni gets angry on her. Ali stops her. Dayaben laughs on her. She says you have two options, save Avni or all of them. Neil looks on.

Amol hits Neil. Avni gets shocked. Dayaben says this is my blood, he will complete my fight now. Amol threatens to kill Neil.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. cvs pls unite avneil this is my humble request and end juhi’s track.its boring.pls make avneil confess their love first pls pls pls…

  2. Wowww saw 10 times today’s episode on net just in love with you guys :-*
    Love u Naamkaran
    Please don’t let it off air….

  3. Samm

    This will be the one episode which I freaked out over! and not just because of Avneil meeting after ages! one of my favourite non-Avneil scenes was the shot with Ragini Pandit and Raavan- that was truly amazing and they got the angles just right. And I’m not gonna lie- I actually cheered out loud when Neil and Avni finally met! I found myself nodding along to Ali when he not just acknowledged, but also praised Avneil’s relationship. And how sweet and yet typical of Neil to just brush it off as him being too kind ;P The other part that truly blew me away was Juhi’s speech. She has been suffering the Pandit’s tortures for 5 years now, with only thoughts of Neil, but even she sees how much Avneil are in love with each other and trust each other over everyone else. Moreover, their strong bond gave her so much strength to stand up to the Pandit. Since the spoilers are already out, I know how the plot will proceed to the eventual Raavan dahan, but I’m still excited to watch the episodes this week for the sheer thrill of amazing direction, unbelievable moments of tight writing and awesome leads. The only problem I can see with the show right now is its choppy editing. Come on now, Show! After breaking so many stereotypes and cliche’s of Indian television are that typical drama music and left-right zooming/pan shots supposed to be ironical?? if so, that’s cool as long as you could dial it down a little for the sake of the viewers. and if not, you should rethink your choice of sound effects for heightening the drama voltage, right?
    The only sound effects or editing I can’t complain about is the one in Avneil scenes. All romantic songs and their instrumentals suit them well and I honestly can’t get enough of the panning Neil/Avni and their heart-eyes! As for the plot, hopefully, this will be the end of Daywanti Mehta and finally a good start to Avneil’s cuteness galore relationship! Since this is dramaland, there cannot be any peace in the leads’ lives, but please Show, please give the Naamkaran fandom something good, cute, lovely, awesome, romantic, funny or just anything sweet to watch before you throw another super-villain for our super-cop-and-his-wife to fight!


    Interesting episode… But i wish juhi do not create hurddle in avni and neil life..
    As shewta being woman knows that avni and juhi are at wrong place but she hate avni for being her bahu.. so may be she create problems using juhi..
    And i wish juhi and ali unite..

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