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Naamkaran 2nd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Asha getting away from Ashish. She removes her mangalsutra and gives him. They both cry. She opens the door for him to leave. He asks what will you tell Avni. She says Avni is now my responsibility, I had lived as your Ashudi till now, and will live as Avni’s mum now. He turns to go and she holds his hand. He says Ashudi. She asks him to leave and cries. Ashish cries and leaves. Asha sits crying. Ashish comes home and sees door locked. He checks windows. He sees maid and asks her to open door for him. She signs no and goes. She opens the window for him.

He enters the house by the window. He cries a lot and is hurt. Dayaben switches on the lights and sees him. Dayaben calls Ketan. Ashish says Maa…. She signs him to stop. She asks Ketan to take Ashish to his room.

Ketan asks Ashish to come. Dayaben does not talk. Ketan leaves Ashish in his room. Ashish cries and shuts the door. He sees Asha’s mangalsutra and sits sad. He wraps it to his wrist.

Dayaben sees the maid and asks why are you scared. She asks servant about a rotten fruit making other fruits rotten, so its imp to throw rotten fruit. She asks servant to pay maid and send her. Maid apologizes and says forgive me, I just let Ashish come inside house, I did not let him go. Dayaben looks at servant. Servant takes the maid away. Ketan says I m not asking, whatever you do is right, but since when will we keep Ashish locked in room.

Dayaben says I know what you mean to say, we have to make Asha and Avni from his heart, he has to smile and start new life with Neela. Ali, Avni and Kia sit thinking. Avni says all mummies are at home, if Asha comes out, we can call from home. Ali and Kia argue. Ali sees guard with the mobile and acts to catch idea signal. Kia says not again. Ali says i have an idea, meet me at secret place, I will get phone. Avni asks from where. He asks them to trust friends.

Ali asks guard to give phone and get new one. Guard asks is he saying true. Ali says charity organization are giving new phones to senior citizens, do you think I can lie. Guard says if you act smart, see this stick. Ali says I m doing this for Avni, give phone now, beat me later. He sees phone with tape and asks will this work, I have to tell them if they ask. Guard says it works well, I have put 200rs talktime in this. Ali gets glad.

Avni and Kia get glad. Avni says we got the mobile. Kia calls it ugly. Avni asks Ali how did he get phone. Ali says its my dad’s old phone, call Dayaben, battery is low. Avni says I have to lie again. He says if lie is for good, its forgiven. Kia asks Avni not to think much, but wash hands after using phone. Avni calls Dayaben. Riya answers call. She lies and asks for address to send gifts for Diwali. Riya says sure, write down. Avni writes down the address. Avni gets glad. Ali says I will return phone and meet you later. Avni thanks Ali. Ali says anything for you, and goes.

Dayaben tells Ashish that living for family is waste, this sorrow was left to see, you have shown this sorrow too. She says you went to that woman, even if mum dies or alive. He says I agreed to you, what else you want. She says stop calling them family, I m not blaming you, everyone do mistakes but have to rectify it, I fired that maid, I was angry, now I have sent Ketan to get maid back, person does mistakes by flowing in emotions, you did same by making relation with Asha, now rectify mistake.

She promises she will send them money for their living, you give me smiling Ashish. She asks him to smile. He looks at her. She says you know me, I can remove them from your life easily, which you don’t want. She threatens him about harming Asha and Avni, and asks him to be happy, till them their breath will run. He gets shocked and smiles with tearful eyes. Dayaben smiles.

Avni sees Asha without sindoor and mangalsutra. Asha asks what are you seeing. Avni asks where is your mangalsutra, and sindoor, you did not apply sindoor also. Asha worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Omg dayaben – don’t insult mother wood. You will pay for the sin. Avni Ali Kia friendship good. Elders only spoiling generations

  2. Ashish is such a coward and his mother is a witch…. how can someone write a story like this?? So dum… ashish go marry neela and spoil her life also…. dayben should hang herself

    1. Dayaben is a witch, how can Asish be so coward also and only love his mother. That means he never loved Asha and Avni and dont have the courage to fight. Coward and witch.

      1. Shadman kabir

        True that . I feel like killing both ashish and his mother .

  3. Todays episode was damm idiotic miss daya is stupid character of this serial so pls writter change your script or jst pack up this serial

  4. very good ashsa nice episod and very cheep dayawanti

  5. Devga

    Hey sinner .. …. U WUD HV A BAD DEATH FOR SURE …. AS U R DOING sin just a sin …. curse u old lady ….

    @pinky agreed with u ….. she doesn’t fit for tht auspicious relation …..


    Ashish still u want tht lady’s happiness aftr knowing her cunning and foolish avatar …. then u r also making a sin by not helping the pure soul in her pregnancy time …. poor asha I worry due to stress , tht baby shld not be punished … 🙁 🙁

    Mahesh Sir please other than request there is nothing v can do …. it’s unbearable …. I knw u have gone through these but now slowly society is changing from cast discrimination etc …. so u better don’t teach these again…. better end this track or the show ….

    But wil miss u arsheen …. only u r the best in this show ….

  6. I wish Ashish commit suicide and scare his mom.. Ashish is very stupid idiot dumb fellow..Good Job Asha you move on with Avni and forget that Ashish

  7. Nonsense

  8. Ashish is a damm bastard n his mother is evil they deserves each other n good asha let him go better for her n avni but I also think avni will make her dadi realizes her mistake with them

  9. I’m so angry now, words fail me! I can handle Asha bringing up her kids by herself but not wimpy, spineless, pathetic Ashish!!!!! He had the testicular fortitude to ask Asha what she will tell their daughter? In case he didn’t remember and realize, he had equal say in impregnating Asha, she didn’t conceive by a miracle! Honestly, this serial has failed, miserably, and the only light here is Avni, who tries to be adult to her mom. I hope Avni make her father pay dearly in the future for his betrayal and his other child should be so successful, Ashish should die of shame of abandonment, and I’m sorry to say this but Neela should not be able to give him ANY children…. Sorry Neela, you don’t deserve what I just said and I know if you don’t have kids of your own, you will still be surrounded by kids because that’s your life’s work. One day
    Ashish should have to beg to see his
    offsprings and Dayaben…. These kids you have cursed, will one day be your angels. I have witnessed this type of atrocitious doings in real life. The same kids who were spurned as grandkids, earned positions in life and were the ones to turn and offer assistance…..some people will never learn.

  10. indera sanichara

    Ashish next time your mom light a fire to kill herself don’t save her the world doesn’t need a mother like her. I guess the writer has a monster mom, because this writer is sick to show the world this kind of mother. I get goose bump to think what she will do to Asha n Avi

  11. Nalini Singh

    Trying to understand the story line:
    The mother hates muslims because she thinks they killed her husband who strongly believed in loving all humans equally. Yet she dishonors his memory by her hatred, which she imposes on her son.
    The son is a mother loving coward with the exception of the moments when he wants to mate and spawn offsprings.
    The mother also respects the noble man who saved her life and her children’s but she is fighting to ruin the very same noble man’s daughter’s life by forcing her cowardly son to marry the clueless girl.

    1. ???????you are 100% right! Well said and good deduction.

  12. Nalini
    you nailed it on the head!! that’s exactly 100% of the story in a nutshell. expect
    except for one little doubt i have from an earlier episode. i recall her saying (thoughts aloud) your father never had courage to put them on our walls. you did. this is when she found the pictures which ashish had posted behind a picture on the wall. i think dayas husband had a muslim gf and history is repeating itself. that’s the bitterness- i think this riot stuff is emotional blackmail.
    typical indian men…. mums faithful.
    i hope fellow fans don’t perpetuate this over possessiveness with their sons.

    1. Devga

      Evn I was confused with her thoughts …. after u putting up this doubt now It is clear …. yea she is just using riots as a main reason for her hatred …. but the ball is some wer else….

      And she evn said tht her husband at his last breadth wanted his children to follow his teachings abt equality … but y is she herself forcing her son to hate Muslims … just bcz their community had killed her husband…. rubbish …

  13. for a father who claims to love his daughter so much, he made no attempt to wake hee up abs say goodbye?? ?
    that’s the least he could do. but u see he had no courage… children and esp our star child will ask direct questions and expect honesty which he cannot deal with.
    i think asha did the right thing to break it off. book desperate clinging helpless female playing second fiddle to his new wife.
    he hasn’t given a thought to her pregnancy… how callous…

  14. Guys am.stopping.commenting over this serial.Writers are ridiculous.Actor Ashish and Dayaben have done more than what they are.doing injustice to Avni and the unborn child of Asha.Am leaving this forum and serial was my last comment on it.Am leaving this nonsense serial.Comments.please

    1. You know what, even I would like to leave this serial but I started watching about a month ago and I’m so smitten with this little child actress and want to see her journey, that’s why I will stick around for a while. If the story becomes unbearable at some point, I would be one less viewer like you. I read Tejal’s comment and I needed that moment of clarity when Dayaben made the comment about the pictures on the wall, now I understand what the statement meant, I just wasn’t able to unwrap my mind to see what it actually meant but I see it now. It seems the most plausible explanation!!! Hope you change your mind for the time being. In last night episode, did you notice the weary, sad and helpless but determined look on Asha’s face? I think it was nicely brought out by Barkha Bisht, I hope she doesn’t cave in because she has to be strong for the sake of her kids. What manner of man, brings news to the mother of his impressionable daughter that he’s going to marry another woman and to top it off, she is bringing another to the world, sired by him? Tsk Tsk….. I wait to see the outcome. Sighhhhh…..

  15. Yeah Naz you right.lets wait for some more time if the outcome is isn’t that as expected then definitely I will be the first to quit this show.

  16. Ashish, might as well you start calling your own child Avni , naajayaz. Grow some balls mate. She is your child. Even an animal will fight for their young.

  17. Is this mahesh Bhatt or Ekta Kapoor serial. Mr. Bhatt, 50 years have passed, society has changed so much then why use the same old story everytime. Female killing in Hindus or triple talks are still serious issues, why not address that. It’s difficult to accept this nonsense. Owing from you.

  18. Is it mahesh Bhatt or Ekata Kapur serial. Mr. Bhat, 50 years have passed, society has changed then why use that same old story again. It’s painful to watch all this nonsense coming from director who gave us aarth and saransh. Why make a mother a villain to fit this old story in today’s time. There are other serious issues like female fetiside and triple talak which are still relevant. Please stop this nonsense.

  19. Ashish is a coward don’t believe this would happen in the real world where a man would abandon his pregnant wife and daughter for his mother.

  20. indera sanichara

    Naline Singh you said the right things I figuered or out now. 100 percent right with this story

  21. I feel so sorry for Ashish.. what kind of mother tells there son to keep smiling so his “family” keeps breathing… but in a way Ashish needs to step up.

  22. I feel so petty for dear Avni little girl longing for a normal family.. If a guy falls in love it’s his ultimate duty that he should convince his mom… And at any cost he should not give up his wife… He should have thought of all this problem before falling in love…. Please give a positive story…. Don’t hurt that little child

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