Naamkaran 2nd February 2018 Written Episode Update: Neela gets attacked

Naamkaran 2nd February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Neil saying you don’t need to have fear, your life will be bright by my love, darkness can never find you, I will fill your life with happiness, trust me. He holds her. Vidyut’s goon cuts to switch off the lights. He calls Vidyut and says we are ready. Rocky says okay, can we have the final picture now. They all take pics. Neela says Avni, Neil, I have a surprise for you, I will bring it from upstairs. She goes. Vidyut gets down the car and counts down. Bebe and Shweta joke. They take pics DD says its danger, call Neil, tell him Vidyut reached here. Constable calls on landline. Prakash answers and gets shocked. Lights go. Avni asks Mishti not to get scared. Neil calls out Prakash and asks him to handle Shweta. Vidyut enters. Prakash shouts to Neil. Vidyut says it will be

fun to play hide and seek, this will be your life’s last game. Prakash says Vidyut has entered this house. They get shocked.

Neil says Vidyut can be anywhere, you take all family members out safely. Ali says you take care. Avni says I will get Bebe and Mishti, I will try to divert Vidyut. She says don’t worry, Neil is with us, Vidyut can’t do anything, he has come here alive, but he will leave dead, Neela is upstairs, she doesn’t know Vidyut has come. Neela says what happened to lights, my phone is left downstairs. Vidyut sends the goons. Shweta shouts for help. Neela says Shweta is screaming, what’s happening. Neil asks Ali to take them out. Neil catches the goon and asks Shweta to run. Vudyut goes to stab. DD says we will enter the house and attack on Vidyut. Goons beat DD and constables. DD fights. Avni sees the attacker and shouts Neil. Neil moves and gets saved.

Neil fights and removes the mask. He sees Vidyut. Vidyut beats him. DD calls station and says send three units at Neil’s house. Avni asks Bebe not to make any noise. Bebe says we will go to kitchen and hide there. Avni says fine, be careful. Goon catches Avni. She acts to faint and kicks him. Ali tries to join the wires. He worries. Vidyut sees Neil beating a goon and says this would be our last day of our game, I know you will surely follow me and get trapped. Neil asks Ali to take them out. Avni says I will stay back. Neil says you have to listen to me. She asks where is Neela. He says trust me, I will get Neela, go. Neil goes. Ali asks Avni to come. Neil hears Neela and goes there. Vidyut sees him and thinks very good, just proceed in my plan. Ali sends Avni. Goon hits on his head. Avni, Bebe, Mishti run out. Avni asks where is Ali. Bebe says I don’t know about Prakash, Shweta and Rocky, Lord safe us. DD comes and says thank God you are safe, I will help Neil. Bebe says you are already injured. He says I fought with Vidyut’s goons. Avni sees the stormy weather. Bebe says the weather is so inauspicious.

Mishti says I m feeling scared. Avni recalls Aisha and Neela. Avni’s hand bleeds. DD asks are you okay. Mishti says I m very scared. DD asks again. Avni says nobody can snatch my family and their love, I won’t let them do that, DD take care of Bebe and Mishti. DD says I can’t let you go. She says swear on me, don’t leave them alone. Neil breaks the door. Neela asks what happened. He says don’t come out of this room till I make everything fine, please. He locks her and goes. Neela says I think everyone is in danger. Neil asks Vidyut to come out and end this man. He sees Vidyut and shouts stop, I will kill you. Avni calls out Neela and Ali.

Goon catches her. She beats him and says nobody can snatch my family, I can’t lose my perfect family. She suffocates him. Neil says you have attacked on my family, neither the law nor my duty will stop me today, you will have to pay for it. Neil shoots to scare him. Goon beats him. Vidyut runs. Goon shoots at Avni’s leg. She falls back shouting Neil. Police comes. DD asks them to restore the power. Lights come. Everyone come inside the house. Neil sees Prakash unconscious and wakes him. He takes him. Avni asks where is mum, she was with you. Neela comes with the gift. Neil smiles and asks her to come. Neela walks with pain. Neil gets shocked seeing her back wounded. Neil rolls down the stairs. They all shout Neela…..Avni and everyone get shocked seeing Neela’s wounded back. Avni sees the happy home broken.

Dayaben says you are darkness, you can’t dream of light, everyone you love will go far. She laughs. Avni does Neela’s final rites. She shouts yes, I m cursed, I m a disaster for loved ones. She cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Again…. just three days happiness
    Writer have gone mad. … telling u cvps i will stop watching it

  2. Sana.

    very disgusting upcoming avni will slap neil and neil also doubts himself whether he shot her. now makers are grinding the same flour again and again vidyut killed chuhi but trapped avni and neil tried his best to save her but finally what happened vidyut gave two options to neil as forensic report also came against avni the same thing will happen neil is blaming himself where dd consoles him that they have to wait for forensic report and now this will also come against neil and now vidyut will offer avni to marry him this what will happen next or else avni will seperate from him tagging herself or tagging neil as murderer. avni should trust neil as he had been with her during thick and thin. makers just show avni helping neil to expose vidyut and don’t repeat the same jail track or seperation track again as litrally you bring avni out of jail in this day only but they showed that one day in 5 episodes that day also turned into mourning so happiness doesn’t last long for even one day.don’t send neil to jail or don’t let avni to get neil arrested whatever the situation may be don’t seperate avneil and let them support each other don’t let avni do the same thing that is done by neil to save her .violence always rise its hand in nk and all the time good people suffer and die while the evil ones survive. pandit said the day while vidyut disrespected kali mata that his end will come soon but till now its not coming.he always escape and good one suffer for the crime commited by him. he has murdered three persons but still he is not yet punished.if this time also cvs punished neil for vidyut’s crime means i won’t watch nk.vidyut has been sucking our blood from the mid of october and till now he is not punished. all the time evil overpowers this is what your so called uniqueness cvs. are you thinking that we fans are fools and will clap you for your disgusting twists.others seriels are showing different different problems but here same villain and same track with some modification.don’t you get any other cases rather than this to show as neil is an ips officer?you can show someother cases but you are dragging this track like chewingum very bad. neela’s death snatched my sleep as no bad people die only good people die.bubye nk

    1. Pavithra1616

      Hello sana… You have got registered.. Can we be friends??

      1. Sana.

        Of course dear

  3. Vidyut has done the same thing with Neil which earlier he has done with Avni . Vidyut has killed Neela by using Neil’s gun and now he will frame Neil for Neelas murder as he has left all evidences against Neil just like the way he killed Juhi and has framed Avni for Juhis murder by leaving all evidences against Avni. Feeling very sad for Avni who has again lost her another mother who has raised her like her own daughter. That strom weather was a sign of indication that something bad is going to happen which has already happened that is Neelas death.

  4. Trying to be optimistic & hold faith on cvs….
    Hope for a better track
    Always love Adiza

  5. I lost all my faith in nk and maker’s today. Sry but I don’t think I need to watch nk anymore as for the one I am watching this show died so no need to watch and even avneil will also be separated and neil will go to jail for neelama’s death and avni will be left alone. Worst epi in my life. Cvs have ruined the whole story. But I really wish the trp of nk should increase and this show should not go off air. So plz all nk fans watch nk regularly only on TV at 9pm????

  6. Speechless………….

  7. Varshini

    why did they kill neela ?? she was my most favourite chracter , going to miss her a lot . the fb scenes were really emotional . such a beautiful character they killed !!!! so irritated , they will some day bring dayaben also back , why cant they do that to neela too . anyways really a sad episode

  8. Jab neela ka character end hone wala hai patha chala tho main bahuth upset ho gaya cvs pe.pehle ayesha,phir Ashish ab neela.avni orphan bangaya.mujhe samajh nahi aa raha hai Neela ka character end karke ye log kya dikhana chaatha hai avni ko kya bana raha hai.cvs pe tho ab mujhe bilkul barosa nahi.ab Avni ki pass neil khanna family Ali bacha hai.

  9. I’m not watching again. Rubbish series,it makes no sense when one of the lead dies. The story line is nothing to write home about. My family and I are done watching. Bye Naamkaran

    1. sarah if u call urself avneil nd nk fan always watch on tv nd support naamkaran whether it is gud or bad. Point out cvs mistakes when they are taking such useless decisions.


  11. i think it is sad that neela maa died , such a strong character die like is bad nd irritating too. why cvs wanted to kill neela character in first place instead of killing neela maa u could have killed vidyut .nd u can get as many villans as u like. whats the reason to kill neela maa like that. u want to make avni orphan again nd want to make her ananya verma again nd u wanted the story to go circles again, other than that i am not able to see any reason behind executing her.trusting u people is so difficult for viewers.

    1. Hiyori I also can’t understand why CVS end Neel Maa character

  12. Pavithra1616

    Why did they kill neela.. They were a lot of other people who could die.. It was too much for me.. Now it will be avneil separation.. Oh God… Waiting for Monday’s episode…

  13. Kira

    Hi guys I’m writing a fan fiction on NAAMKARAN . please read it .

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