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Naamkaran 2nd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ashish asking Dayaben did she not see his pain. Ketan stops him. Ashish says let me talk, how is this temple, people here have evil in hearts, innocent is put in jail to show they are small, kids are disrespected here, the bad smell is here, where is temple, where is Lord, I can’t even see humans here. He asks Dayaben is she human, I have a doubt. She pours water on his head.

Ashish says wow, rain in temple. She asks Ketan to lift Ashish. Ashish asks where are you taking me. Dayaben asks Ashish to see his face in mirror. He says I can’t see, you killed my inner self, I just have this dead body on my feet, I was a nice man, what did you make me, you gave me birth and you killed me. He cries. He repeats his words and leaves. She looks on shocked.

Asha cries and

sings lullaby for Avni. She sings aa leke chalun tujhko……Avni cries and thinks of Neela. She says why is this happening with us, Dayaben would have not done this if we were rich. Asha says forget it, and focus on work. Avni says yes, I will see them one day. Asha says don’t think so, earn big name for yourself, not to say others, if goodness dies in heart, person gets ego, don’t let that happen. Avni asks will I become Dayaben then. Asha kisses her and asks her to sleep. She says your journey is long. Avni says yes, it will be new day and new start.

Neela greets Hemant. She gets a call from Sharma and says what, how can this happen. Avni, Ali and Kia get sad. Avni says why did this happen. Asha says don’t know, let Aladin come, we will ask. Sumi and Angie come and ask about the ad. Angie praises Neela.

Avni refuses to go anywhere. Aladin comes and says Avni’s ad did not come in today’s newspaper. Sumi asks why. Aladin says I met editor. Asha asks what did he say. Aladin says nothing, they changed date, it will come later. Sumi asks does this happen. He says yes, its normal thing, don’t worry. Avni says say the truth. He says I m saying truth. She shouts. He says editor said someone gave money and cancelled the ad. They get shocked. Sumi asks why will anyone do this. Ali says Avni don’t get sad, we will do something else. Avni goes. Neela scolds Sharma. Hemant asks what happened. Neela says someone stopped Avni’s ad from printing. Hemant asks who will do this. Neela says someone who is not human, it will be Avni’s coward dad, he is refusing to accept Avni, one day I will expose him infront of the world, he ruined Asha and Avni’s lives, loser.

Ketan asks Dayaben how did she stop the ad. She taunts him to be useless. He says I have sent goons, give me one more chance. She says given, what will you do, leave it. She sends him to wake up Ashish and finds both her sons useless. Aladin asks Ali to wait, I will think something. Asha comes to meet Dayaben. Dayaben taunts her and asks why did you come here. Asha says I came to ask the right to live. Dayaben says you came to beg for rights. Asha says you are Dayavanti. Dayaben says don’t go on my name, I just pity my side of people. Asha says I did not come to fight with you, you snatched everything, I just have Avni, don’t snatch her dreams. Dayaben says I will ruin Avni. Asha gets shocked.

Dayaben says its good you got angry. Asha says I came thinking a mother will understand another mother’s pain, you have raised children alone and faced humiliation like me. Dayaben says how dare you insult me. Asha says mother is mother, mother takes Durga avatar when it comes to her child, she can do anything to save her child, she does not let her child get ruined. Dayaben says I m doing this to save my son from people like you. Asha says no, you are doing this for your ego, ego makes person selfish, a mother can never be selfish, the mother in you has died, I m a mother and I will protect Avni every way. Dayaben gets angry. Asha leaves. Dayaben thinks of Asha’s words and holds head.

Neela asks whats my mistake, tell me. Avni says the man you are marrying is my Papa. Neea says I m marrying Ashish, not your dad. Avni says Mr. Ashish Mehta is my dad. Neela gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Finally!!! Asha gives Dayawanti the speech she needed to hear.

    Liked her transformation from a timid woman to a determined mother very much. Hope she remains this way.

    Can’t wait for tomorrow. Dying to know Neela’s decision after the revelation.

  2. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    hi niharika realy asha words r true and i didn’t think neela wil come to know the truth may be that is avni’s dream .if it was not avni’s dream iam also waiting for neela’s reation

    1. Hello Bhagya! 🙂 I don’t think it’s a dream sequence.
      In Naamkaran, so far there haven’t been much dragging. And Neela almost understood that Asha had an affair during her first movie. So, I hope she gets to know everything ASAP.
      Personally, I feel she’s the most positive character here. So, eager to watch how her story plays out 🙂

      1. Amalina

        True, i agree! And i hope neela re-unites asha n ashish, altho i dont what that moron ashish to go back to asha-avni. I want that dayaben to get ruined asap. If ashish knew his mom wouldn’t approve of his relationship with asha then why didn’t he leave asha 11 years ago?! Becoz then avni was a baby so she wouldn’t obviously know whats going on and by the time Avni grew up, asha would’ve forgotten ashish. So then today, they would’ve not suffered at all, and ashish-asha’s breakup would not affected avni today n her career! Who agrees?

        If u do or not just reply to my comment so that i can also see ur opinions?

    2. Agreed

      Asha was strong enough to her own decision. Acting or not she would have definitely made a career of her own & Avni would never feel the pressure she is under now.

      And I don’t want Asha to reunite with Ashish. He has no spine at all.

      Better, Asha & Avni along with the new kid, start their family & Neela also lead her life peacefully.

      Daya & Ashish should get ruined.

    3. Neela might be a positive character but there s going to be a new entry tat vil make neela and ashish s marriage happen. So I think neela vil say no to marry after truth . But someone vil force the marriage. Or if it is dream sequence dont know

  3. I think ashish should unite with avni and asha.ashish tries hard to unite with them but his b*t*hy mother wont let i think ashish is not at fault.and he later found out about that his mother hates muslims.if he did found about it earlier he would have stopped the affair but it was too late cause asha was already pregnant.

    I think hes mother and his brother should suffer

    1. Definitely, you are right Ashish is innocent and only trying to make everyone happier, but due to his mother’s hatred, he has to live a dark life and has to adapt to his mother’s situation as she threatened to kill herself. I was so obsessed with how Neela is going to react and kept having dreams on her confronting Daya and Ashish. She might shout at Ashish as she promised to ruin Avni’s father, ‘a loser.’ Way to go Asha and you’re acting was like perfection as you stood up for Avni and went into Daya’s house with courage. I liked the way that Asha changes her formation to an intimidated mother who is scared to let her feelings out to a mother who is more determined and faced her fear through battling with Daya and making her realise that a mother like her ha no feelings and is dead to Ashish- this made her think that everything that was said by Asha was true and she started to reminisce her flashbacks. Wow so many comments today very happy, Amena di should show this to Mahesh and then he might not stop the show from ending

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