Naamkaran 29th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 29th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kia asking Avni ntot o dream and backout from the race to get saved from failure and embarrassment. Avni says you want to save yourself from failure, I made you lose even in colony race. Kia asks what about bet, your Papa won’t come. Avni says its high time, you open your eyes, this is his flight details, he will come here at school at 10am after his flight lands. Dayaben come to meet Hemant at hospital. Neela greets her. Dayaben applies tilak to both Neela and Hemant. Neela says you were going to say something special, what is it. Dayaben says yes, I found a way to make your dad fine soon, why don’t we keep Neela and Ashish’s engagement tomorrow. Hemant says you said what I had in heart, but I m here, how will I manage. Dayaben says don’t worry, we will do engagement

here in hospital, I spoke to hospital staff. He says fine, I don’t have problem. Neela asks did you ask Ashish. Dayaben says no, I won’t ask, this is surprise for him. Neela smiles. Dayaben asks her not to tell Ashish, I m going to give him such surprise that he can never forget.

Ashish buys earrings for Asha. He likes a jacket for Avni. Malhotra comes there and asks for whose children are you shopping. Ashish says family, and buys that jacket. Malhotra says we will party at night. Ashish says I have to go Mumbai. Malhotra says you can’t go, go after lunch tomorrow. Ashish says its about money, I have to reach somewhere for imp work. Malhotra says its lunch at politician’s house, think fo profit. Ashish says if it was about profit, I would have managed my mum’s business, and not get into directing. He goes. Malhotra says I don’t understand him.

Avni likes the guest lists. Ali says its long lost. He asks her to write Kia’s name, I want to see her loser face. She says that’s mean. He says Kia is mean. She laughs and says you make my Papa laugh too. He says I will, if he gets good food. Ali names Biryani and other non veg things. Avni says no, we are vegetarian, my Papa will arrange great food, then we will go in his car to have icecream. They name the flavors. He says he is really Mr India to fulfil our wishes. She asks him not to call her Papa as Mr. India. They write the list. Sumi Tai’s husband says I won’t attend Avni’s sports day, I don’t follow such society’s rules. She asks what about your boss, who has many GFs, you always do what you like and never care for my happiness, you are breaking small girl’s heart that’s why Lord did not give us happiness to have children. She cries. He asks are you annoyed Sumi, fine, I will come. She gets glad. He says but just for some time, I won’t take complete day off. She thanks and hugs him. He asks for tea. She laughs and goes to make tea.

Hemant tells doctor that if I tell Neela the truth, she will not marry and serve me all my life. Doctor says but till when can we hide this, she is educated and mature, if she reads reports then… Hasmukh says no, change the report, she should not know this, write that this tumor is not life risking. Doctor says this hospital is yours, but I can’t cheat my profession. Hemant says its not cheat, you are doing a favour on me. Neela comes and asks what favour. Hemant says we were joking. Neela says you are liar, I won’t trust you. She asks doctor. Doctor says he wants to dance on your engagement, I did not permit him and he was emotionally blackmail me. Neela says you can dance later, else I will postpone engagement. He says fine, I will control. She asks promise. He says yes. She says we will keep engagement tomorrow. She smiles.

Dayaben asks Ashish to come back, just come soon. He says I have to reach Avni’s school first, she gave me instructions, she is like you, I tell Aisha that Avni has gone on you. She recalls Avni and says yes, come back soon. She ends call and puts phone angrily. Ketan comes. Dayaben asks him to come. Ketan asks will you call me if I go far. She says I won’t let you go far, I have imp work, sit. She says its big responsibility, I can’t trust anyone, its Neela and Ashish’s engagement tomorrow. He asks tomorrow, and you are saying me now. She says yes, I just decided, I did not tell anyone, not even Ashish, I m telling you first. He asks really. She says yes, you have to do arrangements. He says just tell me where to keep it, I will do good arrangements. She says it won’t be grand, Hemant is unwell, engagement will happen in hospital, Hetal and Diksha should not know this, this will be surprise for them too, just you, me, Hemant and Neela know this. He says don’t worry, I won’t disappoint you, you gave me responsibility for the first time.

Ashish calls Asha. She looks for phone. He says you were looking for phone again. She smiles. He asks when will this end. She says I don’t know. He says I know, this will end when I start living with you, I will come to meet you by front door whenever I miss you, without any fear.

He says I m sorry, I did not give you happiness on which you had right, I will make out for it, I will give all happiness to you and Avni. She cries. He asks are you crying. She says no. He says I know you in 11 years, I can tell your heart state without seeing you, wipe your tears, listen, I will come at Avni’s school, wait for me, and please wear my fav. Saree. She smiles and says yes. He says it looks good for me. She says when you start travel…. He says I know, you send me prayers, I m in Shikara and missing you, I love you Ashudi. She says Iove you too. He ends call. She smiles thinking of their love.

Avni asks Bappa to favour her and send Ashish. Dayaben prays and says I won’t lose out to that girl. Avni asks if two people ask for same thing, whose prayer will Lord answer.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Priya15

    |Registered Member

    This dayaben…. I l kill her for sure.. She is fighting with a small girl… Uff…

    Anyways hope iski drama ki vajah se avni Ka dil ma toote…

    Avni is so cute day by day… Luv her…

    • Vanshika

      |Registered Member

      Akka lets together kill that dayaben. She’s such a cheap lady should b sent to jail going against constitution n discriminating on religious basis how cheap she’s.. Ashish will marry Neela and then live with her if this happens lyk movie Zakhm I’ll kill Dayaben. Lets do that together.. Yup Avni is toooooo cutie.. N if dayaben drama break Avni heart I’ll break her bones…

    • Vanshika

      |Registered Member

      OMGggggg!!!!! Kya!!! Akka nw I’ll get heart attack…. That’s totally sooo unfair.. Hw cruel.. #dontendedkv plzzzz.. Y all good shows end abruptly? Cruel …

  2. Devga

    |Registered Member

    I am out of words both bad and good…. Poor avni asha and neela too…

    Idiot dayaben how wil neela feel wen she knws she is a second girl in his life….. Cruel witch…

  3. TUFFY

    Looks like same story, mother wants to control her son. Same as other serials like SHPK (silsila hai pyar ka). Hoping ashish reached avni’s school. Otherwise avni will again be shown a liar. Dayaben doesn’t know yet that asha is pregnant. Hope this is not like the film Zakhm.

  4. Neha

    Hey Tuffy Dayaben Full aware that Asha is pregnant remember Ashish wrote that in his mail.This story as I keep on saying is based on movie Zakhm and Mahesh bhatt’s own life..Starplus have also shown in one of the precap’s that Avni is running on the sport and Asha is recording her race but we don’t see anywhere Ashish and hence its clear Ashish will marry Neela the annoying lady..

  5. neha


    As I keep on saying that this serial is based on movie Zakhm and mahesh bhatt on life.His father never used to remove his shoes

    whenever he used to come to meet them in there house.So its clear now that Ashish will marry Neela.In one of the precap of this serial it is also

    shown that Avni is running on her sport’s day and Asha is recording her race but we dnt find anywhere Ashish.So the picture is now clear..

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