Naamkaran 29th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 29th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Asha calling Ashish. He does not answer. He looks for his phone and does not get it. He says Ashudi….. and searches for his phone. He asks maid for her phone, he has to make a call. Maid says no, Dayaben asked me not to give phone. He goes to call from landline. Ketan stops him. Ashish says let me make one call, I have to tell them I can’t come. Ketan says no. Ashish says my daughter is waiting. Ketan stops him. Ashish cries and goes. Asha gets ready as bride. Avni says you be like this now and hugs her. Sumi says when a daughter makes mum ready, mum has to look pretty. Avni goes. Sumi asks Asha about Ashish. Asha calls him again.

Asha says Avni’s heart should not break, she has many hopes. Sumi says have patience, Ashish will surely come. Avni comes and says when

I m stressed before exams, you hold my hand and say Gayatri mantra, I feel like all my stress went. She holds Asha’s hand and reads Gayatri Mantra. She asks Asha not to worry, as she is with her. She asks Sumi to be with Asha and take care. She takes phone from Asha and goes. She calls Ashish. Ashish hears his phone ringing and looks for it. Avni wishes he answers call. He answers call. Avni says hello Papa…. Ashish sees Dayaben and says its Avni. Dayaben says I know and takes the phone. He says let me talk once. Dayaben talks to Avni. Avni asks when will you come.

She asks Dayaben to make her talk to Papa. Dayaben says there is no Papa here. Avni says please. Dayaben says you did not let me meet my son and shut door on my face that day. Avni says I know, punish me, but let Papa come, its mum and Papa’s marriage today, all guests came. Dayaben says you both made bad illegitimate relation with my son and I freed him of it, your trap won’t work on me, you will not have my family name, I snatched both from you.

Avni says you can’t do this Dadi, Papa will always be my Papa, I have his promise, he will come, you see. Dayaben says your dreams have to break, don’t try to make relation with me by calling me Dadi. Avni cries and says I have made Dadi more annoyed, what will happen now. She calls back again. Dayaben takes Ashish to kitchen and asks him to break phone. Ashish says let me talk once, I will say I won’t come. She puts phone inside haldi grinder and asks him to break phone. She says this is start of your Shuddi karan, break it. He breaks the phone. She says you got free of this bad relation now, I could not let you get poisoned, wound has to be given to remove poison, you will understand this tomorrow. She goes. Ashish cries.

Avni says Papa can’t come in marriage. Ali asks how will marriage happen, what will we tell guests. Avni says you said right, I should have not informed Dadi about marriage. Ali says come, run away. Avni says no, I will not leave my mumma alone, I have to tell her. They go and see guests. Avni says I have to tell something to everyone. Ali holds her hand. Avni says thanks for coming here, but now this marriage can’t happen. Everyone get shocked.

Avni says I mean marriage can’t happen right now. Fatima asks Avni not to joke, everyone is waiting. Avni says Papa got stuck in imp work, he will get late, mumma and Papa will marry, we will plan again, sorry, have food and go.

Guests say we knew this will happen, Ashish will not marry Asha. Ali says food is tasty, sweets are also there, come. Asha cries. Shalu comes and says this is drama. Neela meets Ashish and talks to her. She asks him to say again, which he told on phone, I wanted to hear it always, I m sorry, there was network problem that day. He asks what did you hear that day. She says you said Neela I love…. Marrying the one you love, tell me, I want to hear it in person, I hope you meant this for me, do you have someone else in your life. She says I m sorry, tell me what are you hiding from me. He says yes, I m hiding something, how shall I say. She says I will bear everything, I love you Ashish, tell me once, please. He says Neela I……. Dayaben comes there. He sees her and stops saying.

Avni says my mumma and Papa did not get married, you can call me illegitimate, but my mumma also loves me like you love Kia. Asha hugs Avni and apologizes. Avni says no, its not your mistake, it happened because of Dadi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I really hope ashish tells neela the truth or she sees avni with him. Read in a spoiler avni disowns ashish.

  2. Marriage did not happen.Please go off.air now.Its.useless to make understand the writers

  3. What the hell is wrong with you writers? Do you all realize how freaky this plot is turning out to be? It’s not funny, how can a mother be so obsessed with her son? Dayaben sounds so pitiful and absurd when she told Avni…..a little child, for heaven’s sake…..that she is doing this because Avni slammed the door in her face!!! I’m finding it hard now, to separate Dayaben from the actress Reema Lagoo….sorry guys!! Her face will now be seen synonymous with this evil character, in my book from now on. How come Dayaben is not so clingy with her other son? Well…. Ashish, you take the cake for being the worst father and husband, you come across weak. This serial was coming along so nicely, mostly because of this endearing child as Avni, now the focus has shifted to this man-child, Ashish! Dayaben thinks her family is the most perfect, now she has made the entire clan look shallow minded and hateful and are so self absorbed in their grandeur that they look down at Asha and Avni because of religion. I dislike when writers sow discord in their serials instead of uniting people through their message of tolerance, love, hope, equality etc etc, so that people who view their serials ,would steer themselves away from negative stereotyping due to religion, class, caste, color, affluence and gender. One last thing……please give a little hope to children who have been called illegitimate because society says that they should be labeled as such.

  4. I always feel heartbroken when I watch this show I hate this show how can avnis heart keep breaking feel like crying.

  5. Bull shit serial

    1. Agree with u

  6. Sometimes this India films is a joke, doesn’t have good storyline, please Change it…..

  7. Stupid serial…. such a unrealistic story line… as if ashish is 13 year old….pls end it soon…. becoming so stupid….

  8. Why are you getting so hyped up??? This is Mahesh Bhatt life story and that’s what happened in his real life.It is not about reel life- you can’t change the fact for TRO sake.

  9. I just saw another update where Avni said mein Avni mein kyun apnaun kisi aur ka naam.Bravo Guess this is the climax…Bravo Avni and Ashish you are the worst father of ever…… Guys comments please!!!! This show should go off air now

  10. This serial should be shut off it can lead kids to distrust their parents moreover the language najayaz n all must be avoided our young kids are knowing such words and are forming negative thoughts abt the society and relations.

  11. This serial shuld go off air now, totally bullshit if the writer don’t knw wat to write then he shuld stop writing serial like this. this serial is showing a war bcoz of religion then wat is people learning, a serial must be something that wen people watch it they shuld learn from it in real life too, but here it is only the negative

  12. Totally agree with the above comments this is like child abuse – everyone should move away from religion and what happened in the past.

  13. Shut the serial down star plus.

    Doesnt star plus verify serials before airing to see if they are offensive and rubbish or not.

  14. Everyone stop watching this serial if the trp reaches 0 people then the producers will realise.

    Even the movie Zakhm was better than this crap

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