Naamkaran 29th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Neil reveals Avni is alive

Naamkaran 29th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kamini saying Saisha, nice name, who named you, mom or….. Avni sends Saisha with Sunehri. Kamini asks Avni to sit. Avni says I want to clear few things, Saisha is too young to get married. Kamini says they have become a point of discussion for the world, their affair is trending on social media. Avni says they don’t know each other, they got kidnapped by mistake, there is nothing such. Kamini says sorry, you are over protective or careless that you don’t know what’s Saisha doing, KK said they like each other so I thought to fix their relation. Samrat hears them. Avni says Saisha just turned 18, she has to focus on career. Rahil says its okay, KK said she wants to become singer. Kamini says KK’s movies can have one playback song by her. Rahil says Kamini’s dad made

me first first film on the condition that I marry her, Saisha won’t need to struggle, she will become instantly hit. Avni says I m against it, Saisha should get success if she deserves.

Kamini says I think Saisha feels her chances are better with KK. Samrat asks what do you think, Saisha trapped KK in love. Avni asks him to apologize. Kamini says what sorry, what’s the need of these orphans to interfere in this. Avni says I request you not to call them orphans, they are my kids. Kamini says we came to meet you to talk about KK and Saisha, not about the kids. Avni asks Samrat to go to his room. KK says I agree that we don’t know each other, all I know is that we love each other, please try to understand. Avni says you are wrong, Saisha is immature, she doesn’t understand love, she is just your fan. Kamini says just ask Saisha once, if she tells this, you will have to come to Mumbai and talk to us. Avni says I don’t think this will be needed. Kamini says KK has been saying repeatedly that he is serious about Saisha, that’s why I got proposal for her, you have 24 hours to think. They leave.

Shweta asks DD and Mitali to tell what’s wrong. Prakash asks Neil what’s the matter. Shweta asks is KK and roadside girl responsible for this. Neil says don’t say this about Saisha. She says I know you couldn’t hide their scandal and they are blaming you. He says you blessed her on her birthday. She says I did this for you, her mum had hidden face and didn’t know anything, I want to talk to Saisha and know what she did, should I calm down for KK or that characterless girl. Neil says she is not characterless girl, she is our Mishti. They get shocked. Neil cries. Mitali asks Shweta to listen. Samrat says Kamini projected KK as Saisha’s BF. Tara asks Samrat to calm down. Saisha asks Samrat to shut up. Avni comes and says I need to talk to Saisha. They leave.

Avni says KK was just your crush, now you are saying you like him, this is not love, its just infatuation. Saisha says talk to KK once, I love KK. Avni says you don’t know what love means. She goes. Shweta says our Avni is alive…. are you leaving the house because….. DD asks is she really alive. Neil says she is not your Bhabhi or anyone’s bahu, she took this decision many years before. Prakash says our Avni is alive. Sunehri asks Avni to talk to Saisha. Avni says Saisha doesn’t know what love is, we have to give her a reality check. Saisha cries. Samrat knocks door and asks what happened, tell me, open the door. Tara goes to call Avni. Kamini says this girl is not for you. KK says she is a nice girl, we love each other. Avni asks Saisha to open the door. Saisha says no, you have to talk to KK. Avni says my decision won’t change. Kamini says you know what’s happening, its a big game plan. I have given them time to respond. KK goes.

Sunehri says I will call Neil. Avni says no, I have been doing everything alone since 10 years, you won’t call Neil now. Saisha says if KK and I don’t unite, I will give up my life. Kamini says we have to convince Nilanjana for engagement, its imp, else people will think KK is a womanizer, scandal will end after engagement, PR will sell KK as romantic hero. Manmohan asks will that girl become bahu of this house. She says no, this is just a drama, we will present Saisha as a gold digger, KK’s fan following will increase because girls love a broken hearted man, KK must not know this, think how to convince Nilanjana.

Avni asks everyone to get back. She kicks the door open. Saisha gets shocked. Tara, Sitara and Sunehri recall the jail days. Prakash says I have just one photo of Avni, Shweta has hidden many things. Neil says I didn’t believe she left me, my search came to an end when I risked my life, that day Avni came to stop me, Avni cheated all of us, she left us, its enough. Shweta cries. Mowgli says you kicked like superwoman. Avni scolds Saisha. She throws a glass and says life also shatters like this glass, life is a gift, you are wasting it, think of those who want to live for family, no one has the right to end their life, live for those who love us, did you think for all of us. She asks Sunehri to take kids to room. Saisha hugs Avni. She says please talk to KK once, we both are serious. Avni gives her the phone and says call him.

Shweta says Avni doesn’t deserve our love. She throws the mangalsutra. She burns a pic. Neil stops her and takes the mangalsutra back.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ayesha_malhotra

    There is a limit for everything ! AvNeil are the main characters not KaYesha ! And yeah they’re planning to bring saisha’s pregnancy track ! Seriously ? So stupid ! I want to support Naamkaran but CVS are disappoint us a lot ! KaYesha track is so annoying

  2. In Today’s whole episode my mind was just wondering the pain of Khanna family…
    Prakash & Shweta’s love for DIL was just awesomely shown…
    Loved precap
    Ignore Saisha But loved to see old Avni on the way to return???
    On the whole episode was just fine & good…
    Tolerable as had Khanna family too???

  3. Ayesha_malhotra

    I only liked the Precap

  4. What?
    Shweta will hate avni now and then old days.

  5. Loved the episode but the Neil part and his family part. Really Neil ke Saath Saath khanna family ko BHI dard Diya avni be.shwetha aunty, Prakash uncle Bebe really love avni alot. Avni should not just apologies to Neil she should give some explanations to khanna family too and ask them for their forgiveness.
    I know she saved them from vidyut but just to save them she shouldn’t have betrayed them she should apologize to khanna family too.

    1. Sana.

      you are right. she should apologise to them even though she did it for their sake and at the same time they should also try to find the reason behind it instead of hating her as they know very well that avni loved them a lot and will go to any extend for them. she also underwent the same pain undergone by them. moreover for them she was death but its difficult for avni to stay away from her family which she loved most. each and every day she could have yearned for their love but can’t return back as situations bound her so tightly.

  6. Oh what a kick Avni gave…. Awesome…. And bechara Neil is fully in pain…
    But this foolish Saisha… ?

  7. Sana.

    i think we should clap cvs for this stupid track. saisha is a such an idiot who doesn’t know what is right and what is wrong. avni told him that she left him for him and his family then why he says that she betrayed them? he arrested avni for her sake without even tell her when avni came across the truth she understood him and forgave him. he arrested her for her sake alone but now she left him for 4 person’s she told him the reason too then why he refuse to understand her like she understood him.if his decision of sending her jail for 6 months for her sake was correct then her decision of leaving him for 4 person’s life also correct.i know 10 yrs leap is too much.he sent her jail for her sake alone but she left him for whole family. precap is shocking but happy that neil stops her.i think swetha will turn negative once again. she loved juhi first then after avni came she loved her and hated juhi and this time she loves mitali and will hate avni as she considers her a cheater who doesn’t deserve their love.instead of hating her why they are not trying to figure out the reason behind it? avni atleast tried to figure out the reason when he sent her to jail after figuring out neo is neil and why not they? i’m sorry to say like this guys. anyways i don’t have any interest to watch this crap at all.

    1. Sana USS saisha ke baare mein kyun baate Kar rahe hain hum it’s waste of our time even talking about her.

  8. Today’s episode was okay. It was really painful to watch Khanna family , of course they , including Neil love Avni a lot but what Avni did was intolerable . I think the makers should make the story sensible . It should focus on Avneil and not KK and Saysha . Kk and Saysha’s story is so stupid . I personally wanted Avneil together and all the misunderstandings away . For this Avni should be ready to come back and apologize and also explain to them why she did so . This could make the story on track again i think . It’s my opinion , it’s not necessary that everyone should agree .

    1. Lakshmi chandana advice don’t use double name’s or at least use two different email address. It’s clear you two are one.

  9. Today’s episode was okay. It was really painful to watch Khanna family , of course they , including Neil love Avni a lot but what Avni did was intolerable . I think the makers should make the story sensible . It should focus on Avneil and not KK and Saysha . Kk and Saysha’s story is so stupid . I personally wanted Avneil together and all the misunderstandings away . For this Avni should be ready to come back and apologize and also explain to them why she did so . This could make the story on track again i think . It’s my opinion , it’s not necessary that everyone should agree .

  10. I think today’s episode was far better than yesterday’s as today there was everything drama, emotional except romance. I specially loved the avni’s kick?. That kick was fantastic I think even daya of CID can’t open the door at once. At once I thought Neil’s lady don is back. Precap was amazing loved the way Neil stopped Shweta. And avoiding all the stupidity I think the episode was OK….

  11. I think swetha just lit the fire with avni ‘s things just to prove Neil love avni as we saw mitali calling her in the middle maybe to tell abt avni problem…otherwise she could have just thrown the matchstick to her things instead of holding in front of Neil and angering him..she things it is the best way to stop Neil..

    1. i hope its happens so as you told riya.

    2. Hope you are right….

  12. I hope avni will understand that without family is alone she can fight with enemy by taking support of her family not without them she must come again to his family n protect them from any problem she always fighted for her family n now she has the family but she is running from them very bad lvu avneil

  13. Deeyaana

    Wow make shaisha marry kk and throw her . Precap was good. When Avni goes after Neil in London track, please don’t send any one with her. We want Av Neil

  14. Ya Deeyaana you are right…

  15. Hey frnds you really love avneil na..?then do one thing don’t watch this episode on online bcoz due to low trp the show in the stage to go offair bcoz all are watching this show in hotstar or other app it loses its important in trp lavel so makers has no way than that of doing the cheap twist and tracks to play..if the trp gone high level than the show will go smoothly like before plz do it and make our nk awesome? foreever we can do it…..

  16. Can anyone please tell me who is Neil GF in real life?

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