Naamkaran 29th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 29th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Avni coming to hospital and asking the receptionist about Asha. The lady asks what’s your mumma’s name. Avni says Aisha Haider. The lady asks is there anyone with you. Fatima comes and asks Avni about Asha. The lady checks and asks is this your mumma’s phone. Avni and Fatima cry. Tiku comes crying and tells about Asha’s state. Avni talks to doctor. He says kids are not allowed, but I m allowing you, I know you will not like what you are going to see, but you have to be strong girl. Avni asks is my mumma fine. He asks her to wear mask. He takes Avni. Avni cries seeing Asha in ICU. Doctor takes Avni to show the baby. Avni gets happy and cries.

Fatima sees from outside and smiles. Avni takes her brother in her hands and hugs him happily. Dayaben gets the call and

throws phone. She gets many calls on landlines and mobiles. Hetal says you said you will stop release. Hasmukh asks what will you tell them, media is standing outside. Neela says I told you to tell Hemant, what will you tell him, talk to him, take the phone. Dayaben refuses to answer his call.

Avni sees Asha and cries. Tiku tells Avni about the accident. Ali and Avni read on internet about coma. She says I don’t know when will mumma wake up, doctor said she can wake up anytime or be like this forever. Ali asks are you feeling afraid. She says yes. He asks her not to worry. Avni says Asha, me and baby Aman will enjoy. Ali asks her to give party when Asha gets fine and comes home. Avni says mumma has to see Aman. Dayaben cries and tells her husband about her promise to him and Hemant to keep everyone happy and make Neela her bahu, what did this happen.

She says how can all this end so soon, no, this can’t end, I will not let this again. She recalls Daima’s words that Neela can never conceive. She asks Ketan about Ashish. Ketan says Ashish is drunk, he does not know all this, don’t go out, media is there. Media asks Dayaben why did you and your son do injustice with Asha and Avni, you have so much respect in society, why did you do this. Dayaben starts crying and says its said, mistakes done unknowingly can be forgiven, but I have done all this intentionally, maybe a mother got selfish, to cover up son’s mistake, I did wrong things, forgive me. Family looks on. Dayaben says I have done mistake, I promise to rectify my mistake, Asha and Avni will get justice, they will get family name as its their right, I will accept them and get them home. Neela looks on.

Media claps for Dayaben. Avni, Angie and Ali see this on tv. Ali asks what will happen now, will you and Asha stay there. Avni says no, we will never go there, Asha will get fine, we will go home, not Mehta house. Ali asks where are you going. She says Asha and Aman need me. She goes to Asha and tells I have changed 5 nappies of Aman in an hour, how can mumma do such things easily, Aman is very cute, his eyes are like you, big ones, he looks like Ashish. She talks to Asha. She cries seeing her. She tells about people liking their film, now Aman has also come, you get up soon, atleast for Aman.

Dayaben gets shocked seeing Hemant coming with Neela. She cries. He asks what bad did I do, did I misbehave with you, Ashish had his family, even then you made him marry Neela, you ruined many lives, I told you to change mindset, as you got money, you find yourself right. She apologizes to him. She says you are saying right, I did many mistakes, I regret. He gets unwell. He says you have given me much pain, you realized mistake, you have to rectify mistake, you do this, go and accept that family. Unite Ashish, Asha and Avni.

Asha says Avni… Avni says you woke up, I will call everyone. She asks doctor to come. Dayaben takes the boy. Asha cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Name kahan

  2. It’s not right aisa kya kr diya daya n jo media clap krne lgi it’s avni right to have a normal family like other children’s

  3. Super fast update ?

  4. Funny that the cvs got 6th months old baby to play newborn 0 day old baby… hahaha…

  5. indera sanichara

    Avni don’t let Dayaben take your brother show her the door and tell her your family will survive without her help.

    1. Amalina

      Yeah I agree

  6. So finally she(Dayavanti Mehta) regret hope to see happy ending..

  7. I can’t see the scene that evil chudel Dayavanti Mehta taking the baby from Asha. Where are the security systems in the hospital. Why was doctor hesitating to come to Asha when Avni was pleading to see Asha. Where did Asha’s mother and teeku go. Please writers give some happiness to Avni Asha and Ashish family. We can’t see troubled life always. Please unite them. Please show us the scenes that Dayavanti Mehta suffering to the core. She is still looking cruel. We are expecting that she should suffer like anything.

    Please note we want to see a normal family of Asha, Avni, aman and Ashish.

  8. I knew it, it’s not so easy to convince Daya despite the fact many people have been telling her to rectify her mistake which I think was a dram to cry in front of everyone and let everyone believe her although she still hates them and her mind can’t ever change it’s like someone has to be looking at her 24/7 because she still refuses and isn’t ready to accept Asha ki Avni. Even the one she worships Hemant scolded her and gave her a chance she doesn’t use that chance

  9. She stole avni’s brother and will replace it with neela – ashish baby. she is till a stone having had to be shouted at and still not learn a lesson now she took aman, that’s a nice name But THIS IS BAD AND DAYA HASN’T LEARNT HER LESSON AND STILL HAS HATRED, HEMANT HAS ALREADY SCOLDED HER AND WAS ABOUT TO HIT HER BUT SHE STILL REFUESES TO UNDERSTAMD. I mean she listened to Hemant about getting neela married and not Hemant wants her to unite her real family but SHE IS STEALING THE BABY. Yo I am so shocked after all this, her hatred hasn’t stopped but she needs to be absolutely proved wrong with Avni’s saying and Ashish, she doesn’t even listen to her own son. She needs a cricket back wacked on her head to make her feel better seriously this kind of attitude and treating an illegitimate girl badly isn’t the kind of woman with the power, she has to be destroyed please Mahesh so far so good but make a happy ending and only Daya should suffer and endure the pain that she has put avni through and give avni the life she deserves and no more suffering or enduring pain for avni

  10. Hope the family of asha, avni and asish reunites! 😀

  11. I cannot see Dayaben change she is a wicked witch if for her own children does care ruined their life no pity in her Avni should grow fast and teach her a lesson

  12. Krishna & Sayyam

    Who released the movie though ? Was it neela? Or chances r it could b Aladdin

  13. My God, i hope Dayaben doesn’t steal Aman and raise him in that house because he will become evil just like her. Been thinking, if Asha dies and I DON’T want her to, I know Neela will be a good mother to Avni and Aman, but that’s just wishful thinking. I think that Reema Lagoo is looking ?, I don’t like her in this role. Also, why did they use older baby to show a newborn? Writers, Tsk Tsk Tsk…… We the viewers, pay attention to details in the serials ……so be articulate in your presentation because we like what we view, to look as real as possible. You can’t choose your viewers so you have to bear with viewers like me and I say it as I see it!!!!

  14. I DO NOT TRUST that witch Dayaben. She can’t have a change of heart so quickly, nah……..she hates Asha and Avni to the core and Avni more so because Avni is made in her mold but on the good side and when she looks at her, she sees herself in the little girl.

  15. asha is going to die i think cause i have seen a part in youtube where avni is putting soil in asha’s grave

  16. Angelk1

    I hope Aladin comes back. He was a really fun character. Also they still didnt say who release the video. Its not ashish it had to be Aladin an he took her money an leave.

    Hopefully aisha refuse ashish an she stay strong for her kids.

  17. I hope asha gets her son and ashish come and stays with them in asha vni house like a normal loving family where dawanti wont be there

  18. swatee hemraz

    i just hope that asha does not die bcoz i watch the serial bcoz of ashish asha avni
    I want a good endingi want ashish be with asha
    I just hope dat daya does not go away with aman ..

  19. swatee hemraz

    where can i watch more upcoming epizode for naamkaran thnks

  20. Same here I too wnnn avnis normal family vala dream pura ho jaye….asha avni ashish new born happy family…..sooo plzz don’t make asha die…iff dis doesn’t happen der is no point to struggling WD dat witch daya…asha margayi tho bachoko maki taraha neela dekegi….lekin muje e bilkul nahi chahiye….I wnn asha ashis avni vala cute family chahiye ….

  21. If Daya was real I would literally kill her and make sure she had a painful death

  22. dreadful precap

  23. Avni what acting u are a star u look so good on screen and mature
    U gave dayavanti q good answer to all her touture keep it up

  24. Ofcos dat was all dram Daya dd infront of media…to show-off…Hop Neela returns baby Aman to ha mother n tells asha n avni y she got forcefully married. Big punishment is neela ashish n ha dad should desert ha n da henpecked ketan….Daya should b imprisoned wit ketan fo deya evil actions….Mahesh dont let evil win

  25. this is so sad,Asha’s death left me shocked. . Dayawanti is such a cruel character. . she went to kill Asha, after taking blessing from God. .so disappointing. .

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