Naamkaran 28th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 28th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Avni thinking how to gift something to Neil. Neela calls Avni. Avni says its strange, hotel people decorated the room, I felt so tensed and then this gift, why did I come here. Riya hears her. Neil says its dangerous for Raghu’s free roaming in city, we have to find it. Neela says this thing will always be your strength. Avni says fine, I will talk to you later.

Neil comes from washroom. Avni says I wanted to say something. Neil says no need to say thanks again, I will just come. She sees the gift and says I will write a letter for Neil. Riya says what is it, that Avni is writing a letter for him. Riya and Ali call out Neil and meet him. She tells about Ali’s coffee plantation deal. Ali says I had to talk to you. Neil gets a call and says I have some imp work, its good

you both came here, Avni won’t be bored, we will have dinner together. He goes.

Riya asks Ali to see Neil, he got happy seeing me, who works on honeymoon, see how he was getting DD’s calls, there is no love between them. Avni crushes paper and says what to write to him, its tough thing. She looks out of the window. She sees Neil with DD and says what is DD doing here. She goes out. Riya says where did she go, it means there is no one in room, this is the right chance. Ali goes in lift. Avni misses to see him. Riya comes in room and looks for gift. She gets the letter and calls Shweta. She says its happening as we planned, there are two single beds. Shweta smiles. Riya says Avni is writing a letter, there is a gift too, it will happen as we planned.

DD tells Neil about Raghu’s deal. Neil says its good thing, Avni should not know this, Ali and Riya are also here for some work. He goes. DD sees Avni. Riya asks Ali to come with him. She shows two single beds and flowers in bin. She shows letter and says I m sure Avni wrote this for you. She reads you have helped me a lot, else I would have broken. Ali reads it. He says this could be for Neil. She says he is with her, why would she write letter for him. She gives him gift. He recalls childhood moment and says I have to talk to Avni.

Neil sees Avni. Avni says honeymoon right, you fooled me well. Neil laughs. She gets annoyed and goes. She shouts Neil. Neil runs and sees her dupatta in pool. He jumps and gets the dupatta. He looks for her and shouts Avni. He says I was joking Avni, I m sorry, where are you. Avni and DD laugh. FB shows DD asking Avni to tell him what to do. They shake hands. Neil runs after her and catches her. She says leave me. Ali looks at them. Neil makes her fall in the pool. Riya gets shocked seeing them close. Ali says I can’t see all this, you still have doubt that they have nothing in between, they are so happy together, enough Riya. He goes. Neil and Avni have an eyelock. Mana ke teri maujudgi se…..plays…..Avni sneezes. They get out of the pool. Riya calls Shweta. She says our plan went wrong, they look very happy together, think something. Shweta says let me think. Riya says Neil asked DD to meet at night. Shweta tells her plan.

Riya calls reception and asks for shutting hot water and switching on normal water. Avni goes for bath and says why is hot water not coming. Riya asks Ali what about the two single beds. Ali says its their personal choice, I don’t want to know anything, I did not know they are so happy, I felt they have no connection, but I was wrong. Avni sneezes and says its your mistake. Neil gets soup. He asks her to think well next time. Neil says you are going away, law’s hands are long. She asks for any solution for her cold. He says we both will have this soup. She looks at him. He asks her to have soup than staring at him. He says you know Ali and Riya are also here.

She asks what and sneezes. He says I think you are sneezing because of these roses, I will keep this out. He keeps the bouquet out of the room. He asks Avni to rest, I will tell Ali and Riya to come to you for some time. She asks where are you going at this time. He says I m going for an imp meeting. Riya comes there. Neil says I was coming to you, can you sit with Avni for some time. Riya says of course, I will just call Ali and come. Riya goes to Ali. Ali says I m leaving, that’s it. Riya takes him. Neil leaves. Ali sees Neil leaving and Avni crying. Riya asks is Avni’s tears fake. Ali asks why was she crying, where was Neil going. She says everything is not fine between them, you should go and confess your love to Avni, go and propose her.

Ali says I have waited for you since 15 years, but not anywhere, I will tell you my feelings today. He sees Neil and Avni together and gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. May be he is taking advantage of your being no friends in the college so be stronger….. May Allah bless you…. with love and support from me….. we have come alone in this world and we have to fight for our own by ourselves….. hope you will feel better and took decision soon. I wish I could be with you there…. May Allah grant you success….

  2. Thought this serial is good unlike other serials but looking at the CVS this serial is also going on same dirty tracks like other serials. It will be better if avni goes out and lead a happy single life without bothering about others.

  3. Thanks Naz mam and Nishat apu for ur inspiring words.I will try my best to remove my shyness.Nishat apu the sir that told u to look at him while teaching did u look at him.Dont take me negative as my sir is only teaching me that’s why I asked.I mean I try to look but can’t.I just only listen to him. U know we have two teacher for each subject in our section.They teaches separately two chapters so that books can be finished soon .But sir started another chapter which is a great pressure on me as I have to read 3 chapters of same book together.Mim dear I pray that Almighty helps u to overcome this problem.Dont take this matter lightly.Dont ur father lives with u and from when are u staying in ur mama’s house.Mim I can understand ur pain of not having mother as my mother also lost her mom at 6 years.I will like to give u suggestions as both friend and sister that is the most important thing in ur life is study and work hard so that u become self independent.Sorry my dear friend for asking u personal questions.And it will be good if u tell this matter to ur father then ur father will tell to ur class teacher.If ur class teacher is friendly then tell him personally the matter .And have faith in Allah.He will of course protect u from bad eyesight but for this u have to pray from heart.Mim tell about ur results in SSC and how is ur study is going.Do u use any apps

  4. Naz mam u know if u were in my town na then I would go to your house to learn English, u r so Göôd at ït . I rëãd ìñ ëñglīsh medium school & also have a English tuition but I can’t speak like u!!!
    ????????in spoken English to mam

    1. Sure Alia, I would surely help you and the others here with the English language. English is the official language of the Caribbean. I was educated using the British model of English, in fact all in the Caribbean uses the British English. Americans pronounce most words with their accent, Australian pronounce their words differently with another accent but ours here, even though we don’t have British accent, our words are stiIl of British pronunciation… on each island of the Caribbean, English is modified due to culture, but when we write, we write nothing but the Queen’s English… So, my dear little friend, I wish I was living there, I would surely have a class of students such as our friends here on this forum with whom I have been chatting with for the past month or so… Thanks for your endorsement, if you like how I write, I’m so sorry that I’m unable to teach you as well…

  5. Alia where do you live I mean in West Bengal Calcutta or somewhere else…

    1. I don’t live in Kolkata actually, due to my father’s job we r living in malda. Actually it has been 6yrs our stay r here!!
      Can I know from where u r?

      1. I live in near Durgapur

  6. Mim… My heart goes out to you because of the loss of your mother. Women are strong and mothers can bring up kids on their own, fathers are more likely to bring in a step-mom into kids life and while some step-moms are caring and good, some aren’t, so I understand that you don’t have your own mom to confide in and I feel for you. You are surely one beautiful and impressive young woman, that’s why your male teacher has his lecherous eyes on you so talk to someone you trust implicitly and alert them if your situation becomes a problem. I lost my dad 20 years ago and I miss him even to this day so I know what you are feeling at your mom’s loss. May Allah give you strength to conquer all your fears and I wish you success in EVERYTHING that you do from today onwards …

    1. Naz di thanx for your words!
      We find very less people like u in our life!
      Di u know today is my Hindi essay writing competition & tomorrow English essay writing competition. U know i have got prize in class-4,6,&7 for Hindi essay but I have never got prize in English 1 ,actually once I got in spelling but Not in essay ??

      Di I think u can be busy tomorrow so I want your blessings because tomorrow is a very special day 4 me!!!
      (Not due to essay actually)

  7. Naz mam I have always wanted a educated person like you with me who can understand the situation well and suggest everything according to the modern world coz in my family there is no one who thinks with modernity and look at the fate I find you here in a social media forum which I have never used before but I can assure you one thing that in future If I became a suc perssuccessfulpand earns good than surely I’ll meet you….. In India or in Carribean…… Coz from my childhood I wanted to tour the world and I know that my family background is not that good so I am trying hard in studies ..Insha Allah I will get success

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