Naamkaran 28th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Saisha refuses to sing

Naamkaran 28th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Neil seeing Avni. Tere dar par….plays… He says life gets meaningful when you are around. Avni drops a rose there. She leaves with the children till Neil turns away. Neil then looks for Avni. The people rush to meet KK. KK asks what’s wrong with you, I saw you doing stunt on stage, its dangerous, do you have any idea, do stunts with proper safety wires, you need a bandage, come with me. Neil says its okay, I m fine, keep quiet and leave me alone. KK says your wish. He takes selfies with fans. Neil foes on the stage. He closes eyes and says you come to save me at the time of danger, if you really want to save me, come to me whenever I call you, caress me. He opens arms.

Mowgli picks the rose. He sees Neil. Neil says you are here again. Mowgli says thanks for

saving us from Jaan didi’s side. Neil takes the rose and says Jaan didi…. why is this flower different from others. Avni asks kids are they fine. The kids say we are fine. Saisha says event will happen tomorrow, rehearsals cancelled because of that accident. Mowgli says he was our friend. Samrat says you got this wound, sit. Samrat and Saisha do the aid. Tara and Sitara ask kids to have the juice. Sunehri says just a fan fell down, this was just an accident. Avni says no, it was a plan, the people who broke our house have done this, this time they came to hurt these kids, I can’t let them get hurt, I have to save them. Sunehri asks will you withdraw name from competition. Avni says no, we will rent a house with the prize money, all of us will stay there, we will go away from these people forever, there is no mental peace here. Sunehri says something can happen if you want. Avni says no, I want what I have chosen, I have chosen their safety.

Sunehri says goons don’t change locality, but there are goons in every locality, what will we do, will we keep running. Avni says we will see when that happens. Saisha asks where will we run and why. KK says preparations were so bad, contact the ministry and ask them to initiate curfew. Doctor treats Neil. Neil says I m fit and fine, stop the drama. KK says if I sell you in shares market, you will break all records, you know your value, you are my bro and friend. Neil says you want me to do stunts right. KK says yes its my first action movie, this stunt will change industry. Neil says I need some peace of mind, be quiet. KK says as you say brother.

Neil gets DD’s call. DD says I m coming to meet you. Neil says we will give her a surprise. KK asks surprise, for whom, that special friend right. Neil says friend. KK says she is just my friend, this line sounds good in films, tell me, I m your bro. Neil says okay bro, I will meet you on shoot, don’t follow me. He goes. KK says I will make this angry young man a romantic hero like me.

Saisha stays annoyed. Avni says few things aren’t in our hands, we are helpless. Sunehri says we will block your wrinkles, we will have fun. Saisha says stop changing topic, how can you do this, we won’t go anywhere. Avni says I took this decision for everyone’s safety. Saisha says fine, I won’t sing then, else you will have to promise me that we won’t leave this house, we will hire a lawyer, I will not sing. Avni says I don’t like blackmail. Saisha says I m not a coward like you, I had stage fear, but I fought with fear as it was imp for you, can’t you fight with your fear for all of us, I will not sing. She goes.

Its morning, KK waits for performances. Sunehri worries for Saisha. KK claps for others. Lady says we will meet after 5 mins break. Avni says I met a lawyer, we can save our house, Saisha will be happy, our Sukoon house will be with us. Sunehri says Saisha isn’t coming. Avni asks what do you mean. Sunehri says Saisha didn’t agree. Avni says no, we must keep hope, Saisha will come. Neil claps for contestants. Avni calls Saisha. She asks Saisha to come and perform. Saisha says I will not come. Neil says I have to leave, you had to judge the function, have fun. Saisha scolds Avni. Avni says all of you are imp to me. Saisha says I know you are lying, you have just used us to earn, you are a loser, you didn’t get love and can’t see others getting love, you order us to dance, how selfish. Saisha is at gunpoint, along with Tara and Sitara. She thinks I m so sorry. She says I just hate you, I don’t want to live on your terms. Avni says come for others’ sake. Saisha says no, withdraw name from competition, come to save us and prove love, sing yourself, but you have no courage. She thinks Avni sings and listens to her heart.

Neil stops and hears Avni singing on the stage. He doesn’t see her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wow another good episode.loved Neil kk part the most.strange but when Neil is with kk he becomes filmy today the way they imitated DDLG hero both Neil and kk imitated just like that hero.i don’t thinking Upto some days CVS or naamkaran team are not yet ready to bring avni infront of neil.anyways whenever they bring avni infront of neil that episode will be rocking and when Neil come to know the things he is getting, first money thanks written on it and then rose? he was given, is none other than his avni has given him I want to see his reaction on that day.the person who is playing Neil character is really doing a great job sorry I forgot him name.the reactions he has shown on stage I really love them.

    1. Sana.

      He is zain imam. I totally agree with you he is just awesome. Anyone please tell me to whom neil want to give surprise? Is it mitali or avni I mean jaan di.

      1. Fatmi

        It’s Mitali. ..I saw a post on Insta

      2. Wait… Wait… Wht surprise r u talking abt??

    2. Fatmi

      His Name is Zain Imam

    3. Thank u both fatmi and Sana sayingthat actor name .yeah Zain senpai is doing great job.

  2. Love Abbie. Please writers don’t test our patience. Now they should meet and ple we don’t want Sana or Mitali. If it’s Ali and dd then it is OK but no one else and till avniel meet each other and complications end between them

  3. Avniel

  4. Sana.

    Omg what an episode. Neil’s expression on stage is awesome and kk-neil’s conversation is superb. Finally we can see dd tomorrow and now two double letter comedy pieces kk and dd will rock its gonna be interesting. First neil get rs.500 note and now rose from his beloved avni. Very much excited for their face off. Don’t bring mitali to create rift amid avneil instead make her help them as we have already fed up of love triangle and obsessive love track and can’t tolerate it anymore.

  5. I just hope see her or cant he tell from her voice maybe Saisha will recognize him

  6. Sana.

    Don’t show avni see mitali and neil together and misunderstand that he is moved on its common in every TV soaps don’t imitate that. I gave last chance to nk thinking that there will be no mess ahead. If this cvs keep on showing repeated track or over smart twists means then definitely I will bid bubye to nk and this time I’m very serious.

  7. Hey guys,
    I feel that now the naamkaran writers should make avneil meet and accept each other and max to max face one more problem which they solve together with the help of family. Then the story should end as a ideal story.

    There should not be any love triangles or anything.  The serial must not bring any more problems in avneil ‘s life as life is not always full of problems I accept life has challenges but that doesn’t mean it will go on forever . Life is surely beautiful and enjoyable and we must enjoy it. Problems in life do come to an end ans so should happen in avneil ‘s life . So I suggest the show should end after showing us reunion of avneil and a small social problem to which they both fight together.

      Don’t take me wrong but for me a good story is that which has a definite start and end. This story had a great start (after first leap) and then there were great events, we got to know about each character of story very well. We understood each emotion of the character then it may be hatred, care , selfless love, insecurities or  friendship. Every role played by every character was perfect. There were many challenges in the story as well. Many twists and turns which made the story more interesting and lovable . I started seeing this serial since small avni grew up… the serial has always given the least expected shock to its audience . Things which we never expected always happened.
    The show showed us a great couple avneil , a great mother like neelam maa , great friend as ali, a great perfect family full of love, masti, like Neil’s family. At last they also showed us how can a person  who has lost way can also come on tracks(aman).

    Every element of this story was great but now it must end somehow.  Seeing the past also we can say some of the great serial like iss pyaar ko kya naam doon ,kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi and many more have achieved their target and we’re successfully only when they finished their story on their own rather than not because of fall in trp. I guess a show like naamkaran ending because of trp is a shameful thing and the shoemakers must understand this. And for avneil we must expect them to see in some new show which has new concept, and they can show their magic there.

    1. Aditi don’t know what you are talking about but we are so over it.

  8. Bakwas show

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