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Naamkaran 28th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Neela saying I can never conceive, you will get fruit as per your deeds. Dayaben says no, this can’t happen, I will call my Daai, she will see you, don’t worry, I will not let this happen. She goes. Avni shouts and asks Asha about Aladin. He says where did he go. Aladin says he went, don’t worry, he will get fine. Ali says just 15 mins. Avni says it means I have 30 mins, its half movie. Ali says Angie has half movie. Angie comes and says mum went out, house is locked. Ali says we want laptop. Angie says mum will not come till afternoon. They break the door lock by taking Angie’s permission. They look for laptop.

Ashish sits to work and has wine bottle on table. Dayaben comes. Ashish asks her to sit with him, its day to celebrate. He drinks and says sorry, I m

a proud father. Dayaben smiles and thinks film will not release. Avni gets laptop and gets the film in hard disk. Fatima says thank God, you got it, go fast. Angie says Avni you have to go in press conference. Asha says I will take it. Fatima asks Tiku to go with Asha, I will go with Avni. They all leave. Asha says Avni, your courage and dedication makes you different from everyone, say everything by heart, I m proud of you. Avni kisses and hugs Avni. She says I love you, take care. Asha and Tiku leave in taxi. The men see her and call Dayaben to inform. Dayaben asks how can this happen, they have film, I will pay you any amount, but that disk should not reach digital office. She gets angry.

Tiku asks Asha not to worry, we will reach on time. Avni comes for the press conference. Fatima smiles seeing her. The goons follow Asha. They stop at the signal. Dayaben is worried at home. Avni and Fatima get pics clicked. The reporters ask Avni is this real life story or a sting operation, how did she get such idea. Avni recalls Asha’s words and says this film is my life story, this story is of that all kids whom society did not give rights, its not just a film, its request, give us chance to live with our self respect. The goons race and hit the taxi. Asha and Tiku meet with an accident. Avni feels restless and says I felt like mumma came. Fatima says she will come. Fatima gets a call. Avni says I dedicate this film to all the kids like me, and to my mumma Aisha Haider, my mum is my mother and father, I m proud of her.

Fatima tells Avni to talk on phone. Avni gets shocked and says I will call you back. Fatima asks what happened. Avni says mumma did not reach with hard disk, I will call her. She calls Aisha. The goon calls Dayaben and says accident got severe one, we got hard disk but I think that woman will not survive. Dayaben gets glad and takes it light. She goes to Ashish and says your wait will go waste. She shuts his laptop. Ashish smiles.

Tiku rushes Asha to hospital. Tiku prays. He calls Avni. Avni asks where is mumma. She gets shocked and cries. She tells Fatima about Aisha and runs. Fatima asks her to listen. They leave. The distributor calls Avni and says congrats Avni, hard disk reached in last minute, movie is doing too good, wait and enjoy your success, all the best. Avni tells Fatima that that man said, the movie released. Fatima says how did it reached, Asha did not reach there. Avni asks will mumma get fine. Fatima says yes.

Dayaben gets shocked on hearing sound. She sees the film airing on internet. She gets shocked. Ashish smiles. He asks Dayaben to see Avni’s movie, Avni is a superstar, she is very determined, she does what she says, like you, the difference is Avni’s intentions are good, now none can stop her from earning her name, she will make Mehta family name shine, people will know us because of Avni, she will make your name shine. Dayaben throws the laptop.

Hetal and Hasmukh ask what will we do now. Neela asks Dayaben to answer Hemant now. Avni smiles and takes her brother in hand. Dayaben tells media that she will get Asha and Avni home and go justice.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. lakh koshish kar le duniya maarne wale se bachane wala bada hota hein.Movie is superhit.What a twist…

  2. Shivika__Oberoi

    Hip hip hurrayyyyy…!!!! Film released… M like “Dil garden garden ho gaya… DM ka tota urr gaya re dil garden garden garden…”

    P. S DM means dayavanti mehta

  3. wow great finally avani done it..she won and defited to dayaben

  4. Tvfan1

    Guys latest spoilers say that aisha/asha will die and avni takes the responsibility of her brother

  5. Angelk1

    I knew Aladin wouldnt do that. He tricked daya an took her money. I guess for the movie. But where is Aladin? An daya is gonna bring avni home with her. Somethings not right

  6. So ashish probably sent the hard drive. Dayaben plotting again.

  7. Heart touching epi i can’t control my tears

  8. Heart touching epi i can’t control my tears awesome avni rock

  9. Swati Pathania

    Heart touching epi i can’t control my tears awesome avni rock

    1. Why are you also going by the name “life snowy”? You do know that it’s your entitlement to post as many comments as you wish under your same color ID, right? You don’t need to use another name……

  10. Superb episode, but wish someone slaps this dirty oldie..

  11. Lovely episode. I want asha and alladin to get married. I’m sure he is the one who gave harkdisk. Waiting for tmrw episode. Superb show in starplus currently.

  12. kill this dayaben enough of cruelness she’s a bad wich

  13. Ok the movie is released. Now please end this serial

    I want to see Diya Aur Baati Hum 2

  14. I prayed fr the movie release…my wish full filled….my one more wish plzz don’t let asha die..

  15. Emotional episode and a brave thing for Avni to fufil her promise to Daya and she succeeded towards making the promise to make Mehta name shine. Mahesh Bhatt including the moral of this story is that power never lasts long with what Daya was having authority over money and influence of her pride and arrogance and Daya didn’t use power/money effectively. The only effective use of her wealth was to stop Avni from shining like a star. This means that she is very selfish and doesn’t want Avni to be better that her, despite the fact she refused to keep avni and asha in her house. I’m not saying it’s Ashish’s fault, but she wasn’t kicking Ashish out of the house and punishing Avni and Asha by not letting them live with respect. She knows that Avni has the talent and self esteem to become a successful person, therefore, with her wealth and prosperity she tried to cease many hurdles and difficult obstacles to prevent Avni from achieving higher than her dreams and ability to think for an outstanding future. But the name is in the world outstanding: she exceeded above her promises and put Daya in her right place and fulfilled both her promise to asha and daya. I literally cried throughout watching the emotional best show ever. Mahesh Bhatt portrays Avni as a determined person with dedicated intention of goodness. Although, Avni has suffered a lot and endured a lot of pain by daya, (especially now her mother is dead and her father is already dead to her as he married Neela) it’s daya’s turn to stop winning and her hatred should be exposed by this movie. I’m thinking that non of this would’ve not happened if she only accepted asha and avni in the first place instead of now facing Hemant and making him die when she really wanted to please him. She is just trying to make plots because she knows that Avni is going to win anyway and she frightened of Avni or why else would she threaten her, she is cheating and making horrible incidents, almost attempting to murder them both while Avni is letting life live by allegedly facing hardship in her life.

  16. As you have seen in my previous comments, Naamkaran is the best show currently in star plus along with the chemistry of shivika in Ishqbaaz. I really would want yo know if Asha has really died, if she has then Avni will not have her mother’s support, neither her encouragement because when Avni gave up, her mother was her only hope and Asha felt that Avni needs a boost so she promised Avni to make her name shine like she said it and prove it to Daya that she is worth more than her hatred and that prove Daya that power doesn’t last long and can always be defeated if money is handled in the wrong way and not helping others is much worse and Avni is related to her by ashish obviously and yet she still refuses to keep Avni because of the amount of himmat and courage she has and she is not ordinary like all child but she is extraordinary and she has got that successful talent if she acts upon it and stays focus on her career, doing it for her mum. Also I think that Ashish has put the hard drive or Aladin. Maybe both of them worked together in making Avni successful and happier than what she ever wanted in her life she wanted freedom and by that she doesn’t want hatred but to only be accepted in the correct way possible which is by Daya asking for forgiveness and apologising for all the hardship and stress she has built and put on Avni and made the lille girl work like child labour when she already has lost her loved ones and still is carrying more plot and murder and putting that weight on Avni’s back, creating misery for Avni and tricking her to succeed. When she challenged Avni, she meant by cheating Avni and not challenging her but defeating her with money, so she didn’t play it fairly. I mean seriously, the one with more influence and prosperity, her grandmother, I mean truly this isn’t setting a great example to any of her grandchildren and she obviously isn’t a role model for anyone to look up to, even her own son hates her, as a result he keeps on drinking instead of hearing his mother’s false words and lies and nafrat/hatred.

  17. Daya sow what u have reapen. Despite the fact, Avni has faced daggers, wounds and severe injury and critical stabs in the back by Daya and losing loved ones inside her heart and outside away from her now, she has succeeded her challenge and defeated Daya by her film release which is very successful. She made Mehta name shine more than Daya and Daya only wanted to please a noble man who is going to die anyway and Avni has the talent and is still young even then Daya still has to lie and trap both his son, wife and grandchildren. Why doesn’t she understand that she isn’t always going to win this game, it’s not a lottery that is fought but it’s her own relation and she takes family name, well Avni is part of her family that she isn’t able to comprehend, worser that that she isn’t able to accept and tries to play a daring game by attempting and almost murder and horrible incidents

    1. Dark blue, you and I did predict very early before Avni ever thought about making the film, that one day this girl will be someone big one day and Mehta family will be recognized by virtue of little Avni. Only sad thing, is that when the years leap,we won’t be seeing her again and whoever is doing her role, will have very big shoes to fill with the temperament, compassion and determination with which this little actress has defined Avni’s character. I so like this little girl, my dear, whatever vocation you do in the future, I wish you ALL success. You are doing a superb job on Naamkaran, you have grown on all of us…. Blessings to you.

  18. Wow this serial is becoming more and more better

  19. Seriously why did Asha get killed of, there was no justice for her at all. I’m sorry writers even I could have come up with a better asha… Scenario

  20. indera sanichara

    Ha ha ha Dayaben you loose. Avni congratulation you did it. Best serial on show right now. Writers thanks for showing a wonderful drama that makes single mothers proud, thank you.

  21. Oh thank goodness the film is released. I think it’s Aladdin who is behind the release of the film……hopefully so. Emotional episode. Mr Bhatt, please don’t kill off Asha ‘s character. It would be wonderful for Avni to share her success and future ones as well, with her mother, It’s justifiable and we’ll deserved they have been through so much together, at most times, Avni has been both friend and support for her mother.

  22. Devga

    Awesome episode….. I felt satisfied THT I am watching a grt show…. Hw much evr the society or world makes u fall down…. There r at least .1 percent of good people who will make u stand up. . . . . . . . . Avni u r great…. U film is super duper hit…..

    Aladin should come back….. I think he is guilty of being in side of daya and still he has helped avni complete the film but backed off at last moment…..

    But I feel he is the one who has given hard disk ….

    Neela u nailed it lady…. The way u said our deeds will affect us more badly …. Let daya suffer but u r not at all the person to suffer …. Anyways to make daya suffer u r a toy frm God…. Don’t worry u have avni and Aman….

    This born baby shows the near death of ashish …. Ashish wil die soon ….

  23. Please don’t let Asha died

  24. I don’t think asha will die….

  25. Superb…. Episode…congratulations avni. ????? Iam eagerly waiting for today’s episode

  26. Superb…. Episode…congratulations avni. ????? Iam eagerly waiting for today’s episode

  27. Please dont kill asha! I want avni to have a normal family with asha and asish, killing asha will jst ruin this? but yes the movie got released amd i think its asish who got this movie released!

    1. Which blo*dy ashish, i wouldnt wish that weak a husband on even my enemy, the only good thing that came out of that relationship are the children, such a sorry excuse for a partner, father and man. Im sorry but he(ashish) really irritates my spirit. lol

  28. superb…hip hip hurray…..
    i think aladin or neela behind this…

  29. This shouldn’t happen if aasha will die then dayanvati maheta will win plzz writers don’t do this this will injustice will asha’s character

  30. Today epi is not that much good best part is avni with his little brother i think daya has some plan plzzzzz writers don’t killed asha character

  31. Neeli did that I think

  32. I think neela gave d hard disk

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