Naamkaran 27th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Neil saves Mowgli

Naamkaran 27th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Avni opening the door. Everyone gets in shouting attack. They don’t see Neil. They see window open. Samrat says maybe he is professional kidnapper. Neil and KK argue. Neil says it was my day off today. KK says you work for me, I will decide your offs and working days, I will make sure my decisions are one which makes you happy. Neil says stop calling me bro. KK says please become my bodyguard, how will it look if KK goes to press conference alone. Neil says fine I m ready. He says how people make such guys hero.

Avni says I was thinking to make cake. Sunehri says no, you were thinking of the goon, try to understand, this is not your fear, its your suppressed anger, get the brave Avni out of you, the Avni who saved all of us in jail, who fights against evil. Avni says

Avni didn’t gain anything by being brave, I lost the people she loved, she misunderstood hatred to be strength and lost lost, Nilanjana’s world is here with you all, this is my life now, their happiness and better wife, you may think I m a coward, I want Neil and my perfect family to stay happy, I want perfect life for kids. Sunehri says world lost a fighter because of your decision, these kids are lucky. Avni says no, I m lucky to have these kids, I will never let them become a curse, these kids will make their own identity, work is bigger than name, their kids will do such work that world salutes them, I m ready to stay as coward. Sunehri says no, you are more brave than us.

Samrat asks are you annoyed, I attacked to protect all of us. Avni says okay, next time call police, understood. KK is at press conference. Saisha sees the news and says my KK, he is so cute. KK says I m doing an action movie, surprise element is I will be doing all the stunts. Avni asks Saisha to stop watching tv and study. She asks is this your KK. Saisha says don’t say anything to KK. Avni says give me remote, switch off the tv, you already know a lot about him, focus on performance, we will practice later. Saisha says I m very irritated, I m elder when I have to become responsible, I m kid when I have to follow rules. Avni switches off the tv.

Its night, KK rehearses the lines. He gets stuck and says no, its fault of the lines. Neil says I thought you were king of romance, I guess I was wrong. KK says come here and do it if you like commenting. Neil takes the script and tells the lines. He recalls Avni and his words. He says the lines by heart. KK says wow, superb, well done, tell me the truth, whom do you remember while saying this. Neil goes. KK says he read it so well, I like it. Avni sees Saisha upset. Sunehri says we can get a lot of things if we win the contest, we will stay here. Avni apologizes to Saisha and says I know you will sing all by your heart, because we are a team. Saisha hugs her. Saisha rehearses. Avni says I hope something good happens tomorrow. Neil thinks Avni I m coming again to meet you tomorrow, I hope you stay with me for longer time.

Its morning, lady says rehearsals will happen until KK comes. Saisha gets excited. Lady asks what do you mean KK isn’t coming. The man says KK is busy in shoot. The lady gets angry. Saisha says this isn’t fair. Neil is with KK. Lady comes to meet him. Neil asks what happened. Lady says our madam has sent me, KK had promised to come in our program, people have come and KK isn’t coming, please bring him. Neil says don’t worry, he will be there.

Avni says don’t worry, you will win. Goon says we don’t have to let them win, else they will not vacate the house. KK says chill, they will call someone else. Neil says fine, wait here, your stunt is tough, you will get fan following if you get saved after the stunt. Avni asks Mowgli to come to her, he will fall down. Kids dance on floor. Neil comes there. He says its time for KK to fulfill commitment. The fan gets loose. Avni asks Mowgli not to run on stage. He says I want to dance. She lets him go. She goes aside. Neil sees Mowgli on stage. He sees the fan bolt getting removed. Avni’s specs fall. Neil runs and saves Mowgli. He turns and the fan falls down. Avni gets hurt and turns away. Neil falls down the stage. Neil sees Avni on stage. Tere dar par sanam…..plays….

Sunehri says don’t think much, it was just an accident. Someone beats the goons. Avni says this was a plan, not any accident.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I like this episode too and i don’t believe Neil will think he is just imagining her. but I can’t understand one thing why did avni get hurt on hand because there is no reason to get her injured. is Neil is going to get any sign seeing the blood on floor after this accident that she is not just his dream but avni is really there at that place where he saw her.

    1. yes I agree with u and also I guess Sana entering the show news is true but what is the reason to her to come back in the show because another love triangle people are not going to like that then why.there are enough people are there in this show up to now,bringing another more characters what will they achieve and how they are going to manage these many people because Upto now they are showing, most of scenes are about avni orphanage children and they are showing less about that kk guy and about Neil too .these two kk Neil are appearing like some movie heroes who came to promote their film in public and now mitaali character how will they manage these many people at a time.not even ishqbaaz able to do such kind before even they tried.even ishqbaaz team tried to show so many people at one place but they failed and how does naamkaran is going to manage these many people in this show. on top of that every character is important to this show in their own way.

      1. Even dd will be returning. In Instagram Sana Amin Sheikh aka Mithali have posted a pic of the trio (Zain, Sana and Jahaan) with a caption the cops squad and when posted the same pic again she captioned it as rejoining the force Naamkaran

  2. And naamkaran team if this matter doesn’t relate to trp I would have never asked that question.

  3. Love avniel .Hope niel gets to know that avni is alive soon

  4. So sana finally enters the show in the precap..I don’t know why they bring in too many characters. …Sana’s entry wasn’t needed…I don’t want her to be behind neil. ..she can be paired with ali or dd..let avneil live in peace. ..

    And now enough of hits and misses …let avneil reunite! Aur hits and misses toh har serial me hote h aap kuch alag karo cvs aur avneil ko mila do

  5. Also there’s an upcoming holi sequence in nk…excited for it

  6. Sana.

    Today’s episode is awesome. I heared that mitali will be the psycho lover who loves Neil madly and wants to get him at any cost. I don’t want this to happen. I don’t want another love triangle or obsessive love. Now only we get relieved from vidyut’s track phir se math shuru karna. Fingers crossed for next episode. Excited for avneil’s face off.

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