Naamkaran 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 27th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dayaben thinking of Avni and Neela’s words. She sees Amol. Diksha asks what happened, did you get heart attack. Dayaben says when person gets busy in solving all problems together, he loses his senses. Diksha says I know it, so I end the fear reason, be it cats or Hemant, if there is no fear, mind won’t get tired, simple. Dayaben says I m tired and need rest, go. Diksha goes. Dayaben says my mad daughter gave me good idea, she iss right.

Avni sits upset and sees all kids having food. A boy takes Avni’s plate. Rathore stops him and signs him to keep it back. He goes to Avni and says even animals fight for rights, we are humans, if you don’t fight, it shows your weakness, you have pain and anger in eyes, use the anger in right way, it will teach you to win over

fears, have food.

Dayaben meets a goon and says she is the girl whom you have to kill. Goon asks this girl, I have taken big people supari, you are asking me to kill this girl, if people know this, they will lose my fear and make fun of me. She says I will pay more. He says no, you make someone else do this work. She asks why, because she is young girl. He says yes. She says even snakes and scorpion have kids, but we are scared by their poison, we thinks its sensible to kill them, this girl is a devil, I felt she is innocent and young, but she tried to ruin my family. He asks price. She says double, I m killing a devil. She gives him money. He checks and smiles. She says its just shagun. He asks do I have to kill her in jail. He says no, I did arrangements to get her out, I did arrangements to shift some kids to Nasik, there is jungle on the way. He says your work will be done. She says till I don’t see her dying. I won’t get peace and you won’t get money. He sees Avni’s pic.

Avni talks to a boy. The boy says I will miss Rathore, will you become my friend, we will have fun. Rathore signs on the file. The boy says I wish we get more tasty food there. Avni thinks of Ali and cries. Rathore tells the kids that they are getting shifted to new place, hope they stay happy, its imp to become a good person, I will miss everyone, all the best. He sees Avni and asks her to always be strong, darkness ends by sunlight, take care, I will see you soon. He sends the kids.

Dayaben comes home. Diksha says I m finding you since morning, I was worried, whom did you go and meet. Dayaben says I will do entry in your diary. Diksha says you are taunting me. Dayaben lies. Diksha says you are lying, tell me the real thing. Dayaben says spare me, I have much work to do. Diksha says you went driving along, tell me what’s the secret. Dayaben says let secret be a secret. She gets a call from constable. He says kids are getting in bus, the bus will leave for Nasik. Dayaben smiles.

Diksha says I will find the secret, I m your daughter. Avni leaves in the bus. Neela comes to remand home. Dayaben informs the goon. She gets shocked seeing Diksha and scolds her. She refuses to tell Diksha. Diksha says I always supported you, what’s the new game, shall I help you, why did I get you from mental hospital, leave from here. Diksha takes her phone and goes.

Neela asks about Avni. She meets inspector Rathore. He says Avni got shifted, I got orders yesterday night, she is shifted to Nasik remand home, you can meet her there. She says why Nasik, something is wrong. He says don’t worry, my team is with her, I m also leaving for Nasik, Avni is fine, who are you. She says I m her mom. He says but her info had… She says that she killed her mum, no, she is innocent and can’t even hate anyone, she is trapped by some wrong people, I m her stepmom, but she is my daughter. He says fine, you do one thing, come Nasik tomorrow, I will make you meet her, I will go and check did kids reach there safely. She says wait a min, will you help me, can you give this to her when you meet her. He takes the Lord idol and says fine, but this is just a stone for her, she does not believe in Lord. She says I know her belief ended, even then I have belief that maybe her belief can come back, she can see Lord in this, will you give this to her. He says sure. She thanks him. He goes.

Diksha checks Dayaben’s phone and says such an easy password, I will see how Maa hides her secret, Maa is clever, she has cleared the number details, I will find out. She calls on some number and asks who is it. Dayaben says your Maa and comes there. Dayaben asks whom did you call, tell me, this is my phone and that’s also my phone, the number you dialled is also my number, I m more smarter than you, as I m your mum, don’t act smart with me, if you go hospital this time, I will not get you out. She goes.

Diksha says I learnt from Maa to find out the truth any way. Avni is on the way. The kids sing songs. Dayaben’s goon follows the bus and sees Avni at the window side. The boy sees Avni crying and says I know you are missing your mum, I did not see my mummy ever. The goon aims at Avni.

The boy asks Avni to play with them. Goon aims at Avni. Rathore is on the way. Avni gets up from her seat and goes to play. Goon shoots.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hope nothing happens to avni. Wish aman was not with dayaben. Will he remember his sister. When is the leap, does anyone know?

  2. what a bakwaas … director how much injustice avni will have to tolerate….bakwaaas bakwaas

  3. i wish all goes well which it is I’m loving this drama well done Mahesh ur a real hero thanks

  4. Aditi rathore is going to play the role of grown up avni. i think leap will be shown after few days.

    1. Syedul

      I can’t wait till the leap . N I’m gettin boref now

  5. Very sad episode. How Dayaben gets away with all this. Where is Aashis?

  6. SHILPY agarwal

    when this rubbish comes to end

  7. I don’t know why Indian directors can’t make good series they can make only emotional trap serials. In Start it was good but just after a month they turned into stupidity extending like anything . Worst.

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