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Naamkaran 27th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with girl Riya telling Dayaben and Ketan that they are also in the movie, even Hemant is in Avni’s movie, the shoot happened in our house. Dayaben says its impossible. Riya says I have seen that scene when you did not let Avni take Ashish. Dayaben recalls and says from today, all my hope is from you, go and rest now. She asks Ketan to learn from Riya. She says Avni is very smart and courageous. Fatima, Aladin and everyone suggest names for baby. Avni says just mumma will decide. Asha says we already decided. Avni says that’s girl name, we have to decide boy’s name.

Dayabne asks Neela to sign on papers to stop the finance. Neela says I already stopped finance 4 months ago. Dayaben says film got completed, you have to cut tree from roots, not branches, if this film releases,

Hemant will die by shock. She acts in front of Neela and asks Neela to think of Hemant. She asks Neela to do this fast and goes. Neela looks on. The man tells Avni and Aladin not to worry, the film will release, after seeing the super trailer, I think film will earn 2-3 crores, you will get 50%. Avni says I just want 20%. Aladin asks what are you saying. Avni says give me 20% advance and keep the rest of the earnings. The man says I can’t give you advance, if film goes in loss… She says business rule is to take risk. He signs the cheque and gives her.

Ketan asks Dayaben did Neela sign. He checks papers. Dayaben says now go to Asha and Avni, and give the papers, asking them to stay in limits, I wish I could see their faces. Avni says see my face, but not today, tomorrow at 12pm. Dayaben asks her to show papers to lawyer, he will explain you. She gives papers to Avni. Avni asks her to think why she came here. Avni says I came to meet Neela, not you, call Neela. Dayaben asks her to see Neela’s sign, no need to beg to Neela now. Neela comes there.

Avni thanks Neela and says my film would have not started without you, its time, you take your money back. They get shocked. Avni gives her the cheque. Avni tells Dayaben that she has no right to say anything. She gives papers back to Dayaben. Dayaben says you did film shooting in my house without my permission, you have to pay big price for this, I will stop the film release and trap you and Asha in laws, you and Asha will cry now. Avni says you can do this tomorrow, not today, its already 6pm, and court is shut, till you make laws, my film will be released, watch film at 12 tomorrow and tell me how is it. Avni leaves. Dayaben gets angry.

Avni comes home and tells Asha about returning Neela’s money. She says I did not wish to take any chance, I love you mumma. Aladin gets a call. Aladin goes and meets Dayaben at night. She checks laptop and throws it in the bin. She burns the bag along with the junk. Aladin smiles. She throws him money bag and asks him to disappear again, and not come back to city. He says I can disappear from the world for this big amount. He goes.

Ketan tells Dayaben that he has switched off surveillance cameras and stolen digital copies of the movie. Dayaben says see how Avni suffers today, she wanted to make name by ruining my name, I will see how she does. Neela gets ready and comes. Dayaben asks where are you going. Neela says I m going to tell truth to Hemant. Dayaben gets shocked. Avni gets the distributor’s call. He says hard disk is stolen by my office. Avni gets shocked and calls out Asha. She asks how can this happen. He says office door was open, thief did not touch anything else. He says we have less time, I have to upload film, send film in hard disk soon. She says okay, I will arrange. She shouts to Asha and Aladin. She does not find Aladin outside. She calls Aladin and gets his number off. Asha comes home and sees Avni worried.

Dayaben tells Neela that its not right time to tell truth to Hemant. Neela says its 8am, film will release. Dayaben says no, film will not release. Neela asks why, did you hurt Avni. Dayaben says no, I stopped film release, I will not do anything to your Avni, go, sit in your room and take care of Ashish, and listen children get husband and wife together. Neela says I can’t become mother. Dayaben gets shocked and asks what are you saying, this can’t happen. Neela says I got tests done, I can never conceive. Dayaben says this can’t happen. Neela says what you sow is what you reap, we did sin and we got punished.

Avni says I love you mumma. The man messages Dayaben. Asha takes the hard disk. Dayaben sends the man to stop Asha. Asha meets with an accident. Avni hears the sound on phone and cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    i know aladin is dayaben’s informer

  2. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    if avni film released or not ????

  3. Aladin!! Seriously?? You betrayed them??

  4. Omg such a big betrayal

  5. Mahesh Bhatt why are ruinin this movie, think why ishbaaz has got more viewers, this tv show is very depressing and disturbing with no successful outcome because daya will once again ruin avni. Why are u making the good ones die and bad ones successful. I know this is real life and based on whatever you have experience in ur life, but just think that people are watching it and this show is definitely not getting many viewers. I know that the truth hurts and u are showing what u have been through, but this is acting a real life moment and at least success has to come through especially avni’s hard work and hardship

  6. Atleast aladin also cheated…poor avni…..dayaben should be kicked……good news neela cant conceive……

  7. I didn’t think aladin would do this. Why didn’t barka confirm news of dieing on Telly news and TRP of Indian serials? I really hope there is a twist and she survives, plus she’s pregnant, why harm an unborn baby? Avni’s film has to be screened. Dayaben can’t always win. Please.

    1. Even i think the same . Aladin maybe was a dayawanti’s person but after sseing ayesha and avni he might have changed his mind and he gave a fake laptop.

  8. How did avni after all that

  9. I don’t understand y always daya wins….from starting avni and asha got sarrow only…acleast by releasing avnis movie… Bring some happiness to avni…

  10. Angelk1

    I’m really hoping this isn’t true, Aladin was a good character. Why would they do this. I hope Aladin comes back an help avni, he was a good support to her. But at the same time this makes no sense, Aladin didn’t know anything about day an doing avni first acting gig, or ashish until he saw him showing affection to avni, then he put two an two together.

  11. Aladin such a betrayer.. I hope asha is ok and avnis film still gets released and avni and asha win. And neela leaves ashish..

  12. Seriously?? Alladin has turned rogue? What a shitty twisted mind writing this serial!!!! Best news ever. ….neela cannot conceive.

  13. I just hope asha doesnot die she and her baby doesnot die 🙁 orelse how wud the serial continue. This is outrageous we all shud be fingers crossed

  14. Mahadev Desai

    Maybe Alladin gave a fake laptop and cheated Dayawanti. The movie might get released. Or maybe he didn’t like Avni accepting only a small amount,so he gave the laptop for big amount. Is Neela telling the truth that she cannot conceive a baby? Will Ayesha survive?

  15. Don’t know why but I think aladin isn’t a betrayer, I think he will help avni hiding it from dayaben. As tomorrow asha gets hard copy from someone hiding from dayaben. Just hope avni’s film releases. Maybe aladin will help, just hope nothing happens to asha or the baby.

  16. What a stupid storyline. Why Avni tells Daya everything?? No wonder she sabotages all for Avni

  17. Aladdin just wanted the money from the start n I hope asha is ok n the baby also good for that demon daya neela can’t have kids n someday she will have to accept avni n the baby

  18. Gosh, I really I’m dissapointed that Alladin turns betrayer. I’m hoping there will be a better twist than this, and that Alladin took the $$to finance the completion of the film and gave Dayaben false material. Won’t that be wonderful? I’m so sad for Avni, it’s like nothing is going good for her.

  19. There will be miscarriage to asha bt wether the film will be released or not ?

  20. There will be miscarriage to asha bt wether the film will be released or not?

  21. I’m sure I read that asha delivers a baby boy. Also, the twist will be ashish will go to asha after hearing of the accident and will take care of her. Hope the film releases to. I think aladin gave dayaben false laptop etc and he has the originals,as she didn’t even check first. Hope aladin comes through for avni, that would be a slap in the face for dayaben and ketan thinking they can always win.

  22. Sorry for late comments please accept my excuses. I don’t think Aladin is informer of Dayaben if he was the informer of Dayavanti Mehta then how come Asha got the copy of the movie… since as per this episode all the material was destroyed and hard disk was stolen By Dayavanti Mehta..Now the biggest question in my mind is Avni movie ever going to be released or not!!!.If not then what about the 20% which she took from Digital India…I didn’t expected accident of Asha..This even didn’t happen in real life of Mahesh Bhatt then why so much of trauma!!!!Do you ever want Avni to be successful!!!

  23. I dont get it. When did she get pregnant ? :/ she didnt have bump a few episodes before…and whose is it?:/

  24. @shaktiKaran – serial went forward 4 months. Ashish is the father. I don’t get it, in today’s spoiler it says asha dies and avni performs last rites but in another one it says ashish goes to take care of her in hospital and home. So which ones true?

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