Naamkaran 26th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Juhi is stabbed

Naamkaran 26th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Neil saying one person can help us. She asks who, Neela, she will be upset. He says we have to take her help. Ballu calls Vidyut and says we lost Meher. Vidyut scolds him and breaks the glass tower. Ballu says Neil has gone to find the girl, but he has kept security around Meher. Vidyut says just get my mum out of hospital and make Meher reach me, decide you want to be alive or not, if my mum doesn’t come out, you will be in ICU. Guard says Ananya’s info was right, she has a BF, I asked for her BF and his ex GF pics. Vidyut says once this casino work gets over, I will check her kundli. Gurumaa attacks the nurse. She removes the medical equipments and puts a clothes noose at the window. She sees a cupboard.

Neela asks what do you mean. Avni says we couldn’t say anyone.

Neela says I was so worried. Avni says sorry, we did this for Mishti. Neela says she is Juhi’s daughter, why did you go. Avni asks how could I get a girl’s life get ruined, Vidyut would have not left Juhi. Neela asks did you not trust me. Neil takes phone and says I have hidden this from everyone, this operation is dangerous. She says so you came to take my blessings. He recalls. She asks why did you say all this to me now. He says Ali is distributing Avni’s missing flyers, stop him, else Vidyut will know. She says don’t worry, I will talk to her.

Ali asks servant about governess. Servant says she is no more. Ali gets shocked. Servant shows picture. Maid comes and says she is old Nanny, did you come to find new governess Ananya Verma. Ali gets shocked. DD says you said pandit is in coma, how can she run away. He sees the clothes rope at the window. He sends everyone to find Gurumaa. Gurumaa comes out of the cupboard. She leaves.

Avni and Neil see each other. He talks to a lady. She goes. He tells Avni that they can take Mishti today, if Vidyut misbehaves with her, he will kill Vidyut. Avni says we will not do anything, its a matter of one day, we will do this at casino opening day. DD calls Neil and says pandit has run away, what shall we do now. Neil tells his plan.

Ali checks the food and says we have to impress owners, real event is tomorrow. Ali thinks Vidyut’s daughter and governess will come, Avni has to answer me. Maid tells Vidyut that Ali is questioning about Ananya Verma, he maybe her BF. Vidyut asks are you sure. She says yes. He says I know you do everything for money, get lost.

Vidyut comes to Ali. Ali asks what’s happening. Bebe says thank God, we reached home. Lights get off. Bebe asks Juhi to stand there. Shweta gets candle and gets shocked. Bebe asks what happened. They get shocked seeing the goons. The goon catches Juhi. They ask them to get back. Bebe calls DD. DD answers and hears them. Juhi says leave me. Prakash asks what do you mean. The goon says Juhi’s death and stabs her neck. Juhi falls dead. They all get shocked. DD and staff come and see Juhi dead. Bebe and Shweta cry. Bebe says they have killed Juhi in front of us. Shweta gives her water.

Prakash says who were they, how did this happen. DD asks how did they look. Juhi’s body is taken. Bebe and Shweta cry. Ali says I don’t know, you called me for event catering. Vidyut says get her. Maid comes. Vidyut says she is my servant, she is saying you are my daughter’s governess pic. Maid says I have seen it, check his bag. Ali says I will show. He thinks what’s happening, something is wrong. He shows the flyer. Vidyut sees the photo spoiled. Ali looks on.

Neil says we have to do something before Vidyut knows. Avni says I know you didn’t involve DD, Vidyut is an animal, police can help. He says we don’t have evidence against Vidyut, that he is involved in Gurumaa’s activities, people think he provides security and takes care of Mishti, her life can have risk. Ali recalls putting ketchup on Avni’s photo. Ali says she is my best friend, sorry, my bag had ketchup, photo got spoiled. Maid says its her pic. Vidyut shouts and sends her. He says missing… Ali says she is missing since two days. Vidyut asks best friend or GF. Ali says good friend. Vidyut says I can help in finding her. Ali says no, I will manage. Vidyut says you may have her pic in phone. Shweta calls Neil and asks are you fine. He says yes, why, what happened. She says some goons came home and they have attacked on all of us. He asks are you all fine. She says they have killed Juhi. Neil and Avni get shocked. Shweta and Bebe cry. Neil says I will call DD and find out, take care. Avni asks him to call DD fast. Neil calls DD and says mom just told me something, I have to talk something imp.

Vidyut asks Mishti to come home. Avni says stop, its two day camp, I will also along. She goes. Neil thinks our plan failed, there is one place from where I can get her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. clarify me director and writer why u brought juhi in neil life if u are to kill her. u want neil to go through that pain again, to make him feel guilty about what happened to her in his absence.
    I hope some viewers got their wish fulfilled. Are u guys happy now juhi dead and i felt sorry for her. After all she went through, dying before meeting her daughter is kind of bad .

    1. I agree with you hiyori. Why CVS bring Juhi just to kill her without fulfilling her wish. Her end is so sad and pitiful like ayesha’s end before

    2. They brought her to bring Mishti into the story, now Avni can raise Mishti. If Juhi was still alive it would raise more complications to the story.

  2. I hate naamkaran for its idiotic storyline. Why they are showing this crap. Are CVS out of their mind to write this ridiculous thing? Why they are doing like this? Don’t show avneil together and their romance if mishti is Neil’s daughter. Its too much awkward to see. How can avneil move on with their life even after knowing that they can’t wipe the past off from their life it will be damn wrong. I can’t watch it anymore. I started hating avneil for their selfishness as they didn’t think about Juhi even after knowing that she has a daughter and that too Neil’s. Finally they have killed her. CVS you better kill all the characters except hero and heroine. This is what happened in every seriel. Whenever someone comes in between the two they will kill them or turn them negatively. Why they have given such a pitiful end to Juhi just to unite avneil and to clear their way. Juhi has become a victim of Ayesha so sad. Its not a good end to this character. I hate you CVS and I’m sure that you all have gone crazy.

    1. olusoji Rasheedat

      I saw a spoiler it is part of Neil plan juhi is not dead

    2. Don’t worry juhi is not dead. It was neil plan to save her from vidyut. But avni’s life is in danger because he doubts avni. And if his guards gave him pics of Avneil then they both will be caught.
      Why are u tensed for juhi ? I read somewhere that she is here to take revenge from neil and his family and DD is also involved in her plan.
      She is in negative character. Mishty is not neil daughter she is DD’s daughter

  3. Why juhi had not met her daughter??

  4. Jeezo people take a chill lol lol ??

  5. Relax guys it’s just a plan of avneil to save juhis daughter. Have patience I know cvs will never disappoint fans of naamkaran

    1. I think the fans are disappointing the show, so much impatience and misunderstanding

  6. Relax guys it’s just a plan of avneil to save juhis daughter. Have patience I know cvs will never disappoint fans of naamkaran

  7. First of all guyz just chill Juhi is not dead as per spoilers neil has staged this fake death drama to protect Juhi from Vidyut that’s it and I’m shocked you guys are feeling pity for Juhi and feel that Avni is selfish come on guys this is very ridiculous still there is no clarity whether the child mishty belongs to neil actually there is a twist in the tale neil believes what Juhi had said him the entire truth of who is the biological father of Mishti is kept under wraps and CVS has left us speculating the twist this is definitely not the right to jump to any conclusions let’s wait may be in a week or so atleast the actual father of misthi will be revealed hope so what I actually wanted to say is that both Avni and Neil are having heart of gold no women would ever risk her life for her husbands ex and now for her child if Juhi was in avnis place she would have never staked her life and respect and everything as Avni is doing now and Neil what’s wrong did he do he is such a gem that he never asked Juhi for proof about her daughter he respects her just because of that he accepted what she said and started searching for a daughter whom he doesn’t know whether she is his daughter or not he is hurting his family risking his and his wife’s life for her ex he is totally not at fault what will a man do after all he thought his girlfriend is dead he did not hlget married to Avni and fell in love the very next day he was alone for nearly 5 years then Avni came in his life after so much struggle he finally accepted his feelings for Avni and making Avni realise her love for Neil wasn’t easy either for Neil even though they are married they have come across lot of struggle and pain both affected by bitter past finally discovered their feelings and just when they were about to take it to next step Neil ex came back Avni was so selfess to bring Juhi infront of Neil who doesn’t know that Juhi is alive eventhough Avni loved Neil she risked her life her respect by going to rangmahal Juhi herself admitted that she cannot be as big hearted and good and selfless as Avni I agree whatever happened with Juhi is very bad but in her case neither Neil nor Avni is responsible but still they are fighting for her hurting their own family and risking their lives for juhis happiness whatelse do you expect avneil to do
    Just relax guyz I’m 100℅sure that this child may be anyone’s but not Neil’s (he doesn’t even remember what happened between him and Juhi in engagement night so maybe CVS are hinting that the child may not be Neil’s)if so why what’s the use of Vidyut in the show Avni never had a happy family she never had someone whom she can call her rights fully without having to share Avni deserves Neil and his love more than anyone else)and so for now let’s wait for the twist to unfold one by one no offence I just penned my opinion

  8. I couldn’t watch the epi.. only written update.
    Is really Juhi dead?? Or again a plan of avneil??

    1. Lillianalieben

      hlw dear…. well ri8 now u can say juhi is dead but afterwards it will be revealed that it was a part of avneil plan to save her from vidyut and hide her in a secret place. hope i cleared ur doubt.

      1. Thanks… then its good to watch

  9. These cvs have gone mad and nothing makes sense here so what’s the point of juhi just to make a stupid story ?……….
    Sana your right thay are trying to show Ayesha’s story but In a better way !

    And Agni is she superman that she just wants to rescue her sotalans daughter,,,,,
    Hats of too u

  10. Waw some comments are more confusing than the show, are you forgetting that the show is now about a criminal investigation, a big one, so there must be some secret plans, some traps …so dead or not dead it something to think about, it feels like it’s early for Juhi to exit the show

  11. Honestly there is a lot more drama to unfold especially regarding to Juhis connection with Vidyut and Ragini pandit because both Ragini pandit and her son never had any enemity with neil 5 years back they would have not even known him since he was not a police officer at that time
    Next doubt I have is how can Ragini pandit randomly kidnap a girl with a readily fake dead body to be replaced why would she take such a lot of risk for a girl she has no connection with even though she runs a human trafficking Juhi was not shown as pr*stitute instead she kept her preserved she allowed her to go out but with a guard she made her only to dance nothing more than that as far as they have shown audiences
    My next doubt is Vidyut he knows Juhi he calls her Meher like her mother does if he personally had nothing with Juhi why would he keep her daughter as his own why would he give his surname infront of the world why would he send her to school always keep her guarded eventhough he doesn’t show fatherly love and care but he does provide her what she needs as per what they have shown us Juhi herself personally never met her daughter from her birth itself so from past five years she is with Vidyut why would he take a responsibility of child if he doesn’t have any relation with her eventhough he is rude to her he keeps misthi with him these many years unharmed as Juhi says Vidyut would harm mishti but he never did that infact point to be noted Juhi doesn’t even know her daughter name and how she looks at this age till now he has not harmed her he just locks her up in room why would he harm now if he is doing all this to revenge Juhi then what did Juhi do that he wants to revenge her by keeping her away from her daughter
    In conclusion CVS should close all these loopholes soon I hope to make us clear what is the track upto

    1. If CVS has the story line already set then every doubts could be cleared..
      But if they instantly included Juhi to create twists.. then… I think its better to ignore the doubts…

  12. Bakwass…trp itna girne ki baat bhi juhi…juhi…and juhi…I will not nk untill it proves that neil is not misti’s father…I love Avneil so much phir bhi I can’t tolerate this torture

  13. I don’t think juhi is dead it all plan by vouching herself

  14. These people/cvs are trying to make Avni seem like a Wonder Woman or something……….

    Can’t juju do a little for her daughter and be strong ?the storyline makes no sense

    Sry forgot to ask can I join you guys ?

    1. of course we welcome u Eshal

      1. thanks sana

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