Naamkaran 26th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 26th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Asha and Ashish seeing the cards. They ask Avni about the card, asking guests to get gifts. Avni says Ali made this, it means he wrote this in all cards. Asha and Ashish laugh. Ashish says its good, we can get some gifts. Fatima and Tiku come. Fatima asks Asha does Ashish want to do Nikaah with you. Asha says yes. Ashish says yes, I should have taken your permission. Fatima says you did not take permission 11 years ago, why are you taking now. Ashish says yes right, but I did not wish to repeat my mistake. She asks Fatima’s permission. Fatima gets emotional and asks will do do Nikaah or Shaadi. Avni says its same. Fatima says no, its not same. She asks Ashish again.

Ashish says whatever you say. Avni says wait, its my mum and dad’s marriage so I will decide, I m half

Muslim and half Hindu, so Nikaah and Shaadi will happen. Fatima says fine you will unite world some day. She hugs Asha. Avni hugs Ashish. Fatima cries and says I will see Asha becoming bride. She asks Tiku to play dho,l I will dance with my son in law. She dances with Ashish.

Later, they celebrate haldi function. Sumi smiles seeing Ashish and Asha. She asks Ashish to go. Sumi happily gets haldi for Asha. Avni says wait, I will apply first. Avni applies haldi to Asha.Asha and Ashish cry. Asha looks at Ashish. He says I love you.

Tiku says you would have not seen this sight before, where daughter is applying haldi to mother. Fatima says yes, I did not see that girl has made her parents do Nikaah, I will dance till my legs break. Sumi Tai applies haldi to Asha. Asha cries. Fatima applies haldi to Asha and hugs her. Ashish comes to them. Avni applies haldi to him. They all smile.

Riya asks whats this smell. Hetal asks what and checks. She says its kerosene smell. Hasmukh says enough, I m calling Ashish now. Ashish attends call. Hasmukh asks where are you, come home fast. Ashish asks why, what happened. Hasmukh tells him about Dayaben. Ashish says I m coming. Asha comes and asks what happened. Avni asks Ashish to come. Ashish says listen, I need to go for sometime. Avni says you won’t go anywhere. Ashish says I will just come.

Ashok asks what’s the matter. Ashish says its emergency. Fatima asks what. Ashish says someone dear is ill, its imp to go. Asha understands and holds his hand asking him to come soon. He says I will come soon, you continue the celebrations. Avni asks will you come. He asks do you doubt. She says no and hugs him. He says you are best daughter in the world. She says you are best Papa in the world. Ashish asks them to dance. He sees Asha. They both go out. Ashish says I will return soon, get my name written in mehendi, I will find my name in your hand after marriage, I love you. He goes.

Dayaben pours kerosene around the hall. Ketan calls her out. Hasmukh says Ashish would come and manage Maa, have patience. Ketan says Maa won’t burn her house. Dayaben thinks Ketan does not know me then. Ashish comes. She hears car horn and thinks Ashish has come. Ashish asks why did you not call me before, when will Ketan understand. Hasmukh asks him to get Maa. Ashish says if Maa knows we are trying to come inside, she will ignite fire, don’t do anything, wait here till I call you all. Ketan agrees. He asks servant where is ladder. Hetal says Maa said no one will come inside. Hasmukh says let me call for some help. Ashish jumps into balcony from the terrace. He runs to stop Dayaben.

She tries to ignite fire. Ashish reaches there and blows off fire. He asks what are you doing and why, whats this madness, everyone is worried outside. She says I will burn everything. He asks why. She says because you are going to enemies. He asks whats your complain, what is your problem with Asha and Avni. She says you want to know my complain. He says yes. She says then know the truth which I did not tell you till now, I will say why I hate them so much.

Sangeet function starts. Avni calls Tiku for his special performance. Tiku dresses as a woman. They all laugh. Tiku and Avni dance. Dulhan tu dulha mai banjaunga……plays…………. Sumi asks Ashok to click pics to show Ashish. Fatima and Ali also dance along. Sumi says Ashish is missing everything. Asha says he would be coming. Fatima hugs Asha.

Dayaben says I told that jungle animals took your dad, its half truth. Ashish asks whats complete truth. She says your dad was a good man, someone earns money and respect, your dad earned people’s love and that became his enemy. He asks how. She says entire village second Gandhi, he used to see Hindu and Muslim by same sight, but one day, such spark caught which did not get blown off till now. She recalls the riots and her husband’s death.

Dayaben says your dad was cheated, even you hate them now right. Asha calls Ashish. Avni says I invited Dadi for marriage, she will get Papa and come.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. Padmaja

    Hi guys. I am here to inform u all one thing. As u all know Siya ke ram is going off air on Nov 4 , we r planning to make a name list on the fan of siya ke ram. So guys if u r a fan of skr pls do let me know so that we can include ur name also. So pls reply me if u want me to do so. U r welcome to cmnt on the last update page of skr. Sorry if I have wasted ur time. Thanks for reading guys.

    1. Padmaja im a die-hard fan of siya ke ram, plz include me in de list dear ❤️️❤️️❤️️??????????????

      I don’t like the way ashish keeps on cheating his daughter, he always shatters her hopes and trust???

    2. Diksha ragini

      Hey. Even I am a first hard fan of siya ke ram.
      ????????????? Will miss it sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much????????????????????

  3. I don’t think the wedding will happen, unless neela finds out somehow about asha and avni.

  4. I think that the wedding might not happen as Daya is trying to manipulate Ashish into her foolish plans and you can tell that she is doing this because once avni invited her to ashish and ashas wedding she reacted so rudely and didn’t even utter a word. She said that god is trying to play with her and that she doesn’t want to lose yet.(superstitious reason) She also said that she has another plan which can make ashish not attend to his wedding which is to put the oil around and ketan, hetal, diksha and hasmukh can see and call ashish to come.Avni might get depressed as her same promise will get destroyed the last time she promised her father to come he didn’t because of his ma and now it’s being repeated but now daya trying to commit suicide by committing suicide with kerosene oil.

  5. Commiting suicide with kerosene oil

  6. Devga

    @naz thank u for ur complement …. thts wonderful to hear….

    I missed today’s episode but still can feel avni’s each expressions as her face and expressions hav been registered in my mind as they r so intense evrytym. . . . .

    Disgusting past of dayaben. ……. everyone are not same. ……. oh as if only asha went and killed her husband …. idiot. … have some sense ….

    1. You are most welcome. I’m a fair individual, you wrote an interesting piece and it deserved the compliment. I don’t like the way Dayaben manipulates Ashish,and reading today’s update, I don’t think her hatred for Muslims are enough to justify her hatred of people who happens to be of that faith by broadbrushing an entire religion. I also don’t like Asha’s passive nature, the deed was done, she gave Ashish a beautiful daughter with another baby on the way, she ought to propel herself to achieve marital status with Ashish,
      more compelling because she has to do right by her children, after all, Ashish loves her deeply. What do you think?

  7. Jenniferobunomu

    If the wedding did not happen. Then go off air. U can put a little girl in pain, no matter what, go off air. Sick. No lessen in this series, please go off air.bore, bore, u Avni.

  8. Asha and Ashish won’t get married. Story of Mahesh Bhatt ‘life.

  9. I don’t think the wedding will happen because of that witch of a mother can’t see her son happy n i also think neela will come to no about avni n asha

  10. Hi Padmaja,

    Please add my name to for siya k Ram as am one of the fan of Siya k Ram.Also guys u remember Avni said

    that nikah and Shaadi dono hongi as she is half muslim and half hindu.I think the only option Ashish has now

    to turn down to muslim religion so that he can marry both Neela(fOrcefully getting married to Ashish) and Asha.Bakwas hein ab agar ladko ko do shaadi karni ho toh sab aisa hi karenge kya ki muslim religion ko convert ho jaon.

    I told you probably this will be the climax..Comments please

  11. Hi Padmaja,

    Please add my name to for siya k Ram as am one of the fan of Siya k Ram.Also guys u remember Avni said

    that nikah and Shaadi dono hongi as she is half muslim and half hindu.I think the only option Ashish has now

    to turn down to muslim religion so that he can marry both Neela(fOrcefully getting married to Ashish) and Asha.Bakwas hein ab agar ladko ko do shaadi karni ho toh sab aisa hi karenge kya ki muslim religion ko convert ho jaon.Comments please

    I told you probably this will be the climax..Comments please

  12. I m new here but i cant understand asha’s attitude. Why she wants to spoil her little daugher’s life. She cares about ashish’s mosther so much but ignored her duaghter. She doest not know what she is giving to her daugher a illegtimate child name or life. she does not care how she face the world. and she brings another child to make the hell of that child life. if she cares so much ashish’s mother she should kill her both children to see her mother happy.

  13. Girls are not laughing ,see this disgusting Mom,pls Asha live her Son n move ahead with ur daughter n give her a good future

  14. This show is getting worse day by day. Go off air and bring back DABH 2

  15. I heard news that this show will go off air very soon

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