Naamkaran 26th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 26th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with a couple giving their daughter’s pic and asking Neil to find her. Neil asks them not to worry, nothing will happen to him. Neil says this gang to kidnap young girls are not leaving any place, victims are young insensible girls, don’t know what they do with these girls. DD asks how can you be sure. Neil says look carefully, there is a pattern, they target crowded places, find out where are they selling the girls. DD agrees.

Avni thinks Amol would have felt bad and goes to see him. She sees Amol sleeping. She says sorry to be strict, till we don’t fight with our problems, we find support from others. Shweta says Neil and Ananya should go on honeymoon. Neil coughs. Shweta asks what happened, its Neela’s idea. Neil says yes, you want to make Ananya out of home. Bebe looks

for Avni. Avni says I was planning for Prakash and Shweta’s anniversary party. Bebe says I came to make your day and you are spoiling my day. Avni says Shweta is not so bad. Bebe says it means she is somewhat bad.

Shweta says yes, out with Neil, what’s wrong. Avni comes. Neil stammers and tells her about honeymoon. Avni thinks what’s in Neela’s mind. Neil says its a bad idea, sorry I can’t go, I m busy. He sees Avni and thinks how to tell you I want to go with you, but you have problem with me. He asks for paneer. She serves Prakash. Kareena gets Angad’s call and disconnects. Neil thinks Avni won’t get me have food, harmful wife. Avni thinks harmful husband, don’t think I m harmful wife, its better if I go hell than going on honeymoon with you. Neil thinks then go. She says I really don’t want to go. Neil thinks dragon lady, you always spit fire, fine be at home.

Shweta signs Riya. Riya calls Ali and says Avni does not love Neil, else she would have not refused to go on honeymoon. Ali asks did Neil refuse. She says of course, Avni is only yours. He says I will talk to you tomorrow. Shweta says we have to play a trick and convince Neil. Riya goes seeing Avni. Avni gets icecream for Shweta and says I don’t want to go on honeymoon, can we start our relation afresh. Shweta says you married Neil by cheat. Avni says yes. Shweta says fine, i will give you a chance, we will make a new start.

Shweta says you have to start your and Neil’s love story first, you have to convince Neil for honeymoon, maybe you fake relation converts to real, then I will accept you as Neil’s wife. Avni says fine. Shweta feeds her icecream and thinks Ali will come in your honeymoon, it will be fun. Avni thinks how to convince Neil now. She goes out and says I want to go on honeymoon with Neil to convince Shweta, else my plan will fail.

Prakash asks how can you refuse. Neil says taking leave will be difficult for me. Avni says I m not interested to go. Riya asks Ali not to disconnect call. She stops Avni. Prakash says this is not a way to refuse. Neil says I will talk to mom and Bebe, I can’t convince Ananya forcibly. Riya says I feel bad with you, Neil refused to go with you, he does not care for your emotions. Avni says its fine, even I don’t want to go. She sees Neil coming and says Neil maybe not knowing I said yes to go on honeymoon for family sake. Neil does not hear her and goes. Avni goes to give medicines. Riya asks Ali did he hear it now. Ali thinks its means Avni is not happy with this relation.

Neil asks DD to have informers on this case, and get info about Raghu pandit. DD says don’t worry, I told my sources. Avni comes to him. Neil smiles. She asks him to come with her for Shweta’s sake. He takes file. Her sleeve gets torn by the nail. He ignores her. She silently goes and covers herself with the blanket. She says I have packed my clothes, I will pack your clothes. Neil says no need. She says you are refusing after I explained you. He says yes. She goes.

Avni comes to meet Neela and complains about Neil. Avni says I can’t take stress, I need chocolate. Neela gives her chocolate. Avni eats chocolate and says Neil did not agree for honeymoon. Neela shows time and acts to feel sleepy. She jokes that they will play football and speak bad about Neil. Avni asks what would you do being in my place, sorry. Neela says happiness is knocking your door, you have to decide and accept happiness, I want to become cool Nani and play football with my grandchildren. Avni says yes, it will be fun, you have become like baby. They fight with chocolate and laugh. Avni thinks how to convince Neil. Neil thinks this time Avni has to ask me out for spending time. Ali says I will free you from this marriage if you are not happy, I have waited for 15 years, not anymore.

Bebe asks Avni to do Sholay scene. Avni gets on cupboard and acts to convince Neil.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Lovely Epi????

  2. Sweetgirl7

    Wow what an episode

  3. Lovely episode

  4. So cute .They are such a lovely couple. I love this show a lot

  5. Ananyakruti

    Goodbye to this serial the best and great frnd truns as villian..I can’t tolerate…And I feel these main lead i mean neil,avni,ali,riya doing over act..

    1. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

      yaar Ananyakruti, I cannot see sweet Ali turn villain ? so I will be off Naamkaran till that track is over … like I said Neil knew all about Ali’s wait for Avni … feels like being stabbed in the back … I will be on vacation but will check in from time to time …

      1. Ananyakruti

        Ya you r right..This show turned as ordinary story as all serials..I haven’t any interest now..I hate this serial now onwards..Ali with Avin in her evry hard situations..Now They spoiled good friendship Who r frnd from childhood..So disgusting

  6. Good 1 indeed,this Neil is also not less ,but he need to do this is the best.I am excited 2 see avni’s sholay drama & of course anvil pool romance+ Neil taking care of avni when she fall I’ll during honeymoon.

    Hi salsa di ,naz di , Nishat di ,ahana ,mim di ,& other fans of naamkaran .
    Salsa di,Nishat di , mim di & ahana hope you all’s studies r going well!!

    Naz mam hope u r going on with your work well!!!
    Enjoy your life all!
    Shout “East or West avnil r the best”.

    Actually rumya also!!! They were cute couples, I can’t forget her till now!!!!!!!???

  7. one mistake in update avni says to neela you have become like bebe not baby…..

    and the episodes was super ….

  8. Tharu

    Loved today’s episode..enjoyed how avni was trying to convince Neil to go’s so cute..neil wants to see avni’s angry cute face n enjoy..n the precap is superb..i am too excited..

    1. Tharu your profile is??
      Can u also tell me how 2 change the dp like u!! Plz !!!

      1. Tharu

        Hi first u need to register .there is a menu at the top of this page click on it there u will see register option then give your relevant information .Then u can become a registered member and change your dp.if u have any problem do tell me

  9. #Naina….u r rit. Ali waited for Avni since a long time. In fact I also feel bad. But when Neil started to fall for Avni, he knre her as Ananya. Neil never admited that but he had strong feelings for Ananya. But he always thought her as a criminal and always ignore his own feeling. Later Ananya revealed as Avni. And initially Neil didn’t think her as Ali’s Avni and build up a strong feeling for her. When he reminds this then it’s too late.

  10. Well, hello young ladies…. Salsa, Alia, Feriha, Nishat, Ahana, Ananya… How are you all?? Was indeed busy, went on hiking trip and was extremely tired so I couldn’t comment….i think Riya needs to get a life, too young to spend time being evil, writers….find her a boyfriend, pronto!! Shweta should concentrate on becoming a more adult woman, she snickers and smirks like a fool, so irritating to see her jumping around like a jumping jacks. I do enjoy Neil and Avni’s moments, always cute. I hope after all this little cute fights, they end up going on their honeymoon!!!

  11. BTW Feriha, I do view this and all other serials in Hindi but I have to rely on the subtitles to understand fully what is being said. I do understand a bit of Hindi, from watching movies for so many years, plus my grandparents spoke some Hindi but are no longer here and my former sister in law is from Utter Pradesh and she still speaks Hindi but is fluent in English now so she speaks less Hindi…which is unfortunate.

  12. LopaFleek

    Hello, Everyone!

    Amazing episode!

  13. LopaFleek

    I really liked the scene where Neil and Avni talking to their self. It was so cute yarr. Omg I died when Neil said in mind that he liked her company and wanted to go with her, yarr Avneil are rocking everyday!

    I legit f**king hate Rhea, she thinks she can get Neil, well b*t*h Rhea you are wrong. Aasman aur jameen ka farak hein Avni aur Rhea mein. Avni = beautiful heart, helping and loving more good qualities in her. Rhea = witch, a b*t*h, a dick head, a girl who was born without a brain!

  14. thank you tharu and alia.

  15. Ramzy

    wow precap amazing waiting for it and as for todays episode loved the way avni tried to convince neil and neil’s superb expressions nailed it Naamkaran is going on superb ……love AvNeil

  16. nadheema ahmed

    wow so wonderful 26 th july 2017 episode Neil and Avini like a real lovely couple

  17. Samm

    best part in yesterday’s episode was neil and avni’s povs/internal monologues. the nicknames they give each other! hanikarak wife/husband, dragon lady, and sadu face! 😀 for some reason, it reminded me of the time avneil met and spent on the beach and neil had asked her the description of the guy who saved her- she had said he looked like a guava! i still can’t forget that one! after a long long time, avneil’s cute fights are being shown, and i’m so happy! i never want huffy avni and mischievous neil to leave my screen!

  18. good episode.

  19. hello naz mam nishat mim salsa ahana alia and everyone. naz mam hope you enjoyed your hiking trip and thanks for answering me. it’s always feels a pleasure to read your comments. I like avneil scenes today and was a bit busy with my college work so not commented earlier.

  20. Wooooo dono kitne pyaare lagate hhh saath me
    I just hope ki inka pyaar bana rahe but mujhe yakin nahi ho raha ki ali aisa baan sakhta hhh
    I want ki iski happy ending ho jaye

  21. Nupurbose

    Guys… If u like Avneil’s cute nokjhok.. do read my fanfiction… Pyaar toh hona hi tha-Avneil… It’s a teenage college romance story… ?Thank u

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