Naamkaran 26th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Neil saves Avni

Naamkaran 26th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Neil following the blood marks and reaching a locked cabin. Constable says there is nothing here. He asks her to open the door. He finds blood marks inside. He says something has definitely happened here, Avni was here. DD says we will look outside. Neil says where are you Avni. He recalls Avni repairing the wall. He cries. He thinks how did fresh paint get on the wall if this cabin was closed. He removes the furniture and hits the wall. He calls out Avni. He takes a gun and breaks the wall. He gets shocked seeing Avni. He gets her out.

He shouts DD call the doctor. He hugs Avni and asks her to open her eyes, forgive him for the last time. Doctor comes and checks her. He says her life is in danger, we have to take her immediately. Avni holds Neil’s hand. He hugs her

and smiles. He gets shocked and looks at her. Doctor says let us take her. Jailer looks on worried. Avni is taken by them. Everyone sees Avni. Mausi prays for Avni. Neil thanks Sunehri for her help. Tara says Avni didn’t do wrong, take her from this hell. Mausi says Avni fought for us, she can’t escape, we should pray for her. Neil says Avni had to go jail because of my mistake, despite being innocent, maybe Lord wanted her to meet you all, bid her farewell, she will never come here, thanks. He sends Avni. He says I know who did this with Avni, I swear on Avni, I will not spare that person. He goes.

Commissioner says jailer, I have found out you were doing illegal activities with Gurumaa, you are suspended, you will be fired once this is proved, shame on you, officers like Neil set an example and make us proud, you got us ashamed. Gurumaa argues with DD. DD says Vidyut has kidnapped Neela because of Avni. She asks him what’s the proof against her and her son. DD says we know what you have gone. Lawyer defends her. DD goes with the lawyer. Ballu gives water to Gurumaa and asks are you fine. She says I won’t die soon, where is Vidyut. He says Avni escaped from jail, he has gone to find her. She gets angry. He says Vidyut said its necessary to free you, but he is helpless to find Avni.

She says fine, he will never get Avni now. Vidyut comes and asks why not. DD says everything is ready. Commissioner says even papers are ready, don’t let them escape this time. Neil says sure. Vidyut says Avni is my weakness, I can do anything to get her, I feel peace with Avni. Neil comes and asks Gurumaa to tell her son, where is Avni. He asks Vidyut to ask his mum, where is Avni, if Avni escaped, what is she doing here, they both should have been together, I will say where is Avni, Avni was in jail but no one found her because your mum buried her inside the wall and left her to die, she wanted to kill her, she is a liar and cunning woman. Vidyut says stop your nonsense.

Neil scolds him and says I just met my wife, who escaped from death, I promise I will ruin you both, I would have lost Avni because of Gurumaa. She says Vidyut don’t listen to Neil, he is trying to break us. Neil asks DD to take Vidyut for interrogation. Lawyer asks how can you take my client. Neil says it will be better that you let Vidyut go.

Prakash asks doctor how is Avni, can we shift her. Doctor says its no use, did she take self defence training. Neela says she has learnt Karate and Tai chi, maybe that’s the reason she is alive. Doctor says it means she has learnt breath exercise and yoga, that’s why she has survived, now she is out of danger. Ali thanks Lord. Doctor says Avni needs some rest.

Gurumaa says I know you are a great player, I understand what you are trying to do right now, do whatever you want to, you won’t be able to divide me and my son, my son will never go against me. Neil asks do you trust him so much. She says more than myself, we have shed blood for each other. Neil says truth is, your son’s blood has become weak, since he got obsessed with Avni, tell me one thing, who killed Juhi, I m waiting. She says death has killed her, I wish death meets you soon. Neil leaves. She says you can’t break me Neil.

Neil goes to DD. He asks is it working. DD says yes, Vidyut is in other interrogation room. Avni gets conscious. Neela asks how are you. Avni says I m coming back home, I m not going home. Neela says I will call doctor. Avni says no, sit here, I m fine, we will get a family, a life which we wanted always, our dream will turn true, we won’t have any evil around us, you took my life’s best decision, by getting me married to Neil, our love is your best gift for us.

Vidyut says go to hell, Avni is my passion, nothing can be greater than passion, I will get her. Neil smiles and asks how, you can only have that your mum wants, her decision is you can never get Avni, I completely agree with her, you don’t deserve Avni, I m thinking to release her, she will hold you back. Vidyut says she always does things for my good. Neil says yes, she thinks Avni is your destruction, she will agree to my deal. Vidyut asks are you daydreaming.

Neil says stop dreaming about Avni, you know why, you are going jail for a murder crime. Vidyut asks for whose murder. Neil says your mum told me everything, she is the eye witness, victim was your father, whom you killed when you were a kid. Vidyut gets shocked.

Vidyut says at the time of Juhi’s murder, Gurumaa was brought out of the prison for medical reason, she followed Avni and fired a bullet which killed Juhi. Gurumaa says you are doing wrong, they are trying to trap us Vidyut. Vidyut says I will kill you. Neil says I told you, I will punish you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Fantastic twist. I was waiting for this episode from long time. Finally avni is out of jail.

  2. Wow old super cop Neil is back with bang now. If vidyut puts blame on ragini pandit for juhi’s murder means how Neil can put him behind bars as ragini pandit is not ready to trap his son. Please put vidyut behind bars then only avneil can lead a happy life. One more thing is that if vidyut is free from every charges he will definitely kill neela maa as he already warned her in last episode to get avni.

  3. What a defeat to VR… anyhow loved Neil looking for Avni??

  4. Good for them I think vidyut will use neela as his shield now

  5. Though this track of vidyut- ragini will not end so soon… But our avniel scenes just provided me with relief… Honestly I loved Niel today.. ” maybe lord wanted her to meet all of you” and the concern of Tara, sitara, mausi, and sunehri was just WOW… Just hope avni atleast 1 week ke episode ke lute khanna house mein safe rehkar surf Neil ke sathe aur zyada romance kare

  6. The wpisode was a lovely one. Seriously I am eagerly awaited for avniel unite.

  7. At last Republic Day was a special day for super cop ips officer Neil Khanna. It was a very exited twist. Avniel are not united yet the episode, track and serial is exiting, fantastic, amazing and loving one.

  8. can’t wait for the next episode

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