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Naamkaran 25th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Avni asking Dayaben to please free Asha, she is pregnant. She cries and asks what do you want, you have snatched Ashish and failed us, you did not let them marry, what do you want. Dayaben says your pride, I have to break this and answer for that day when you have thrown the stone. Avni says I m ready to do anything, please get Asha out of jail. Dayaben says you have to bend infront of the powerful to survive, this is the price, your pride, break it, do you agree. Avni recalls Asha and agrees. Avni begs to Dayaben by putting her head in Dayaben’s feet. Dayaben smiles. Avni says please free my mumma. Dayaben says stop it now, go and get your mum out of jail, listen, never see this house again, you will never get my name, remember this day if you wish to get my name. She calls

Avni junk. Avni cries and runs away.

Asha cries in lockup. Lady constable comes to Asha and says you have to leave, come. Avni comes and says you are free now, we can go home. Asha happily cries. Asha stumbles. Avni holds her. They hug and cry. She says case got cancelled, we can go home, don’t cry. She gets Asha out. Fatima hugs Asha and cries. She asks how did they leave you. Avni says Asha needs rest, we dill go home. Avni stops a taxi. Neela comes there and asks Asha is she fine, why did police arrest you. She asks Avni the same. Fatima asks why did you come here. Asha stops Fatima. Neela says come with me, I will drop you. Fatima takes Asha to taxi. Avni says aunty, please leave us alone. They leave.

Fatima, Asha and Avni come home. Aladin and Tiku come. Fatima asks where were you. Tiku says we went to police station and got to know you went home. Avni asks them to go home, she will manage and take care of Asha alone. They go inside the house. Ali says Avni is so sad, Aladin come, we will make her smile, she needs you. Aladin says no, today Avni does not need me, Asha and Avni need each other, you all go home. Fatima and Tiku leave. Aladin looks at the house and says Lord gives pain and the strength to bear it. Avni cries seeing Asha crying. Asha recalls the women talking badly to her and beating her in the lockup. She gets traumatized. Avni asks what happened and gives her water.

She asks are you scared, don’t be scared, nothing will happen to you, sleep, forget everything, you used to say every morning is a new day, Lord gives us chance to restart life, we will make a new start tomorrow morning, close eyes. Asha says I m not getting sleep. Avni says I know, don’t think of all that, sleep. She sings aa leke chalun tujhko…… Asha lies in her lap. Avni kisses her and cries. They sleep.

Neela says I feel sorry for Avni, her mum was in lockup. Ashish gets shocked and asks what, when. She says yesterday. He says we should go. She says no, Asha was released till I went there, we call ourselves civilized, I feel shame, everyone has double standards, we call a little girl illegitimate, she was removed from fashion show, I went to Ketan and he did not help, what is Avni’s mistake, its her useless father’s mistake to ruin Asha and Avni’s lives. Ashish gets shocked.

Ali asks what, Dayavanti has sent Asha to jail. Avni says yes, she made that fraud case. He asks how did she agree to free Asha then. Avni tells him. Asha wakes up and looks for Avni. Avni says money is a big thing, anything can be bought, everyone has power and big name by money. Asha hears her. Avni says Dayavanti would have not insulted me, I m a failure, I should have not challenged her. Asha gets shocked and cries. Avni says Dayavanti has much power, we can’t do anything infront of her, we all are weak. Avni cries. Ali says it means you will not earn a name. Avni says no, I m a failure. She turns and sees Asha. She smiles and says you, when did you wake up. Asha says yes, I woke up at right time.

Asha says you have earn big name, so that no other Avni does not need to beg to any Dayavanti, promise me.

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  1. I really hope Avni carries on with her plan and doesn’t give up

  2. hate this boodhi aurat a lot one day this dayawanti herself will have to fall in avni and as has feet for her miusing of her power and will have to beg them for her forgiveness

  3. I hope avni proves dayaben wrong again. Ashish still did nothing. Read in spoiler that goons come to avni’s house but the three kids fight with them using kitchen stuff.

  4. Dayavanti fails to break Avni’s self esteem. The goons come to Asha’s house to attack Avni. Avni, Ali and Kia teach the goons a lesson, by beating them up. The thieves get troubled by the kids. They try to attack the kids by a thief, but using the kitchen handy items, Avni smartly manages the goons.

    Today’s spoiler

  5. Very emotional, asha and avni left me crying. That was an excellent show Mahesh Bhatt. Where do you get your inspiration from, their acting was superb, excellent, flawless, fabulous, elegant and unique etc. Asha as a mother is now actually helping Avni instead of stopping her because Asha thinks that this will ruin Avni’s life when Avni has the real power and she doesn’t want Daya to win and is now on a serious level which I am very over excited to see the next episode. Asha thinks that everyone will will be destroyed and that only her courageous daughter Avni can get rid of Daya. Asha doesn’t want her daughter to lose and prove the world that an illegitimate child is very intelligent due to enduring the pain of Daya’s obstacle in wanting Avni’s pride destroyed. This proves that Asha is getting better and is trying to encourage her daughter not to stoop low and win the battle of getting her name despite Daya’s insult and threat. The thing that I don’t understand is that why is Avni giving up so easily, I mean before her mother was in a lock up, she said that no 1 will stop her despite the society including daya calling her a sin child. When she said ‘who will stop me?’ It was a rhetorical question and was only aimed at Daya who can’t top her free will and the fact to confront Daya is Avni’s mission, pathway and earning bigger name. When she said again who will stop me? this also foreshadowed the fact that Avni will give up and that the writer who is Mahesh is trying to get across that whatever you expect in life, it wouldn’t work so easily, you have to earn hard and try it using difficulty an pressure, everything you’ve got inside you even your biggest power, you have to explode and blast It all out, you can’t get over anyone without your input which can make a difference to the whole world like being illegitimate. I want Ashish to feel the shame that Neela said when it’s the useless father is at fault who is Ashish and I really want him to confront his mom and expose Neela the truth. He always obeys his mother and loves all equally. His mom would threaten him like kill her self which he does not want to happen as he loves his mum a lot like ashuddi and avni. He just wishes his mom would understand his feelings and not judge a person by their religion, courage and how poor they are-she should treat all equally despite not liking them. Even if he tries to convince his mom, she wouldn’t listen and would always come up with a new plot against asha and avni as she thinks that they both are using him for money and lured him into a trap which is obviously not true and her 1 way thinking this is. Ashish needs to act upon his mom daya and he also said that he was also going to take care of avni and asha aswell as marrying neela which he didn’t fufil. He doesn’t prove his love for his Ashudi and his daughter avni. When they say no he stops and sometimes doesn’t use his brain although you can tell he is trying his best with his words but that doesn’t help and it certainly doesn’t persuade his mom to live with ashudi and avni. He needs to show more power like he did when he shouted at his mom and threaten her instead. We need to see more sympathy of ashish and his longing for asha and avni and showing that he really and actually cares for them by living with them and exposing Neela the truth so that she can’t marry him and then he will be with asha if his mom sees the both ways but as she is a muslim, it will be very difficult to convince Daya though.

  6. I hope avni prove that witch wrong n tell everything to neela

  7. Wow!!! Dayavanti’s character has been played amazingly!
    She is making me hate her.

  8. Hiya, all. Ashish is so spineless. Why do Indian men allow their moms to rule them this way? Respect and love don’t have to mean giving in to anything, innit? Btw, Dark Blue, the story is based on Mahesh Bhatt and his brother’s own life story. I find Avni acting too big for her age, though I guess she has little choice. The flaw in the story is that it’s set in 2006. I can’t see a film director having an affair for 11 years and nobody finding out in this age.
    Thank you for the spoiler, Tuffy. Why can’t Dayavanti leave them alone? It is very disgusting to watch her antics.

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