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Naamkaran 25th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riya asking Ali did he go mad. Ali asks her to run away, think its varmala or chains for her, if she is unhappy, she should leave. Diksha asks who is there. Ali says I want to know your answer, I will wait for you here after haldi. He goes. Diksha asks what are you doing here. Riya asks can’t I cry alone, no one understands me, Dadi always takes Amol’s side, I m marrying to get money for her. Diksha says just this marriage should happen, then we will get gold medal.

Dayaben does aarti. Avni’s bangle drops and goes to Dayaben. She sits to pick it. Dayaben keeps her hand on Avni’s head and blesses her. She sees Avni and says I thought its Riya. Avni says I was thinking you blessed me as if I m your granddaughter, you gave blessings by heart right, I just wish the day

passes well. Dayaben blesses Riya. Ali calls Avni and asks her to talk to Riya. She asks him to promise he won’t let anything happen to Riya. He says I assure Riya’s safety, just convince her to meet me.

Fatima tells Shweta that she added chandan in haldi. Neil waits in the lab. He gets Shweta’s call. She asks where is he. He says I had imp work, I will be coming. She asks him to come soon. Fatima asks her to calm down, he would come. Shweta says what is the case, which is so imp to him than marriage.

Avni comes to Riya and says Neil agreed, he said you can wear western clothes on honeymoon. Diksha and Riya look at her. Diksha taunts and goes. Avni asks Riya what’s this bag, is she planning to run. Riya asks her to leave, she does not need any help. Avni says I understand what you are going through. Hetal comes and asks Riya to get ready fast. Riya makes Avni out of the room. Avni hopes Riya runs away and this marriage breaks. She stops Neela and asks where is she going. Neela says bank, to know what will happen of auction if Dayaben goes, we will buy this house, you don’t move off your plan. Avni says I won’t move. Neela says all the best and hugs her. Neil’s haldi rasam is done. Everyone apply haldi to him. Shweta asks him to forget Juhi, even she will wish him to be happy. Neil imagines Juhi. She holds his hand and takes him. Paas aaye….plays…. Juhi shows Avni. Juhi joins Neil and Avni’s hands. She goes. Neil sees Avni.

Ali asks Neil what happened. Neil thinks. Ali says apply haldi well to him. Neil says I will take shower and come. Riya gets Ali’s message. Avni sees Dayaben and Aman. Aman signs about their flight. Avni thinks did Riya change her mind, I have to do something. She goes to Dayaben’s room. She gets hurt. Neil irons his shirt and gets hurt. He sees Juhi’s pic and says no one can take your place.

Shweta asks Dayaben to apply haldi to Riya first. Dayaben applies haldi. She gets a call and goes to her room. Avni gets Dayaben and Aman’s passports. Dayaben comes to room and checks for passports. Avni manages to leave and hides. Riya’s haldi goes on. Dayaben comes and says no one will go anywhere, my valuable thing is missing. She tells Aman about passports. DD gets the reports and gives to Neil. Neil says I m guessing you did not see report. DD says no, its confidential. Shweta sends the haldi by Ali. Neil calls Ali and thinks to keep him away from Ananya. He asks Ali and DD to stay here. He asks Shweta to send haldi plate by someone else. Neil says DD, if Ali goes, he will help Ananya, I won’t let this happen. Dayaben asks security to shut main gate. She says she will check everyone. Avni says first check Amol if you want to check everyone, because Riya is bride. Riya also says the same. Dayaben asys I will check Ananya first.

Riya leaves from home. Avni smiles. Dayaben asks Ketan to drag Riya and make her sit in mandap, this marriage will happen, this is only way to save this house.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I couldnot watch todays epi please tell who is acting as juhi

    1. Urfi naam hai uski from Lucknow

    2. NAmmi

      Juhi was showed in the show before also.. When Avni was unconcious..

  2. Sorry parakukeera I don’t know who is acting as juhi..

    Very good episode.. This marriage will not happen.. Riya is running away with Ali… Oh god! Now what is going to happen… Where is juhi?? Is she dead???? By juhi’s act ( Neils imagination) it means even juhi wants avni and Neil to be one… Its very exiting…. Waiting for the episode when avni and Neil confess their love for each other… The new Dayavanthi mehta is not good as our dear Roopa Menan…..
    Naamkaran is becoming very exciting…. Yesterday’s precap was not shown today!! Why????
    Good night

    1. Sorry ,Reema Lagoon.. Spelling mistake

  3. Guys a shocking news
    Avni is juhi itseems
    And neil is akash who saved avni once

  4. Nkemakonam jonah

    Chaya in Chandra nandini

  5. I hope Rhea won’t come back..

  6. Guys juhi is none other than avni
    And neil is akash who saved avni once

    1. how is it possible????? pls explain clearly

      1. Idont know
        But i saw in latest news

    2. Laavanya

      I don’t think it is true.

  7. Naamkaran rocks….?

  8. guys say who is juhi ????? how she is related to neil

    1. Laavanya

      Juhi was Neil first love. She met with an accident. It is not confirmed that she is dead or not because anything can happen in Indian serials.

  9. please say a

  10. NAmmi

    I hope rhea wapas nah aaye..

  11. Hii there!..
    Can anyone please help me out
    What’s the story of Neil and Juhi..?
    N in earlier episodes it was shown that Neil was in love with someone immensely..
    Who’s that girl and what had happened?
    Please anyone.

    1. Susmitha

      myra,neil’s lover is juhi and i think she is dead,i dont know confirmly

  12. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    well, I know from sources that the child doctor Akash is in fact Neil, and there is a slight chance that Juhi is the teenaged Avni … however, tracks change ever so often, that this script might be altered…
    still, I do not like the way Neil is so suspicious of Avni, n spoilers say he may even arrest Neela?
    the new Daya seems to understand her role, so let’s give her a chance to do her thing ??

  13. How can juhi seems Avni??
    Plz someone tell me how n when akash saved Avni?

  14. Juhi seems to be Neil first love who probably died or gone missing but Neil sees juhi in Avni. I just hope Riya runs away and the wedding cancelled.Really want Dayametha to pay for all her atrocities against avni and ayesha when their house is eventually auctioned.

  15. As i already told avni and neil get married. They even show them sitting in the mandap. And ya someone kidnaps ria that too she is wearing avni’s dress so some confusion there. I don’t know what happens but yes i know for sure that avni and neil get married

  16. Laavanya

    Naamkaran for the first time is in top 10 list, fetch 1.7 TRP.

    1. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

      great news WoW !!!

  17. Yes yes it is in top 10 naamkaran got 1.8 and ishqabaaz is 1.7. Cannot believe it has come above ishqabaaz…so happy:D

  18. Is anybody reading my comments? :c i am such a big fan of avneil. I need ur support

  19. I love avniel but the new dayavanthie does not work…she needs to show more expression like reema

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