Naamkaran 24th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 24th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ali asking Avni is Dayaben really Chudail. Avni says don’t know, Nanno says so, finally my candy stick house is done. Ali says its done late, but pretty. Kia comes and claps asking for the candy stick house. She says you don’t have normal family. Ali scolds her. Avni says I will answer, now my Papa stays with us, we are normal family. Kia asks what about marriage, wedding album, pics, do you have. Avni says no, my parents are not married. Kia says it means you are not a normal family, my mummy says such children are bad blood. She takes the house. Avni says leave my house, give is back, I m not bad blood, my Papa’s name is Ashish Mehta. Kia calls her illegitimate. Avni punches her face and Kia falls. Kia gets hurt and cries. She calls out her mum and says Avni has beaten

me. Her mum says how dare Avni. Kia says my mumma will not leave you. Ali asks Avni not to worry.

Kia’s mum comes and scolds Avni. Kia says I told Avni is illegitimate. Kia’s mum says yes, Kia said right. She breaks the candy stick house and calls Avni a sin, bad blood. Sumi comes and asks her to stop it. Kia’s mum says Avni has beaten Kia. Ali says its not Avni’s mistake. Kia’s mum says everyone knows Asha is not married and getting children, I think this lane will get full of illegitimate children, kick them out of here. Avni cries and says I will not go anywhere. Kia’s mum Shalu says I will kick you and Asha, I won’t get calm, Avni has beaten my daughter, this girl born by a sin.

Asha and Ashish come. Avni hugs Ashish and says Shalu aunty is saying I m illegitimate, we can’t stay in this house, you and mumma are not married. Shalu says you are stain on our society. Avni says tell them I m not a sin, I m not bad blood. She cries and asks will you marry mumma, tell me. Ashish says you are not illegitimate, I will marry Asha. Sumi and Ali smile. Ashish hugs Avni.

He tells Shalu that Avni is not illegitimate. Shalu says this is not your film to say a line and end matter, we will believe of you marry Asha here. He says I will marry Asha here tomorrow infront of everyone. Asha cries. Avni asks will you really marry mumma, promise. Ashish says yes, promise. He hugs her and says I love you my superstar, I will not leave you today. He plays with her. Avni laughs and hugs Asha.

Avni tells Ali that her mum and dad are getting married tomorrow. Shalu takes Kia and goes. Avni and Ali dance. Avni tells Kia that her mum and dad are marrying tomorrow. Avni asks Ashish and Asha to come, there is much work. Ali asks how will I know, I did not see my mum and dad’s marriage, you are lucky to see parents’ marriage, I wish I could also see. Everyone smile. Avni says yes, I m lucky girl to get my mum and dad married. Ashish says yes, you chant mantras also. Avni says I have many things to do, Ali arrange music band guys, come fast. Sumi hugs Asha and says your trust won, no more tears, I have see your happiness now.

Ashish says yes, just happiness will stay in this house now. Asha asks Ashish did he decide this under any pressure. He wipes her tears and asks are you scared to marry me. She says you know what I mean to ask. He says I know, when I left mum’s house and came to stay with both of you, I came to give all happiness to my family, Avni made me realize that relations need name too, no one can snatch Avni’s dream of a normal family. She asks what about Maa. He says I tried my best to make Maa and our dreams one, it could not happen, I know I will convince Maa someday. Avni hears them. Ashish says love bends, not loses, I wish Maa could understand that mum and you complete my life, there is no life without either of you, marriage happiness is incomplete without her. He asks her will you marry me. Asha smiles and hugs her.

Hemant gives chunri to Neela and asks her to keep it safe. Neela says when we used to play house game in childhood, my friend used to snatch Ashish, I used to get angry and jealous, see today, Ashish will be mine forever, this time no one can snatch him from me.

Avni calls Fatima and says I have to give big news, take a chair and sit. Fatima says tell me what is it, good news come less. Tiku tries to hear. Avni says Asha is marrying Ashish. Fatima gets shocked and spits water. She asks are you pulling my leg. Avni says I m saying truth. Fatima says I don’t believe. Avni says its true, if its true, will you leave bad thing. Fatima hides wine. Avni asks her not to lie. Fatima says stop joking. Avni says no, just tell me. Fatima says if this is true, I will quit drinking. Avni asks her to come and see, do arrangements, marriage is tomorrow. She ends call. Fatima says tomorrow…. Avni and Ali make invitation cards.

Dayaben talks to Lord and says what games are you playing. She hurts her finger and says this is my blood, Ashish who came that time was not my blood. She gets Neela’s call. Neela says marriage date is fixed, pandit ji gave next month’s date, are you happy. Dayaben says yes. Neela says dad and I are very happy, I will come your house to trouble you, start preparations. Dayaben gets shocked and ends call. Neela asks why are you saying anything, are you listening. She thinks its network problem. Dayaben asks Lord what do you want to show, Ashish and Neela….. She cries and throws phone.

Ashish tells Neela that he does not love her, so he is going to marry the one he loves. He says I don’t want to cheat youm you are my best friend. She does not hear properly what he said as voice breaks. Avni calls Dayaben and says Dadi, you are annoyed with me, sorry, mumma and Papa are getting married tomorrow. Dayaben gets angry. Avni says I called you to invite.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I read a spoiler that this serial is ending wrapping up by next month and the writers are deciding on climax and closing all loose ties. I think the ratings probably haven’t been as expected.
    Whether that means that ashish will marry neela or asha let’s see if it’s a happy ending.

  2. The story is same as all serial even in Jaana na dil se door, Atharv is only sujatha son, here avni is asha daughter .. that’s it.. It would be same story. Its better to end this useless story..Avni is super

  3. I think he will marry asha n she is also pregnant n good avni slap Kia

  4. indera sanichara

    Avu it’s good you slapped Kai who is she to call you bad blood. Writers please let Ashish and Asha get married don’t let anyone stop them please.Thank you in advance.

  5. What is this I’m reading, naamkaran coming to an end? Nooooooo…… Why why why…… All other serials have become crappy and I’ve divorced myself from them except ETRETR and I’ve started watching this serial couple weeks now, so this is bad news for me ???,I think naamkaran has a good plot because it isn’t based on fantasy or fiction but on an age old topic, so I’m so sad if it’s coming to an end, someone please tell me it isn’t true ???I think Avni takes after dayaben,…she has a hot mouth…. Good, she needs to be this way in order to succeed with this illegitimate stain.

  6. I really fail to understand few things in this episode:

    1)Why Asha does not bother to fight for her rights whereas Little Avni has that much of Sense.

    2)When Kia’s mother said that Avni is born out of Sin then also she keeps mum she did not utter a word

    to defend her daughter.What type of this relation between mother and daugher is???

    Its a good saying that if u dont help yourself no one will help you out.

    3)I also dont understand that why only Ashish alone is fighting,arguing and making his mother understand about his and Asha relation.

    Why Asha dont support Ashish in this.Is she too afraid of doing so…If yes then what kind of love is this..

    4)Bravo to Avni and Ashish who are couragous enough to face the world.Ashish has accepted his relation infront of everyone.

    5)Is this serial promoting concept of two marriage that is.Hindu Man/Muslim should turn to muslim religion and can get married to 4 wifes atleast which in muslim religion is valid.

    Please clarify this as what does Nila means by saying that now no one can snatch Ashish from her…

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