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Naamkaran 24th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ketan asking Dayaben why is she hiding the medicines. She says I m treating Hemant, I m hiding medicines for his treatment, so that he bears some pain and then get happiness. She explains him. She asks him to do one thing. Media asks Neela how does she feel to become Mehta bahu. Neela says thanks for coming, you will get all answers. Dayaben comes and greets them. She talks to Neela and says its big day as Hemant’s dream will be fulfilled, I will get free of the promise. Ketan comes and says Hemant Kaka….

Neela runs. Dayaben smiles and says Ketan did right thing today. Neela meets Hemant and asks what happened to you. Hemant says cold and headache. Neela worries. Dayaben and Ketan come. Hemant says Neela forgets everything seeing my illness. Neela says we will

cancel this marriage, you will get treated first, Ketan call doctor. Hemant says I saw a dream to see you married and coming in this house, you look pretty, once you get married, I can die peacefully. Neela says if you say this, I will get angry. He asks Dayaben to see Neela. He says Neela if you don’t marry, I will die, your marriage is my oxygen, don’t refuse for marriage.

Dayaben asks Neela to tell Hemant that she will not cancel marriage. Dayaben says I have to break my promise today. Neela asks what promise. Dayaben says I have to tell truth to Neela. Neela asks what truth. Hemant says no. Dayaben says don’t hide today. Neela asks what truth, tell me.Ketan brings doctor. Doctor checks Hemant. Dayaben takes Neela. Hemant tells doctor to save him till marriage.

Neela asks Dayaben what happened to her dad. Dayaben says you always feel I use people and ruin lives, I have hidden Ashish’s illegitimate relation from you all, I have done all this, you can think me bad, I don’t care, I m dedicated to Hemant, whatever I did is for Hemant’s wish, to fulfill his dream, as his body is dying every day, you create many hurdles but this marriage will happen. I will fulfill his last wish. Neela asks what do you mean.

Dayaben says Hemant has cancer, he can’t live for many days, doctor said so. Neela gets shocked and cries. Dayaben asks Neela to decide now, will you fulfill Hemant’s last wish or not. Avni, Ali and Angie reach the marriage venue. They sign Aladin. Aladin says press is not allowed inside. The reporters talk something is happening, Neela has second thought.

Doctor tells Dayaben to shift Hemant to hospital but he is saying he wants to see Neela’s marriage. Dayaben says he wants to see marriage, we can cancel marriage. Doctor says Hemant will not agree, when pheras start, get Hemant, no stress is good for him, I will send assistant for emergency, you know everything about his disease, I suggested him to start chemotherapy, he refused me and said first Neela’s marriage and then treatment. Neela sits in shock hearing this. She asks can I meet him. Doctor says fine, but he is sleeping now. Neela goes and cries seeing Hemant. Dayaben looks on.

Ketan calls reporters. Aladin says Avni, its time to shoot final scene of the movie. Neela comes there. Reporters ask her about the announcement. Neela says its big day of my life today. Avni looks on. Asha and Sumi see her on tv. Neela says its day for me when I will fulfill my dad’s wish, I m happy to get a husband like Ashish. Asha and Avni get shocked.

Neela thanks them for coming to be part of her happiness. She says if anyone got hurt, forgive me. Neela sits in the mandap. Dayaben asks Ketan to give medicine to Hemant, now delaying is sin. Aladin asks Avni to come. Avni says no, shoot the scene, my film ending will be different, but story should be shown complete. Aladin shoots the wedding. Asha cries. Ashish and Neela sit in mandap. Ashish makes her wear mangalsutra. Asha cries and switches off the tv. Avni cries. Hemant sees Neela’s marriage. Ashish fills sindoor in her maang. They take the wedding rounds. Avni cries.

Aladin says I have to talk to you. Avni asks whats the matter. Aladin says about our financier. Dayaben asks Neela to stop financing Avni’s movie. Avni says we have to complete this movie any how.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. You will pay for the sin. God will punish you

  2. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    i can’t see the asha’s tears .neela is very helpless but avni and asha feels that neela also betrayed them

  3. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    dayaben how cheap women u are?????u r playing with someone’s helplessness.god wil punish.i hate

  4. Dayaben won again. Same as every serial, evil wins, but will neela stop financing avni’s film? Will neela find out that dayaben and Ketan hid hemants medicine? What will happen now? the

    1. When did they hide his medicines??
      And whaaaaaaaiiii??

  5. Yeh kya ho raha hai..dayaben ko sari baate kaise pata chl jati hai…uffff

  6. @aditi – I too wonder about that, but as usual no one sees her doing wrong and stops her. I hope neela clears asha and avni’s misunderstanding and doesn’t stop financing avni’s film.

  7. And asish got married???? f**k!!! And wl evr avni’s family get to be a normal family, wl evr asha, asish and avni reunite!! Shit asha and avni wl nvr forgive or understand the trouble that neela and asish faced! And how long wl they drag this asha and asish marriage thing this os quote depressing for the child! I hope neela gets asha and asish married soon, i mean ASAP!

  8. And dayaben doing wrong?? i mean seriously she threathens her son for the life of his love and daughter, hides the medicine and wat not so evr and nvr gets caught! Wll evr the asha and avni get to knw abt this and realise that its not neela or asish doing wrong but dayaben is making them helpless and making them do wrong! Certain things in hindi serials nvr gets solved and shud b solved!

  9. And dayaben doing wrong?? i mean seriously she threathens her son for his daughter, hides the medicine and wat not so evr and nvr gets caught! Wll evr asha and avni get to knw abt this and realise that its not neela or asish doing wrong but dayaben is making them helpless and making them do wrong! Certain things in hindi serials nvr gets solved and shud b solved!

  10. such a stupid turning in serial…i hate the serial writer not any character; blo*dy hell of their over writing….cannot see the little champ in cry;…i love u avni..u r really a super champ;

  11. Read in a spoiler that dayaben will plan Asha’s accident putting her in coma and then kill her to get her out of their lives leaving avni alone.

  12. Hope everyone had lovely xmas….Avni will make her movie and maybe she will see dayabens evil in the hidden camera but this will be later on after ayesha dies as this is Avnis story. .

  13. What a sad and depressing episode. I HATE DAYABEN TO THE CORE!!! This woman had the mind to class hands in front of her diety and say thank you for helping me achieve my goal!! Seriously… These serials makes mockery of relationship, religion, personal beliefs in order to achieve their goals. What a shame, all in the name of entertainment. What a black heart Dayaben has, evil oozes from her. I don’t like this role that Reema Lagoo is doing, I will never see her as the ideal mother ever again. I am finding it difficult to separate her role in this serial from the other roles she has done in the, even though this role showcases her versatality as an actress. My heart broke for Asha, Avni and Neela, Neela tried her best. How evil Dayaben is to hide a sick person’s medication just to achieve her sick goal of separating her son from the family he longs to live with. I hope she gets a fitting suffering for her deeds, although I know writers will lack the balls to do correct justice.

  14. Paragraph should read “other roles she has done in the past ” and “class” should read “clasp”.

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