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Naamkaran 23rd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ashish avoiding Asha. Asha goes to meet Ashish. The man says Ashish left in his car. She gets sad. Dayaben throws the newspaper and asks Ashish whats this. He says newspaper, they run home by printing news. He says sorry, if you are hurt, there is nothing between me and Aisha. She asks him to see in her eyes and say is this true. He says there is no truth in it, don’t you trust me. She hugs him and says I trust you more than myself. He tells her that newspapers print anything. She asks him to freshen up and come, she will serve food. He sees the article of his and Aisha’s news, and keeps it.

Fatima asks Aisha why did she return Advani’s signing amount. Aisha says I won’t act. Fatima asks why, happiness came here after long time and you are not willing to act,

you are worried so you are saying this, decisions are not taken in hurry, think well, I will call Advani. Aisha says I won’t act. Fatima says I have experience of life and telling you, don’t get mad in love, men love for few time and run away, like your dad run away. Aisha says Ashish is not like that.

Fatima reminds that you are Muslim and he is hindu, there can be just hatred between Muslim and Hindu, not love, Hindus have burnt our house and stable and made us helpless to stay a poor life, this country is not ours, its of them, if they can’t bear us, will they marry, think well, he will not come. Aisha leaves. Fatima cries and prays for her.

Asha meets Malhotra and asks about Ashish. Malhotra says I don’t know where is he, Aisha ji… She says Asha… He says Asha ji, you are big star now, why are you doing this to get insulted. She says I have to meet him, please tell me where is he. Malhotra says I promised him. She requests him. Malhotra calls someone and says we have to postpone shoot, Ashish went to Lonavla farmhouse, don’t know when will he return. Asha thanks him. Malhotra says why thanks, I did not tell you anything.

Ashish removes Asha’s pics from the wall. Asha comes there and asks why are you running away from me, what did I do Ashish. He picks her pics. He asks her to leave. She says fine, but will you be able to return to your old life. He says I will, you don’t worry for me. She asks how, you can erase my pics from this room, how will you erase the memories from your heart.

He says I will bury those memories. He shouts and asks what do you want, why did you come here. She reminds his words, that you can walk with me, but not for you, I took a step that time, now you don’t want to talk with me, but I started walking, I don’t want this name and fame, I want to get lost in darkness. He asks are you mad, people can do anything to reach here, and get what you have got, you want to lose everything. He says I m ready to get ruined to get your love.

He cries and says Maa will never agree, and I can’t leave my Maa. She says I m ready to spend my life with your love. He says don’t do this, people run this world, not Lord, you will be ruined. She says I m ready to be ruined if loving you meaning such, Lord will decide the fate of our love, whatever the fate, I will not kill this love by fear of the world. She cries and holds his hand. FB ends.

Ashish cries and writes to Maa, that I did not know about Asha’s love, I did not know that Asha is pregnant, she did not tell me as she did not want to put pressure of me, she had name, fame and money, but she rejected everything for me, she did not care for world and gave birth to our child, it was our mistake, but Asha has lived it as a blessing, without any complain, how could I let Asha get ruined alone, she did not ask for her rights since last 12 years, but today our child is asking rights, the relation which we have hidden, my daughter wants name of this relation, she wants her naamkaran, Avni wants her rights, I will do on Avni’s sports day as her Papa, I want to do this work with your blessings.

Ashish writes I would be glad if you come along me, I hope you accept my relation, Asha, and Avni, and my would be child that would be Naamkaran in real sense….. your son Ashish…. He ponders before sending the mail. He sends the mail. He sees Asha and Avni’s pic and smiles. Dayaben wakes up and holds her head.

Neela says I started loving Ashish from that day. She recalls dancing with Ashish in a party and hugging him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Pujisaran

    Thanks for the update amena..

  2. Pujisaran

    Ashish how can you be blind in your mother’s love . Why can’t you see asha.? Now your daughter asking rights so you were writing letter else you would have escalated this fake life ..

  3. Pujisaran

    Asha she is so pure and got melted completely in your thoughts. She is living for you n with your thought’s but you were reaching heights living with your mom .

  4. Pujisaran

    As a husband you are not doing justice n as a father atleast you are trying something ..
    Your mother full of caste dominating character can’t you see the generation gap.
    Marry asha and live with her.

    1. Priya15

      Ya di.. Ur words r true ….. At least he is trying for his daughter…… And I loved it.. At last he said I l surely go for sports day…

  5. Priya15

    What an awesome epi…. I loved it….. Aakhir Bata chuka hai ashish NE apni Maa ko sachayi…

    Tumhare ishq paana parbaadh Hona hai.. Toh Mei parbaadh hone ke liye Thayar hun…

    This dialogue stole my heart.. Uff…. Lovely….

    1. yes that line stole my heart too . such an wonderful line . asha loves ashish so much , hope he marries her soon

      1. Priya15

        ya dear…same here…fingers crossed…..ur dp is so cute..

      2. Me too

  6. Priya15

    Hii guys…. How r u all??

    Neela and ashish fb….

    I don’t know whether they l get ashish and neela married or not.. But I m sure with one thing.. That they won’t do anything for trp…. Bcoz it’s a sensitive story… Moreover a family store.. So they should do logical things. They can’t do anything illogical for trps… Bcz it l spoil the whole concept… So.. If they neela and ashish married.. They will have one solid reason….

    1. Devga

      I agree they wont do annything for trp but…. Forget abt logic dear coz if in real life he had another wife then this neela ashish marriage would b happening right?
      On the whole asha had suffered a lot than ashish…. In terms of society’s tantrums and so on….. Poor asha hw deep love… Hatsoff

      1. Priya15

        Ya di.. U r ryt.. Asha have to suffer in any circumstances… I m literally shocked when Asha replied tdy…. He explained but.. Her ans… Think that means the true love..

  7. Priya15

    Guys.. Happy news…

    Namkaran trp for the first week is 1.7… It’s great… It has beaten Swaragini trp..

    Gaining high trp in first week is a good sign..

    1. Devga

      Its worth It dear… So It was to happen…. Thank U for the news….

      1. Priya15

        Ya di… Worth show ko worth trp Milna toh padega…

  8. Devga

    U was really relieved wen the screen flashed “MESSAGE SENT” …. Til this i had lost my breadth….
    Very emotional show wich connects me to the epi Evry day…. Love this show….
    Thank U mahesh sir….

    1. Devga

      Its not U its I*….

    2. Priya15

      Yippee.. U had a same feel.. Even I was like that.. I Was just looking at the screen.. When it is sent.. Then only I was like… Thank God… Do u think dayaben would read it??

      1. Devga

        I wish from bottom of my heart tht she must read it…. But really worried whole night thinkin wether she wil read or not!!! Lol…

        But last scene showed she wakes up worried from bed wit some bad intention… It may b she felt something wrong(ashish’s truth) gona happen OR may b her past bitter way haunting so she got up frm bed…. Hope for the best… Tht is she reads the mail fully and understand his love his pain…. Asha’s sacrifice….. Fingersss crossed……..

    3. Priya15

      ya di…u r ryt….even i hope so….but when she woke up…..i got scared by thinking …whether she got asthma prb..i thought that…if she got asthma then ashish l think to ruin that mail…so that ntng hpn to his ma….

      but i hope ur thinking is crct..and she understands their love….

  9. Devga

    Aftr seeing tht muslim driver fb scene…. I think dayaben has some bad flash back with some muslim…. But y is she having hatred wit all muslims for only some1’s behaviour….

  10. Superb love story I had ever seen…… True love didn’t expect anything……….. There is no legal or illegal in pure love and avni is the real identity of pure lovelove. she is really lucky to born from the pure pure pure pure love between ashish and asha……………
    Superb acting asha and ashish doing a great job…….
    I think namkaaran will definitely say something to the society…. It will give new dimension to the small screen of Bollywood…..

    Namkaaran rocksssss

    1. Priya15

      Ya niya di.. Each n every word of urs is true.. I accept it… And yes.. Namkaran is a must watch for society..

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