Naamkaran 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 23rd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts Shweta and Prakash coming. Neela welcomes her. Shweta says Neil is coming. Ketan hugs Prakash. Shweta sees Avni. Neela says till Fatima is there, Dayaben can’t come back, we have to use this chance and break Neil and Riya’s marriage, we have to auction this house too. Neil sees Avni and thinks I could not get your fingerprints yesterday, I will get your truth out. Avni asks Neela can marriage be successful if there is no love in it. Neela says love is the identity of marriage, if love is not there, then its never successful. Avni thinks if what Ali said is true, if they don’t love each other, but it does not look so seeing Riya. Riya asks Neil how does she look. Neil says very good, wait I will just come.

He goes to Avni. He says I troubled you by saying truth, I did not

know what to do, tell me what should I do. Avni says you are playing with Riya’s emotions, if you are not sure, you can cancel the marriage, else it will be late. Neil goes. Shweta looks on and thinks Ananya won’t leave Neil. She asks the girl Mamta to apply star sticker mehendi to Ananya. Avni says Riya, its nothing like you are thinking. Riya scolds her.

Shweta signs Mamta. Hetal gets Riya for mehendi. Mamta asks Avni to come for mehendi. She applies mehendi to Avni. Shweta smiles and dances with girls. Avni and Neil see each other. Sajda…..plays…..Riya shouts and asks what did you add in this, my hands are burning. She wipes the mehendi. Mamta recalls the mehendi cones getting mixed when trays fell down. Avni asks Riya how did this happen, does she have allergy. Riya slaps Avni. She scolds Avni for this joke and raises hand again. Neil holds Riya’s hand and asks what proof do you have that Avni did this, you have no right to slap anyone. Shweta gets angry. Neil asks Riya to say sorry. Riya says look at my hands, what she did with me, why shall I say sorry, what happened to you, you are not seeing she is ruining our relation. Dayaben comes and says I have come. They all get shocked seeing her.

Dayaben faints. They all hold her. After some time, Dayaben gets conscious. She sees Neela. Neela says entire family is here, everything will be fine. Prakash says we would have come to take you from hospital. Shweta asks what did doctor say. Ketan says sorry, I had to tell them about your costly treatment and our financial condition, they were thinking this marriage is a business deal. Prakash asks Ketan to forget it. Riya asks Dayaben to get fine, its sangeet tomorrow, she has to perform. Neela says now she needs rest. She holds Dayaben.

Dayaben goes to her room. She says Fatima did all this, I wish to kill her. Diksha jokes on her. Dayaben asks her to be quiet. Ketan says Neela came home, is this coincidence. Dayaben says no, its their plan, they are scaring us by Avni’s name. Ketan says it means that call from hospital was their plan. She says yes, I wish to punish them like I punished Avni and Aisha, I could not buy any ward boy now, this marriage should not have any obstacle, Diksha don’t do anything wrong.

Avni meets Ali. She says Dayaben came back, our plan flopped, we have to stop this marriage anyway. He says there is one way, if Riya refuses for marriage, I don’t think she loves Neil. She says I have to find out about auction. He gets Riya’s message. He meets Riya at cafe and asks how long will this go on, you can’t lose respect for Neil, break this relation. Riya says no, how can I break it, Dadi has hopes. He says its your marriage, your self respect is getting hurt always, Neil will leave you for Ananya some day, big thing happened with you and he took Ananya’s side. She asks him to distract Ananya, if they get away, problem will get solved, Dadi always says, if Avni’s mum did not come in our house, our happy family would have not shattered. He gets angry. He says you are also a girl, can you break someone’s house.

Avni shows the video to bank man. She says I will show this video to seniors, then you will lose job and go jail. He asks her not to do this. She asks him to help her. He agrees. She asks him to give details of Mehta house auction. He says it will be done and goes. Neela asks what happened. Avni says I spoke to bank man, just 48 hours then bidding will be done here, Dayaben will be on road. Neela nods.

Neil says I have to get a DNA test done urgently. He thinks DNA test had to match, its proved you are Fatima’s granddaughter, be ready Avni, I m coming to arrest you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Loosing interest now it’s soooooooo dragging
    Sorry guys but i hating this show now

  2. Please don’t play with riya emotions.

  3. Is Neil blind? Where is his self righteous ? Why arrest ananya? What dies he want to prove? He is police he cant even investigate what family he is marrying? Just stupid dragging

  4. seriously neil dn’t u have any other work rather than following ananya in ur world ly ananya s criminal rgt ..??? i have seen many other serials in every serial all hero’s always eyeng nd thinkng about their heroin’s or pair just here ly i am seeing such a different type of main lead i think ananya must stay single forever rather thn marryng u..

  5. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    why is Neil still doubting Avni ?? n y is Rhia acting as spoilt brat ??
    Ali is better person for Avni, I dislike Neil at this moment ?

  6. Avneil forever

    Hey guys!
    Can you please tell me where can I read the spoilers for Namkaran?
    I want to know what’s going to happen!!
    Please tell me.

  7. Hi I’m new to this serial.. can anyone tell me y is Neil trying to arrest avni and not ananya.. i meant to say that y is he trying to arrest her after proving she is related to fatima n aisha?

    1. Laavanya

      Hi, welcome Shreya.
      Avni is criminal in the eyes of law according to Neil because she does stealing and hides her identity.

  8. Sejsmiles

    Yes ananya is avni…so what does it prove? That she’s already a criminal?? Wah Neil.. Stay a fool. U deserve Riya..N her family. Avni deserves Ali

  9. yeah avni tried to steal those bangle (bt she wasn’t successful so she exchngd them) she’s hiding her identity, ok she even supported amol
    bt i thnk these are bailable offences (if’m nt wrong)

    where as daya killed aisha , alladin & even tried to klll avni & diksha killed hemant .so mehta’s are criminal

    so isn’t killing people is bigger crime than jst trying to steal bangles

    fatima is shouting like in nei’s deaf ears but he’s not ready accept that.
    in fact he’s all set to join mehta’s officially as son-in-law good for him bcz nw he’s perfect fo tht famly

    why he spoke on avni’s behalf when riya slapped her
    why such fake concern??

    may be just to gain avni’s trust

    i mean he’s doing the same thing what riya did bt he’s doing it silently stealthily tht’s d nly difference

    may be avni was right “dayavanti mehta ne tumhe kharid liya neil”

  10. I don’t understand on what basis Neil wants to arrest Avni.. Just bcoz she changed her name.. He doesn’t got any proof against her except that she is Avni nt Ananya.. From the beginning only they showed Neil is behind Avni bt on what charges he wants to arrest Avni.. Neither he is trying to know abt Dayawanti’s past sins nor this time too that Dayawanti wants their money.. After the leap I started liking the show that may b Neil was confuse so he is doubting on Avni bt nw when he almost know that Ananya is Avni rather helping her he is creating problems for her.. Bt now its boring they r repeating the same things..

  11. hi, nice twists, well going show,

  12. on what basis neil want to arrest avni?? rubbish!!

  13. Hi , why is Neil trying to arrest avni she hadn’t done anything.
    I saw a video in YouTube that Neil and avnis past going to be revealed , but I thought it would be fake. But the comments said that Neil’s name is really prakash or pradhand ( as I don’t remember it ) and he had a girlfriend called juhi who is avni. I don’t think it is true.

    Please reply ,please…..

  14. Have they changed dayaben character

  15. Neil is not going to arrest avni. I saw the latest promo,avni and neil are getting married

  16. Please do not stop watching the show all of you. It is going to become interesting. Already they are having less trp’s

  17. I think Neil became a fool. Why di you want to arrest Ananya? Legally you must arrest Dayaben & Ketan for killing Aisha and Hemant and they also tried to kill Avni. You should arrest Diksha for hacking the websites.

  18. We will miss Reema Lagoon.

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